(Techno) Bionika - MEKHANIZM podcast 001 - 061 @ Di.FM (2008 - 2009), MP3, 192 kbps

Bionika - MEKHANIZM podcast 001 - 061 @ Di.FM

: Techno
: 2008 - 2009
: MP3
: 192 kbps
: ~ 120 min/podcast

. :
, di.fm
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01. Dare Haste - Aeon Synthesis [Advanced Records]
02. DJ ESP a.k.a. Woody McBride - Big Gaudi [Communique]
03. Sascha Mueller - NumLock I [Northbeatz Digital]
04. J-T Kyrke - Landsharks (Remix) [Foot Fetish]
05. A.Paul - Vamp [Naked Lunch Records] (direct)
06. Balankin - Escena (Original Mix) [Zua Records]
07. DJ Warp - Dragonland (Polygon Prompt Remix) [Elektrax recordings]
08. Chris Liebing - Moon Grinser [Captain Jack]
09. Claudio Ponticelli - Priceless [Remain]
10. James Hammer - Stick It [Naked Lunch Records] (direct)
11. Thanatos - Strike [Naked Lunch Records] (direct)
12. Thanatos - Fixed Noise [Naked Lunch Records] (direct)
13. Userkiller - Ohrton [Electronic Pulse Records]
14. Riotbot - Pressure Cooker [Gobsmacked Records]

01. Hey chica aca esta la rumba/Andreas Kremer & Alejandro Roman/Jerk
02. Tech moda/The advent & Industrialyzer/Kombination Research
03. Drumfunk/Elton D & Snoo (Daisychain RMX)/Patterns
04. Timba/Mat 303 & Josh Love/Kazoo
05. Take u there/Raul Mezcolanza/Funk Me
06. Bastardo/Fer Br/Patterns (Promo)
07. Chimpance/Bob D. (Alejandro Roman RMX)/Kazoo (Promo)
08. Beginings/K.E.N.Y.U./Master Traxx
09. Hysteria/Stephane Signore (Spiros Kaloumenos RMX)/Special Series
10. Kamikaze/Nuke (Ben Sims RMX)/Code Records
11. A King/Alejandro Roman/Xeristar (Promo)
12. Girls from east/Budai & Vic/Audio Family
13. Star 69/Fat Boy Slim/P Series (Promo)
14. Severa/Boriqua Tribez/Zeabise
15. Extravameizla/Promo
16. Madame/Raul Mezcolanza & Bob D/Lactik
17. That move/Alejandro Roman/Subcult (Promo)
18. Modisco/Norman Chung (Boriqua Tribez RMX)/Funk Me
19. Sexy Maid/Alejandro Roman/Funk Me (Promo)
20. Sambafriq/Gunjack/Relatives
21. Havana/Alejandro Roman/Promo

ALEJANDRO ROMAN [MX] (www.myspace.com/alejandroromandj)

Alejandro Roman began his dj career in 1994 under the name of S.O.N., his first gig was in a small club in his hometown Mexico City, with a crowd of approximately 400 people. That day he showed the people, in spite of his young age, he could rock people with beats overloaded with energy. This party was the springboard that impulsed him strongly into his career, allowing him to share the stage with artists of great stature, such as: A.J. Mora, Andreas Kremer, Frank Kvitta, Miss Yetti, Robert Natus, Pacou, T-1000, Gunjack, Greg Goldsack, Latin Players, between many others.

At 2000 he began his international career as a dj-producer-remixer obtaining an incredible acceptance from the crowd putting some of his themes in the first places at some important popularity lists in countries like Canada, United Kingdom, Russia, Spain, Italy and Slovenia. From that date on, some of his tracks are continuously supported by very important international dj/producers around the globe like Raoul Zerna, DJ Preach, DJ Veztax, DP6, Greg Kobe, Bando, Dj Gray, Chris Zimmer, Mark Ankh, Umek, Rob Stow, Gunjack, Ryo Shimizu, Submerge, Aitor Ronda, Darkrow, Ben Long, Iago de la Vega, K.E.N.Y.U., DJ Nojs, etc.

His experience reached in all this years of hard work has made of this artist one of the most important Latin American ambassadors in the international electronic music scene, beside the music production and the djing, Alejandro participates in an active way writing charts, articles and reviews for diverse publications related with the electronic music business like; DJ Concept Magazine in Mexico, Dance LA in Argentina, Top of the floor in Italy, etc.

At 2008, S.O.N. (a.k.a. Alejandro Roman) its named as one of the 100 preferred djs in Mexico by the DJ Concept Magazine, his music is recognized and played by thousands of djs around the world, his gigs are heard in the most remote places in the globe, and the list goes on

01. Muff76 - Beyond [Dirty Planet Recordings]
02. The Advent - Don't You Try [Captain Jack]
03. Baffa - Viaje A La_Luna [Cutz]
04. DP6 - Insurgency Soul (Original Mix) [Cutz]
05. Eccentric - Check This Sound (Exploit Dub Mix) [Toyfriend Music]
06. James Ruskin - Work (Steve Rachmad Remix) [Blueprint Records]
07. Takaaki Itoh - Components - Two Way [Electracom]
08. Takaaki Itoh - Answer - Protective Colour [Electracom]
09. Wetworks - Diaspora (Original Mix [Cutz]
10. Roman Zawodny - So You Said (Alexey Gordiyenko remix) [PROMO]
11. Baffa - Uncle (Original Mix) [Cutz]
12. Bilro & Barbosa - Frequency [Naked Lunch Records]
13. V1NZ - Thought Patterns (Original Mix) [Naked Lunch Records]
14. Kazu Kimura - Decode [GT Muzike Records]
15. Arkus P. - Loved [Abstract]
16. The Advent & Industrialyzer - Kudos [Remain]

01. Jason Speed - Higher (2010 Rework) - Tektonek Recordings Promo
02. Jason Speed - The Underground (2010 Rework) - Tektonek Recordings Promo
03. Jack Richards - Get No More - - Tektonek Recordings Promo
04. Jack Richards - Mamans Fils (Fer BR Dub Tribe Remix) - - Tektonek Recordings
05. George Privatti - Alguen Con Ganzuas - - Tektonek Recordings Promo
06. Jason Speed - Across The Waves - Disturbulence
07. Jason Speed - In The Zone (unsigned)
08. Jack Richards - In View (Peppelino Remix) - Tektonek Recordings Promo
09. George Privatti - Papas Kandi - Tektonek Recordings Promo
10. Jason Speed - The Lad (2010 Rework) - Tektonek Recordings Promo
11. Jack Richards - Drums Of The Flatlands (Jason Speed Remix) - Tektonek Recordings Promo
12. Jason Speed - Factors (unsigned)
13. Peppelino - Who Are You - Tektonek Recordings Promo

JASON SPEED [UK] (http://www.myspace.com/djjasonspeed)

Jason has been DJ'ing since he was sixteen years old. He started off playing at house parties and after a couple of years he landed his first gig at a night called Journeys in Cambridge. Since then Jason has played at Backlash in Derby and has been welcomed back many times to play for Nailed/Stamp in Leicester and was made a resident in Jan 2007.

Jason's style style has changed somewhat over the past few years. He started off spinnin' Hardhouse but always with a techy edge. Now his sets are 99% his own productions, varying from Tech House to Hardgroove Techno and even full on Schranz depending on the gig.

Jan 07 - Jason has had three tracks signed to Total Wipes, an Italian based digital record label and artist management company. The 'Thats My Boy EP' will be available to download from beatport.com and juno.co.uk NOW!!!. The EP features 'Thats My Boy', 'Heaven or Hell?' and 'Kill Ya'!

After a busy summer in 2007 traveling around Europe and landing a gig at the legendary Es Paradis in San Antonio, Ibiza, Jason has been focusing on his production work to ensure he can keep a truely unique sound. Keep checking the page for new tracks.

01. Muff76 - 120 Ape (Jerome Bakers 5am Still Jackin Mix) [Mad Hatter HRD PROMO]
02. Vegim vs. A Paul - Anakonda [TMM Records PROMO]
03. Virgil Enzinger - Lifestream (Robert Natus RMX) [Killaz Records]
04. DJ Warp - March of the Cats (original mix) [Elektrax recordings]
05. Vasileios Tsonopoulos - Prohibitory [Megatron Athens]
06. Dj Cristiao - Acid Nights [Techno Addicted Records PROMO]
07. Raul Mezcolanza - The Sound Is Sexy [Cobra Records (Triple)]
08. Odessa Soundfreaks - Ready or Not [Adult]
09. David Moleon - Spybot [Patterns]
10. DJ Devious - Feel My Body (JC Mix) [Mad Hatter HRD]
11. Subotic - Relentless (Concrete Djz Remix) [Armatura Bonus]
12. Userkiller - Anubis [Electronic Pulse Records]
13. Tony Silver - Past and Future (Original) [Foot Fetish]
14. Black Art - Flash Back [Circulate Recordings]

01. CrazyTeck - Fission
02. Alen Milivojevic - Atoms (CrazyTeck Remix)
03. CrazyTeck - Deeper (Pest & Bunnys Remix)
04. CrazyTeck - Deeper
05. CrazyTeck & Alen Milivojevic - Balance
06. CrazyTeck & MGMX - Legend
07. MGMX - Ice Groove (CrazyTeck Remix)
08. Peppelino & AkaCarl - Space Cowboys (CrazyTeck & Steel Grooves Remix)
09. Alen Milivojevic - Furious
10. MGMX - Burning Groove (Steel Grooves Remix)
11. Axel Karakasis - Average (CrazyTeck & Dj Cristiao Remix)
12. Malda - Under the Authority (F@CKERS! Remix)

CRAZYTECK [CA] (www.myspace.com/crazyteck)

Alex Castanha aka CrazyTeck was born in September 1982. His first encounter with electronic music was back in 1999 with the notorious Black&Blue event in Montreal, Canada. It was the starting of a love story with electronic music that is now more present than ever.

After clubbing in Montreal's underground parties, Alex wanted to be more active in the scene and in 2001 he begin to experiment music on his computer with software such as Fruity Loops, Rebirth, Acid, Reason and now Ableton Live. Wanted to go further in sound theory and get technical abilities, Alex brilliantly succeed in 2002 his degree in Sound Design at Musi-Technic, a specialize school in digital techniques for sound and music.
Slowly building his own home studio and working hard to perfect his art, Alex spends a lot of time in the research of his own sound and style. In 2005, while being influence by many different style such as Hard Techno, Acid, Psy-Trance/Goa and even Industrial, Alex really start to produced quality tracks of his own style and his always still developing it and pushing it beyond boundaries.

First support came by Chris Hampshire, owner and label manager of Recover, he gave him is first opportunity to release a track and this is how the awesome CrazyTeck Mix of Sol Ray & GlowBones Dark Angel was release at the end of March 2006. Since then, Alex has work with multiple labels as Recover (UK), Sabretooth Records (UK), NWS Rec (Russia), Beatwork Rec (Italia), Keep On Techno Rec (Croatia/Spain), Techno Addicted Rec (Spain), StandBite Rec (Spain), Guilhotina Rec (Brazil), Alekso Rec (Slovenia) and artist such as Recycle Bot, Ben Fraser, Rantan, Wyrus, Bitch Bros, DJ Cristiao, Javier Blend, Mash and even more to come. Also gained support from big artist as D.A.V.E. The Drummer and many others, Alex start to definitely be more recognize on the international techno scene.

Always working hard, CrazyTeck always got tracks to finish, remixes to do, mastering to finalize or gigs and radio shows to prepare. So you'll definitely hear more, and more from him!!

01. John Karagiannis & PayLipService & Lotzik - Techno 350 (Axel Karakasis remix) [Keep On Techno Records]
02. Muff76 - 120 Ape (Roman Zawodny Mix) [Mad Hatter HRD PROMO]
03. Any project - Syntax 2 (Original) [Technosforza]
04. Jack Richards - Moonlight Glitch [Tektonek Recordings]
05. Vasileios Tsonopoulos - Floga [Megatron Athens]
06. DJ Slave - Barceloona (Alejandro Roman Remix) [Techno Addicted Records]
07. Raul Mezcolanza - Let Me Know [Cobra Records] (Triple)
08. Iago De La Vega - Let There Be Drums [Relatives]
09. David Moleon & Iago De La Vega - Fear Of Gods [Patterns]
10. Dito Masats - Zicatella [Moop Up]
11. Ganez - Supercool [Naked Lunch Records] (direct)
12. Efren - Overkill [Naked Lunch Records] (direct)
13. DJ Devious - Dancin (Jerome Baker MHR-HRD Mix) [Mad Hatter HRD PROMO]
14. Ganez - Travel [Toyfriend Music]

01. Gala Freed from Desire (Dj Cristiao Bootleg) [Promo]
02. Luky R.D.U. & Dj Cristiao Calinda [Promo]
03. Dj Cristiao Noon [Sound Evolution Records]
04. Dj Cristiao Morning [Sound Evolution Records]
05. Dj Cristiao Suffering [Work Hard,Play Hard Records]
06. Luky R.D.U. & Dj Cristiao Cartas encima de la mesa [Adult]
07. DuArt Samba [Promo]
08. Mory Kante Yeke,Yeke (Luky RDU Bootleg) [Promo]
09. Dj Cristiao Gloria [Analog Mode]
10. Dj Cristiao Good Mood [Work Hard,Play Hard]
11. Dj Cristiao Drums are back [Work Hard,Play Hard]
12. Mash Beat of my heart (Thermo Remix) [Toyfriend]
13. Dj Cristiao Joyness [Patterns]
14. Miche & Mirzinho Black Mamba [Cobra Records]
15. Bryant Baker & Miche Shake Dat [Beatform]
16. Rantan Da guetto party [Beatform]
17. Dj Cristiao Sexy Thing [Cobra Records]

DJ CRISTIAO [ES] (http://www.myspace.com/djcristiao)

Its the variation name of Christian Gasull Rodriguez,musically raised by his mother that he teachs on 80's music ,he frees his passion professionally on 2003.Born on Raver world,got great hype in it until came the firsts oportunity to spin on clubs.Then he creates his own agency Inside,with it promoted parties in all clubs on Valencia until its end on '05.After will work with Nomenklatura and he was one of resident of Nomenklatura session that they made on most popular clubs of Valencia

He was called to spin on clubs like: Aquarius (Zagreb,Cro),Oxygen (Osijek,Cro),Repvblicca,LeClub,The Face,Avantgarde,Turmix,47 social club,Banana,Flamingo,Mogambo...and played on festivals like Foc-in Festival'05,Revelation#3 & Maniatik Music Festival between many more...

He shared decks and played near by: Regis (Downwards,Uk),James Ruskin (Blueprint,Uk),Richard Turner (Utility Plastics,Uk),Angel Molina (Sonar Music,Esp),Dj Zero (Sonar Music,Esp)Alex Calver (Glitch,Uk),Wyrus (Yin Yang,Cro),Miguel Mendoza (Zero Oscillator,Esp) D.A.R.Y.L. (Factorcity,Esp),Koldo Zapatilla (Zapatilla S.S.,Esp),Dj Willy (Influence Techno,Esp) & artist of other musics like Morodo (Esp.),Black Sun Empire (Hol.) y Subfocus (Uk.)

Nowadays in his labour like producer,he's now one of the new sensation of Techno producers.He got pending more than 20 releases on the best Techno Label around the world like that:P Series,C Series,Koitus and Techloops (Released on vinyl) and Gobsmacked,Analog Mode,Techno Addicted,Unaffected,Reldz,Keep on Techno,Techment,Techno Artillery (2 releases),*Cutz,Digital Distort,Valvula and Pure Trax (Released onDigital). He got now one ep on sale under Disturbulence that is a complete success like it shows on tops on shops like Juno or Trackitdown.And now its the frontman of his own label shared with Javier Blend: Techno Addicted Records ,that will be a leading digital Techno Label from the first release. Keep your on him,he will rock you.

01. Jack Richards - In View (Jason Speed Remix) [TEKTONEK]
02. Pearl - Innocent Soul [Return]
03. Filip Xavi - Alignment 203 [Return]
04. Roman Zawodny vs Lilonee - Bring It Back (Spiros Kaloumenos Remix) [Reldz vs Impact Mechanics PROMO]
05. DJ Link & J-Nat - Impression (Peppelino Remix) [Amigos]
06. ElektroWorld - Prison Time (Collen Vax Rmx) [Brother Convention Records] (hpd)
07. Adriano Giliberti - Minefield (Roman Zawodny remix) [DIRTY PLANET]
08. Axel Karakasis - Average (CrazyTeck & DJ Cristiao Remix) [Techment]
09. Vasileios Tsonopoulos - La La [Megatron Athens]
10. Cristian Mhuler - Carolisis [Techment]
11. Odessa Soundfreaks - Sunny Days Bloody Nights (Thermo remix) [Adult]
12. Groove Bitches - Hazzard (Ganez Remix) [Unaffected Records]
13. Roman Zawodny - The Time Is Now (Beatcompute Remix) [Mad Hatter HRD PROMO]
14. Luky R.D.U. - Degenerate [Techno Addicted]


SAIMON [IT] (www.myspace.com/saimonbasstation)

01. Hoog - Abuis (Original) [Return]
02. Jack Richards - In View [Return]
03. Jerome Baker - The Sho Drive (Original Mix) [Mad Hatter-HRD PROMO]
04. Axel Karakasis - Average [Techment Records]
05. Roman Zawodny - The Time Is Now (Original Mix) [Mad Hatter-HRD PROMO]
06. Vortechtral - New Generation (DJ Mika Remix) [Techment Records]
07. Hristian Stojanowski - Inside [PROMO]
08. DJ Cristiao - Christina [Techment Records]
09. Vasileios Tsonopoulos - Horny [Megatron Athens]
10. Primus Tech - Farless [Dirty Planet Recordings]
11. Chris Liebing - Ping Pong Pineapple (Masters of Disaster Remix) [Beatdisaster Records]
12. Jay Wong - Crackup [Foot Fetish]
13. Roman Zawodny vs Lilonee - Bring It Back (Submerge 101 Remix) [Reldz vs Impact Mechanics PROMO]
14. Odessa SoundFreaks - Ready Or Not (David Moleon remix) [Adult Records]
15. Zetacode - Alternative 3 (Christian Mhuler Remix) [Keep On Techno Records]

01. Jose Pouj - Babylon (Radial remix)
02. Takaaki Itoh - Flowzion
03. Exium - Outburst
04. Phantom Regiment - Breaking earth's atmosphere (Counterpart remix)
05. Asagaoaudio - Ring & Portrait (Bas Mooy remix)
06. Bas Mooy - Stahl
07. Oliver Kucera & Carlos Rios ft The Extender - MB
08. Space DJz - Kipperland (Ortin Cam remix)
09. Marco Carola - Compressed
10. Bas Mooy - Kofferkuli Murder
11. Planetary Assault Systems - X Speaks to X
12. Miller & Keane - Dark day on Mercury
13. Glenn Wilson - MI
14. The Advent - Sketched to size
15. Oscar Mulero - 46 (Surgeon remix)
16. Bas Mooy - Dassajev
17. British Murder Boys - Anti Inferno
18. C-System - Dungeon (A. Paul remix)
19. Planetary Assault Systems - Atomic
20. Dominik Muller - Silesian Boy (Exium remix)
21. Olivier Giacomotto - Playground
22. Oscar Mulero - Hungry
23. Bas Mooy - Shogun
24. Olga & Jozef - Karamel
25. Alex Bau - Halifax Funk
26. British Murder Boys - Don't give way to fear
27. HU - BSE2A1
28. Exium - 96.1 Mhz
29. Jeroen Liebregts - Hunter/Grazer (PAS remix)
30. Planetary Assault Systems - Om the Def
31. A Paul - Monte
32. The Advent - Ventism
33. Bas Mooy - Agnstgegner (A. Paul remix version 2)
34. Roman Zawodny - Urban tool (Virgil Enzinger remix)
35. A. Paul - Recall (Bas Mooy remix)
36. Exium - The Omega man (Radial remix)
37. A. Paul - Diverted
38. Hertz - The big bang (The Advent remix)
39. Arrestar - Thoughts & Emotions (Oscar Mulero remix)
40. Female - Ma Ji Motorovou (Ian J Richardson remix)
41. Subspace - Epices & Coccinelles
42. Surgeon - October request
43. Speedy J & Chris Liebing - Tunox
44. Kike Pravda - Fear is the enemy (Oscar Mulero remix)
45. Virgil Enzinger - Monochrome (Bas Mooy remix)
46. Exium - Andromeda
47. Speedy J & Chris Liebing - Magnit Express
48. Green Velvet - Destination Unknown

BAS MOOY [NL] (www.myspace.com/basmooy)

During the last decade Rotterdam home-based dj/producer Bas Mooy (1976) has been active on many fronts in the techno scene. Heavily influenced by a city that breaths industrial strength twenty-four-seven, he gradually found his way into creating an unique dark sound, which lead him to the forefront of the European techno scene. In an industry where following trends seems to be the core business these days, he gained a lot of respect for staying true to his own sound. In 2002 he kickstarted the already legendary Audio Assault recordlabel with label partner Jeroen Liebregts, which resulted in the birth of sublabel Arms one year later. Since then the Audio Assault family built a strong and constantly growing fan-base worldwide, showcasing an impressive catalogue with a constant output of stand out twelve inches, setting the standard for todays quality dark techno. For many years he has been a member of the Rotterdam underground collective Strictly Techno, creators of over a hundred legendary parties since 1995. Bas has played at many top of the bill clubs and festivals around the globe and is a regular guest at the highly respected Awakenings parties in Holland. Over the years Bas has been a hard working and devoted producer, spending many hours in the studio and putting out music on respected labels such as Planet Rhythm, Fine Audio Recordings, Naked Lunch, Roots, Submissions, Patterns, FK Recordings and of course his own imprints Audio Assault and Arms. His recent releases on Planet Rhythm and Audio Assault got big support from the industry's main players such as Speedy J, Dave Clarke, Luke Slater, Oscar Mulero, James Ruskin and Cari Lekebusch. With a new mix cd coming up in January and upcoming releases on several well known labels, he shows no sign of slowing down.

01. DJ Cristiao - Loren's Track (Matija Marinic Remix) [Unaffected Records]
02. Steel Grooves - Waveslave (Jesus Soblechero Remix) [Techno Addicted Records]
03. Rantan - Shake this [Disturbulence Records digital]
04. Peppelino - Napoleon [Patterns]
05. Alejandro Roman - Legal Drug (Ivan Devero Remix) [StarsTraxx]
06. Axel Karakasis - Let It Roll [Remain]
07. DJ Warp - Gran Turismo (Original Mix) [Elektrax recordings]
08. Marco Js - The Jungle [Audio Donor Records]
09. DJ Slave - Barceloona [Techno Addicted Records]
10. DJ Vitamin D - That Latin Track (Paul Mac Remix) [Cutz]
11. Alejandro Roman - Ebony Queens [Naked Lunch Records] (direct)
12. Miche - Diffraction [Digital Distort]
13. Iván Deveró - Muchatrucha [Adult Records]
14. Primus Tech - The Martirium [Dirty Planet Recordings]

01. Loudon Kleer - Axion (Original Mix)
02. Elektrabel - Wattson (Hans Bouffmyhre Remix)
03. Marco Bailey And Tom Hades - F16 (Original Mix)
04. Brian Sanhaji - Unleashed (Original Mix)
05. Aneuria - One Foot Army (Original Mix)
06. The Advent And Industrialyzer - On The Rocks (Original Mix)
07. Joey Beltram - Dragon (Marco Bailey And Tom Hades Remix)
08. Axel Karakasis - Timebomb (Original Mix)
09. LK - 44B (Original Mix)
10. The Advent And Industrialyzer - Kudos (Original Mix)
11. The Advent And Industrialyzer - Freeze (Original Mix)
12. Submerge 101 - IX Chel (Original Mix)
13. Beatmode & Carl Anians - 5 Finger Discount (Original Mix)
14. Saimon - Piranha (Virgil Enzinger Remix)
15. Mezmeric - Treshold (Original Mix)
16. The Advent And Industrialyzer - Tech Moda (Original Mix)

RUSLAN MAYS [UA] (www.myspace.com/ruslanmays)
Born in 1981 in Odessa city the most beautiful city in Ukraine, Ruslan choosed his profession at the age of 14 and could realize himself as a DJ at 19 years old by getting his first award from Association DJ PROFY. Since that time Ruslan Mays doesnt stop playing at the biggest clubs and festivals all around Ukraine and Russia. Due to his love to music and popularity he starts his own radioshow project The Real Techno Mix. During 7 years this project is leader in ukrainian radioshows charts. His techno music is a fusion of groovy, minimal, electro tech styles. Ruslan Mays is a pioneer of techno culture in Ukraine. With excellent support of people he is the best techno dj in Ukraine and for the last years he is in the top 5 djs. Mays has been working hard in his studio since 2007, his tracks are released in labels Yin Yang, Penetration Nation, TechHead, Prozak..

01. Jay Wong - Taste [Foot Fetish]
02. Larix - What Is Your Sightpoint [Stereophonic]
03. Balankin - Ritmos Andantes (Original Mix) [Zua Records]
04. Andreas Tek - By The Way I Am Love (Original Mix) [Softcore Recordings]
05. Axel Karakasis - Orisha [Remain]
06. Alejandro Roman - Welcome to Tacoland [StarsTraxx]
07. Groove Bitches - Hazzard [Unaffected Records]
08. Carara - Beginning Of My Live [Plattenunterhaltungstechnik]
09. Exium - Plankton [Dynamic Reflection]
10. Nimitz - Fuck [TensionWorks Records]
11. REEKO - Methodical (Oscar Mulero Remix) [Warm Up Recordings]
12. Ortin Cam - Carnage [Mote Evolver]
13. A.Paul - Sabre Wulf [Naked Lunch Records (direct)]
14. Osmo - Outcast (A.P._Remix) [Pyrokinetic]
15. Jude Rush - Serotonin [Audio Donor Records]

Tracklist soon..

IAN VOID [UK] (www.myspace.com/ianvoid)
Ian Void is a DJ and Producer that has been involved in the UK techno scene for almost 15 years, not only as a DJ and a Producer but as the promoter of one of the UK's Finest Underground techno nights of the nineties and early 00's. Ian's uncompromising productions earned him acclaim in the late nineties, a style that was aimed directly at the harder end of the techno spectrum. His Dj sets are hi-octane mixes encompassing many genre's that can sustain his uptempo approach sometimes surprising crowds with breakbeats, vocals and rave anthems whist maintaining that locomotive techno groove, sets that have won him acclaim as the best DJ at some of the large European festivals. Now into the 21st Century production is underway and his sound still carries the big room sound whilst clinging to the tough tribal elements of old and tearing up the party. Not always in the public eye he has always had a part to play in the evolution of techno. In the early nineties Ian formed an event with a unique sound known as Abduction club. Through inspiration from guests including Colin Dale and Colin Faver, Ian went on to devise the legendary techno night Geushky that ran for regularly for 8 years, now still with occasional exclusive parties and a sister night promoting the local talent of the city. Geushky would play host to all the major players in the scene, many of them spending their first UK gig in the halls of Geushky, including guests such as Derrick May, Adam Beyer, Umek, with regular guests on rotation such as Dave Angel, Dave Clarke, Billy Nasty and The Advent. Ian launched the label Geushky Recordings, which over 18 releases saw host to artists worldwide included Umek, Stanny Franssen, Marco Lenzi, Chris Liebing, Chris McCormack, The Advent, and Ian. The label was highly acclaimed across the globe, supported by a huge cross section of DJs including Carl Cox, Dave Clarke and Adam Beyer, featured on several DJ chart number ones, radio shows, magazines, and scoring release of the month in magazines techno reviews on many occasions. Geushky offered an output for Ian's productions, which gained worldwide support, creating techno anthems such as "Dirty Bitch" and "The Rascal", many tracks featured on compilations from the likes of Mauro Picotto, and Carl Cox's live in Detroit. Ian continued releasing on labels including Contrast, Toneman, Contaminated Muzik, Predicaments, and Global Matador, remixing for artists Christopher Just, and Multitude. Ian Void became a name consistently found in record boxes around the world, whilst being booked in countries all over the globe, taking in Canada, Brazil, Germany, Spain, Czech Republic also playing prestigious clubs like U60311 in Frankfurt and The Rex in Paris. Ian took 2 years out, and 2006 saw him return working on new material for his new label Intravenous Cuts, showcasing a continuation of the hard dance floor sound that he has maintained throughout. With a new hunger his quality productions have been rolling out the studio snapped up onto labels including A.Pauls Naked Lunch (Portugal), Vortechtrals Techment Records (UK), Primate Recordings and Primate Endangered Species (UK). Alongside releases on his own label Intravenous Cuts which saw massive support worldwide, including an ep released under the newly formed partnership between himself and Martyn Hare (Tremors / Emetic / Tronic / Potential) under the name 'The Risen', pushing the big room rave sound with a tough edge. Ian also has remixes under his belt for Michal Poliak and Christian Fischer, A.Paul, James Hammer and much more lined up for 2009 and beyond.

01. Jack Richards - Mamans Fils (Fer BR Dub Tribe Remix) [Tektonek Recordings PROMO]
02. Fer BR - Fusion (Aka Carl remix) [Sub Cult]
03. Errol Dix - Pitch & Rumble [Work Hard Play Hard]
04. Tadox - Headcount [Tech On Records]
05. DJ Link & Cesar Almena - Pujante (A.Paul Remix) [Amigos Recordings]
06. Daniela Haverbeck - Hannibal Cannibal [Techno Addicted Records]
07. Bilro & Barbosa - Playing With Fire [Kamikaze Records]
08. E383 - Radion 3 (Roman Zawodny Remix) [Electrax promo]
09. Steel Grooves - Low Life [Toyfriend Music]
10. Miche & Mirzinho - Fish (Odessa Soundfreaks Remix) [Sub Cult]
11. Fer Br - Lost [Techno Addicted Records]
12. Josh Love - Sexiest Rasta [Beatform PROMO]
13. Aka Carl - One Man Band (Band Wagon Beats) [PROMO]
14. Wyrus and Lenox - Rokaj (Original mix) [PROMO]

01. Matchbox
02. Cybertron
03. Descontrol
04. Its Not Over
05. Emergency
06. Techno is coming Back!
07. Hardware Battles
08. Skydiver
09. Teletransport

VECTOR COMMANDER [BR] (http://www.myspace.com/vectorcommanderproject)

Vector Commander is the main project of the techno Producer and Dj Alex Strunz. It consists of techno music without borders with influences of many other styles. My Live P.A. follows an analogical line inside techno Music. Merging Electro, Industrial, EBM without following rules and formulas, making live interventions the hot spot of my performances. In my performs, I always use Valved Electronic Drums, Effects units and Vocoders for live voice recording ,sampling and distortion. Using the analogical machinery power along with modern controllers, is the key to show that criativity between Softwares and Hardwares has no limits.

01. Tex-Rec & Jaccy - The Summer is Comming (UGLH Remix) [CVM Records]
02. Muff76 - Beyond [Dirty Planet Recordings]
03. The Advent - Dont You Try [Captain Jack]
04. Kali - Rock the house [Disturbulence Records digital]
05. Gunjack - Santiago Heat (Original Mix) [Naked Lunch Records] (Ingrooves)
06. Ganez - Tribalism [Disturbulence Records digital]
07. Bob D - Fmao [Lactik Records]
08. DJ Link & Cesar Almena - Mafiacello (Raul Mezcolanza remix) [Amigos]
09. Wetworks - Diaspora (Original Mix) [Cutz]
10. Alpharisc - Homeless [Tranztek Recordings]
11. Omar Guvara - Decameron [Naked Lunch Records] (direct)
12. DJ Tek-No-Bee - Brad Lee "The Reworks" Nightboat to Amsterdam [Tontek Records]
13. Daisychain - Mamasei [Special Series]
14. Spencer - Spark Plug (Gary Maguire Remix) [Discover Dark]

01. James Ruskin Sabre [Blueprint]
02. Subotic Relentless [Armatura]
03. Siege Past Blast [Shadow District]
04. Phase Decode [Token]
05. Dj Mika - Ultimatum [Mastertraxx]
06. Dima E - You Make Me Feal So Good [Kamikaze promo]
07. Vegim Run that muthafaka [CDR]
08. Eric Sneo - Lets Go Techno (VOCAL ONLY)
09. Vegim - Art of an Legend [Hardsignal promo]
10. Bas Mooy Angstgegner [Planet Rhythm]
11. Planetary Assault Systems - Temporary Suspension [Ostgut Ton]
12. Vegim Turbulence [Naked Lunch]
13. A Paul Convey [Naked Lunch]
14. LK Peyote [Naked Lunch]
15. Planetary Assault Systems - Open up [Ostgut Ton]

VEGIM [AL] (http://myspace.com/djvegim)
Vegim began his adventure into electronic music in the early nineties. Starting out as a hobby, he became a record collector. 1998 he bought the first little music equipment. That year marked a substantial progress in both DJ and production aspects of the work. As with so many other DJs at the time, the pull of house and techno became too strong and he began to use his carefully honed mixing skills in another direction. The wish to spread his interpretation of this vision grew and grew, hitting all types of techno, from the age of 18 on, helped Vegim to get a sharper image of what people call "Techno". Now he is a symbol of techno in Kosovo region. In his sets you will find Electro, Minimal Techno, Funky Techno... but allways focused what dancefloor needs. Vegim's earliest experiments in the studio go back to around 2002. After about 4 year of working, he released his first D. EP - TMMR - Creature 3000 with Nani Killa, tune which went on to receive support from a lot known World DJs. Now there are planty of tunes out in every known shops.

01. Jack Richards - Mamans Fils [Tektonek Recordings PROMO]
02. Christian Peak - Copacabana [Techno Addicted Records]
03. Jonno Brien - Jaw Breaker (Original Mix) [Naked Lunch Records(Ingrooves)]
04. Vegim - Mark Me [PROMO]
05. Chris Dynasty - Deep Compound [SubCult]
06. Tibe - Skachi, vristhi, shwicaj [PROMO]
07. Fer Br - Drums Back [Patterns]
08. Groove Korp - With the tool in my hand [Techno Addicted Records]
09. Brent Sadowick - Only Way (Original mix) [Keep On Techno]
10. Roman Zawodny - Black-a-Vised [Mad Hatter]
11. DJ Link & Cesar Almena - Pujante [Amigos PROMO]
12. Tadox - Ratzeputz [TechOn 09]
13. Dj Pipen - Monteagudo [Techno Addicted Records]
14. Concrete DJz - The Show [Armatura Bonus]

01. Reaky - mushter (David Moleon remix) unreleased
02. Ivan L & Sergy Casttle (Penetrator Drums) Quebolarecords
03. Iago De La Vega (Mclass) Promo
04. David Moleon (Solarforce) Moop Up 05
05. Kali - Dance for heaven (Svetec rmx) Unaffected Records
06. David Moleon (Goal) Basics 07
07. Iago de la Vega (killa beat) Promo
08. David Moleon (Blackhawk) Basics 07
09. David Moleon (Jolp) Spseries promo
10. Kali (Verynicebootleg)
11. David Moleon (no name) Promo
12. David Moleon (Murder in 3 Delights) Audio family promo
13. David Moleon (no name) Promo
14. Iago de la Vega (Up all night) Disturbulence
15. David Moleon & Iago de la Vega (Fear of Gods) Patterns promo
16. David Moleon (no name) Basics 07
17. Odessa Soundreaks (Ready or not) David Moleon Rmx Adultdigital 013
18. David Moleon (Tranki) Patterns promo
19. David Moleon (no name) Patterns promo
20. David Moleon (11) Audio family promo
21. David Moleon (Melodic Paradise) promo

DAVID MOLEON [ES] (http://www.myspace.com/davidmoleon)
David Moleón is an expert DJ and producer with 11 years of experience. David has appeared on the line ups of prestigious events throughout Spain, including at the Industrial Copera (Granada), Code (Madrid), Isla Tortuga (Ciudad Real), Aixa Galiana (Avila), Technosonic (Burgos), La Nuit (Coruña) and Live Dance Festival (Almería). He has also sparked interest in countries like Italy, Slovenia and Holland. David was born and raised in Granada, Spain, but he spent a year in Greece where he deejayed and organized various events. It was there that he was exposed to different types of music and began to define himself as an artist. Throughout his career he has invested time in mixing, music technology, web design and sound technology. It is common to see David share line ups with big names like DJ Pepo and Cristian Varela, who praise his immense creativity and talent as a producer. David has a special knack for producing hit tracks that have become essential parts of the sessions of Europes most popular artists, including Ben Sims, Pepo, Cristian Varela, Robert Natus, Eric Sneo, DJ Murphy, DJ Link, César Almena and Nuke amongst others. David kicked off his career as a producer in September 2006 from the label Djpro, quickly earning a solid reputation as a valued producer with hit tracks on other national labels. He then founded his own label, Moop Up, in 2007. The first release came out in the summer of 2008 and quickly became a hit, earning a spot on charts and sessions across Europe. Moop Ups fourth release hit the streets in February of this year. David contributed his track IGRIV to Ben Sims latest compilation CD, making David the only Spanish artist on the CD. Robert Natus also demonstrated his admiration for David by placing two of the Spanish artists tracks on his last two CDs. Both his DJ sets on 3 turntables and his live-acts are examples of high-quality DJing, technical ability and force, making him a well-rounded DJ, and particularly the stand-out artist from the South of Spain. David is an artist to look out for both in the studio and in the DJ booth.
MEKHANIZM the 50-th



01. Remute - Condensated [Remute]
02. Peppelino & Aka Carl - Space Cowboys [Sub Cult]
03. Adrenaline - Underpool [Soul Access Records]
04. Ian Void - Torrent (Killian's Remix) [Sub Cult]
05. Michal Poliak - World Republic (Peppelino Remix) [Relic Recordings]
06. Wyrus & Dastin - Curso de la vida (Original mix) [Sub Cult]
07. Killian - Hypnose [Yin Yang]
08. Mash - Beat of my Heart (Thermo Remix) [Toyfriend Music]
09. Oliver Kucera - Roadtrip [Unaffected Records]
10. Kali - Dancing For Heaven (SveTec Remix) [Unaffected Records]
11. Thermo - Sunburn [TechHead Recordings]
12. Omega Drive - Back To The Rave [Techno Addicted Records]
13. Aka Carl - Seconds Left [Sub Cult]
14. Dito Masats - Gansters [Moop Up]
15. Steel Grooves - The Fuzz (Original mix) [Keep On Techno]
16. Aitor Ronda - Nomada [Pirate Audio]
17. Windenergy - Walking Light (Peppelino Progressive Techno Mix) [Worldwide Exclusive Records]
18. FER BR - Disco Touch [Soul Access Records]
19. Ganez - Tribalism [Disturbulence Records]
20. Jason Speed - Deep [Work Hard Play Hard]
21. Stephane Signore - Hysteria (Spiros Kaloumenos Remix) [Special Series]
22. David Moleon - Nonstop [Basics]
23. Sergy Casttle & Dj Stay - Typical Drums [Unaffected Records]
24. P SERIES - People Are People [P Series Holland]
25. Pratap - Kalkyl [GT Muzike Records]
26. Chryss Bond - Cryptonic [Power Underground]
27. A. Paul - 351hz (Remastered) [Naked Lunch Records]
28. James Ruskin - Work (Steve Rachmad Remix) [Blueprint_Records]
29. Alpharisc - Homeless [Tranztek Recordings]
30. Roman Zawodny - So You Said (Alexey Gordiyenko remix) [PROMO]
31. Primus Tech - Extract Form [Naked Lunch Records]
32. Takaaki Itoh - Components - Two Way [Electracom]
33. AudioKlinik - Knock Out [Reldz Recordings]
34. David Moleon - Zerocrossing [Basics]
35. The Advent - Don't You Try [Captain Jack]
36. Baffa - La Kaya [Flux Recordings]
37. Bilro & Barbosa - Frequency [Naked Lunch Records]
38. Kazu Kimura - Decode [GT Muzike Records]
39. Arkus P. - Hated [Abstract]
40. Takaaki Itoh - Answer - Protective Colour [Electracom]
41. Drumcomplex - Mannomesia [Electronic Pulse Records]

01. Fer BR - Low Bass [Patterns]
02. Fer BR - Check It Out [Patterns]
03. Bryant Baker & Miche - Shake Dat [Beatform Records]
04. Alejandro Roman - Feel My Energy [SubCult]
05. Van Nosikov - ID [PROMO]
06. Roman Zawodny - So You Said (Original Mix)
07. Wyrus - Quotation [SubCult]
08. The Prodigy - Warriors Dance (Matt Preston Remix) [PROMO]
09. Vortechtral - The Badman is here [PROMO]
10. Will Rees - Bushfire [SubCult]
11. A.Paul - Preservation (Ian Void Remix) [Toyfriend Music]
12. The Divide - Category 5 (Original Mix) [Armatura Clandestine]
13. Darren Jones - Thrust [R3tox Digital Recordings]
14. Vasileios Tsonopoulos - Factory [Megatron Athens]
15. Ian Lehman - Sheep Killer (Original Mix) [Armatura Clandestine]
16. Wetworks - Blueprint To_Revenge (Original Mix) [Armatura Clandestine]
17. C-System - Basic (Concrete Djz Remix) [Armatura Bonus]

01. Roman Zawondy - So you said ( K.e.n.y.u. Remix )
02. Alexander Fat - Mysticism ( JC Remix ) / Reldz
03. JC - Trust Me / Mad Hatter Hard
04. JC - Permeant Pain / Mad Hatter Hard
05. JC - Neck Bone ( Jerome Baker Warlord Remix ) / Dirty Planet
06. Roman Zawondy - The Time is Now ( JCs B.T.S. mix ) / Mad Hatter Hard
07. Vector Commander - Vertigo ( JCs Peaking Mix ) / Dirty Planet
08. Jerome Baker - Communication
09. Jerome Baker - Who / Mad Hatter Hard
10. Odessa Sound Freaks - Troposphere ( Roman Zawondy Remix )
11. JC - The Blender / Dirty Planet
12. Jerome Baker - Proof / Mad Hatter Hard
13. DJ Devious - Feel my Body ( JC Remix ) / Mad Hatter Hard
14. JC - Neck Bone / Blender EP / Dirty Planet
15. Caine N Anians - Spin Out ( Jerome Baker Remix ) / Mad Hatter Hard
16. K.e.n.y.u. - Dirt / Work Hard Play Hard
17. Kenni Sosa - Error ( JC Remix ) / Electronic Pulse
18. Jerome Baker - Tribal Boogie / Mad Hatter Hard

JC [US] (www.myspace.com/jcrelentlessmuzik)

01. L.K. - Delivery (Original Mix) [Naked Lunch Records] (Ingrooves)
02. Errol Dix - Let Me Know (Original Mix) [Stanch Records]
03. Zifec - Impress [Digital Distort]
04. FER BR - Good Things [Soul Access Records]
05. K.e.n.y.u. - Funk The System [Mastertraxx]
06. Alejandro Roman - The Moon Is Dancing [Sub Cult]
07. Dj Cristiao - A2T [Techno Addicted Records]
08. FER BR - Belle Funk [Patterns PROMO]
09. Hristian Stojanowski - Funk It Up [Techno Addicted Records]
10. Chris Dynasty - Bass Walker [Sub Cult]
11. DJ Stay - Summer [Unaffected Records]
12. Mash - Beat of my Heart (Thermo Remix) [Toyfriend Music]
13. Sergy Casttle & Dj Stay - Typical Drums [Unaffected Records]
14. Goncalo M - Master Attack (Original Mix) [Naked Lunch Records] (Ingrooves)
15. Jude Rush - Song Like This [Audio Donor Records]

01. Industrialyzer - Craz (Original mix)
02. Spiros Kaloumenos - Taspase (Original mix)
03. Odessa Soundfreaks - False Positive (Original mix)
04. Dj Stay - Summer (Original mix)
05. Mekk V - Embryo (Reaky Remix)
06. Peppelino - Retro Beach (Original mix)
07. Alex Markachev - New Life (Wyrus Remix)
08. Unknown - Unknown
09. Boriqua Tribez & Nihad Tule - The ninth clones (Original mix)
10. Ruslan Mays - Spanish Trip (Rantan Remix)
11. Michal Poliak - Funky Rain (Original mix)
12. Alex Markachev - New Life 2009 (Woo York rmx)
13. Odessa Soundfreaks - Blow Your Ears (Pedro Delgardo & Tina Martin remix)
14. Woo York - Mahoney (Mark Ankh rmx)
15. DJ Pest - Gladiator (Original mix)
16. Kamui - Spielzeug (Original mix)
17. Tiago S - Why is this here (Greencross remix)
18. DJ Preach - Broken Inside (Original mix)

WOO YORK [UA] (www.myspace.com/wooyork)
Woo York is a musical project from Ukraine consisting of two members Dennis and Andrew. Influenced by Spiros Kaloumenos, Boriqua Tribez, Stephane Signore, Peppelino, Axel Karakasis, Umek, Reaky, Dave the Drummer, Zoobrazil, Odessa Soundfreaks, Marco Bailey, Tom Hades, Chris Liebing, Pedro Delgardo, David Moleon and great number of others. Woo York created their unique electronic sound that is the quintessence of groovy thechno with the trancy shade. In December 2008 Woo York has been noticed by the Slovenian producer, DJ, owner of the Sound Evolution Records and Penetration Nation - Mark Ankh. Soon guys sign thier first contract with the Sound Evolution Records for the release of TSP EP [SE035] single which was supported by Pedro Delgardo [Yin Yang]. Already in 2009 Woo York were invited for collaboration with such labels as Sub Cult Records, Techment Records, Techno Artilery Records, Keep on Techno Records, Toyfriend Music Records, and relatively young, perspective Czech label Unaffected Records. Woo York remixed tracks for and collaborated with such artists as Peppelino, Odessa Soundfreaks, Thermo, Mark Ankh, Vortechtral, Omega Drive, Peter Fern, Dastin, John Karagiannis & Paylipservice, Wyrus, Reaky, DJ Pest, Alex Markachev, Aka Karl and other producers and DJ's all over the world.

01. Tex-Rec - Tecno Fabric (Original Mix) [Stanch Records]
02. Takashi Watanabe - From Here to There (Original Mix) [Hypnotic Room]
03. Errol Dix - Hypnotic Funk (Original Mix) [Stanch Records]
04. L.K. - Blossoms (Original Mix) [Naked Lunch Records] (Ingrooves)
05. Toni Alvarez - A Good Day [Sonotech Records Techno]
06. Boriqua Tribez - Anaconda (Hard Dub) [Basics]
07. FER BR - Disco Touch [Soul Access Records]
08. Arkus P. - Loved [Abstract]
09. Jason Speed - Deep [Work Hard Play Hard]
10. Raul Mezcolanza - Tomates Fritos [Lactik Records]
11. Vasileios Tsonopoulos - I Love Techno [Megatron Athens]
12. Cave - The Revenge (Hertz Remix) (Revenge Of The Tribe Part 2) [Hz Trax]
13. C4 - Ucon (Original Mix) [Mocha Recordings]
14. Dual Loop - Hole In My Head (Marco Asoleda remix) [Believe]

01. vadz - abstraction [television records; tele-11]
02. vadz - discocuntine [dobox recordings; dbdf036]
03. vadz - mighty square [unreleased]
04. vadz - fuzzy magnet [wide; widelp 002]
05. vadz - electric shock [unreleased]
06. shinra - 1986 (vadz 'space journey' remix) [wide; widemp3 015]
07. postapocalyps pop - p.a.p. in arms [russian techno; rtsw3]
08. acid mikhalych - 3003 cliche [russian techno; rtsw5]
09. vadz - squash my egg [unreleased]
10. mark hawkins - witamino (vadz remix) [audio textures; tba]
11. gray - rendered (vadz remix) [audionautica; audn008]
12. evgeny light - mechanismus [russian techno; tba]
13. mass fatality - bass line on rimsky-korsakov [russian techno; rtsw2]
14. vadz - cosmosis [slappy recordings; sr002]
15. vadz - blip me [subgrade records; sg008]
16. vadz - data transfer [digital distortions; ddd023]
17. vadz - stuck in a cage [unreleased]
18. neonicle - serenade of cemeteries [russian techno; rtsw4]
19. debasser - fat girls (vadz remix) [wide; tba]
20. alex w - cyber body (vadz edit) [russian techno; rtsw2]
21. vadz - experts not allowed [unreleased]
22. acid mikhalych - distorted perception [russian techno; rtsw5]
23. vadz - ampheta minno (ritzi lee remix) [russian techno; tba]
24. vadz - pressor & qualizer [unreleased]
25. rabitza - untitled live extract [russian techno; tba]

VADZ [RU] (http://www.myspace.com/vadz )

Vadim Savchenko was born in Taganrog, South of Russia in 1980. He developed through the arts and found his form of expression in painting and photography. At the very beginning, there were no parties, records or techno; I was just looking for a way to express my non-ordinariness. In 1995 Vadim realized that music is what he always wanted to live with. It was his non-standard view of simple things that provided his conception of musical originality and independence.

I used to play on drums in a local rock-group and when I got acquainted with electronic music in my early childhood, I asked myself: How do they make these crazy brain-warping sounds? I became interested in radio engineering and once, even got to build simple oscillator with the tone changing. I mean, the nature of sound has always grabbed me. This drive gave Vadz an impulse to produce something himself. From 1996 until 1998 he attempted umpteen efforts of self-expression using his PC and the first music creating software, That was the hardcore-music period! I just smile when I look back at it. Step by step, Vadz caught onto synthesis and further upgraded his production techniques. The software available at that time left much to be desired, but somehow I managed to find something interesting. Emulators of modular analog synthesizers were the peak point of his interest. I enjoy this technology even now; I find it more flexible and suitable than anything else to realize my ideas. Its like floating in the ocean of ideas, you always find something interesting and expand borders of expression.

The next step to understanding was the purchase of an old Russian Polivoks synthesizer from the school shamus. Only then did his eyes (or rather his ears) open. I always liked the minor key melodies and interesting arrangements and soon I understood what I really needed. From 1999 to 2001 he wrote a lot of experimental tracks, which are still actual and waiting for their good times. And then his techno production began

As a DJ, Vadz plays techno and electro: I aint hunt for the newest tunes; I carefully chose those releases that are smartly made and, of course, reflect my inner world. Vadz has played on almost every big techno gig in Russia and Ukraine since 2003. His first European tour is planned for 2009.

01. Jean Simon - Level Techno 1 [Techno Addicted Records]
02. Jerome Baker - Dancefloor Destroya BL [Mixtape Records]
03. Bitch Bros & Steel_Grooves -Drop Steel (Version B) [Guilhotina]
04. Peppelino & Aka Carl - Space Cowboys (SUB CULT)
05. Vasileios Tsonopoulos - Kapou [Megatron Athens]
06. Darren Jones - Return Track 2 [R3tox Digital Recordings]
07. Dorian Hunter & Thomas Green - Kiss Me Goodbye [Naked Lunch Records] (direct)
08. Timo Benz - Tematec [GrooveBeat Records]
09. Ian Void - Version 2 (Martyn Hare Remix) [Techment Records]
10. Aka Carl & The Technicians - Replacement [PROMO]
11. Esteban Arroyo - All for One [Techno Addicted Records]
12. David Moleon - Pinball [PROMO]
13. Woo York - TSP (Tony Silver rmx) [Sound Evolution]
14. Recycle Bot - I Love to fuck [Kamikaze records]

01. Hertz - Kemo
02. Tadox - Suited Connectors (dennis bunas & takkiz drakos rmx)
03. Tom Hades - Tobensprache (markantoni remix)
04. A.Paul - Relay
05. The Advent & Industralizer - Focuspokus
06. Axel Karakasis - speciation
07. Tadox - Suited Connectors
08. Peppelino and Fer Br - Renegade
09. Spiros Kaloumenos - Black Tie
10. The Advent & Industralizer - One last count
11. Concrete DJz - Surface Layer
12. Mark Broom - Things
13. Carl Falk - Disco Crusher
14. Smith and Selway - Total Departure (Cirez d remix)

TADOX [DE] (http://www.myspace.com/tadox )

01. Iv?n Dever? - Mensaje Subliminal (Wyrus Remix) [Propeller Records]
02. Mat303 & Josh Love - Groovy Baby [Unsigned]
03. Mat303 & Josh Love - Call of Cuba (Original Mix) [Patterns Master]
04. Thermo - The return [Techno Addicted Records]
05. Hristian Stojanowski - Spring Smells [PROMO]
06. Peppelino & Fer BR - Feelings [Analog Mode Digital]
07. Hristian Stojanowski - Rolling Down [Adult Promo]
08. A. Paul - Scams (Roman Zawodny remix) [PROMO]
09. Roman Zawodny - On Edge (A. Paul remix) [Triple Recordings]
10. Marco G - Nine Lives (Peppelino & Vortechtral Remix) [Techment Records]
11. Unknown - Requiem For A Dream Remix [Techment Records]
12. CrazyTeck - Teck Drive [Techno Addicted Records]
13. Marco Santonio - The Stalker [Dust Up Records]
14. Bitch Bros & Steel Grooves - Drop Steel (Version A) [Guilhotina]

01. Bob D - Leo AGRO
02. Fer BR - Drums Back PROMO
03. Odessa Soundfreaks - False Positive SUBCULTEP21
04. Stephane Signore - Hysteria (Spiros Kaloumenos Remix) SPECIAL SERIES
05. Miche - Proteins SUBCULTEP21
06. Kali - More Funk SUBCULTEP20
07. Elton D & Snoo - Afrikool ADULT
09. Disco Town Remix Kali
10. Daniel D - Disco Is Back TEGGNO
11. Fat Boy Slim - Star 69 (Fer BR Remix) PROMO
12. Guayo & Miche - Musica PROMO
13. Daniel D - Move Your Body COBRA
14. Kali - Filter Funk SUBCULT12EP4
15. Fer BR - Soul PROMO
16. Peppelino - Moscow Night PROMO
17. FER BR - Luengo (Bando & Darkrow remix) PROMO
18. Miche & Mirzinho - Promethium PROMO
19. Reaky - Optimal (Axel Karakasis Remix) PNR005
20. Odessa Soundfreaks - Mature Games PROMO
21. Luky RDU - Friend Driver PROMO

AKA CARL [UK] (www.myspace.com/djakacarl )
Aka Carls musical journey began when he got his first set of decks in 2002, at first playing various styles of dance music (trance, techno, hard house)until his attention was focused on various styles of techno. When AKA Carl reached this point he wanted to develop his skills in music production and the music industry. He attended a CPD in the music industry at Paul McCartneys Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA) in 2005; this then allowed him to further study for a degree in Sound Engineering and Design at Manchester's School of Sound and Recording (SSR). Whist studying AKA Carl has been successfully establishing his techno label Sub Cult as well as fine-tuning his own style of mixing and producing. AKA Carl has now been producing and playing funky, groovy and tribal techno using decks. More recently AKA Carl has taken the transition to DJing using Ableton live. His sets have been the talk of the town seeing him win one of 15 places out of 650 submissions to play a Set at Dance Island in 2008 and also more recently seeing him come runner up in a competition in International DJ Magazine gaining recognition from Jon O'Bir.
Jon: A proper pumping techno set here. Proper pumping! Reminds me of Fergie back in his banging days.

01. V1NZ - Fractional (Original Mix) [Naked Lunch Records] (Ingrooves)
02. Darren Jones - Ardent to Rapture [R3tox Digital Recordings]
03. Dj DeH - Riot [M Rec Digital]
04. Carara Noro - 1 [Techno Addicted Records]
05. Tadox - Analog Fear [GrooveBeat Records]
06. Siege Switch - Error Response (Original Mix) [Armatura Bonus]
07. Noxious Element - Teck (Membran Mix) [Electro Babes]
08. Concrete Dj'z - Samurai [Crowbar Recordings]
09. Dorian Hunter & Thomas Green - Deal Or No Deal [Naked Lunch Records (direct)]
10. Marco Woods - The Warning [Stereophonic]
11. Arkus P. - Hated [Abstract]
12. Timo Benz - Sergo [GrooveBeat Records]
13. Twelve - Clutter (Original Version) [Dark Crank]
14. Concrete Dj'z - True_Story [Crowbar Recordings]
15. Cannon Project -Expedition To Mars - [GrooveBeat Records]
16. Ivan L - To Be Continued [Corrupted Data]

01. Intravinyl - Asynchrone Frequenzstoerung
02. Buchecha & TRB - Rel friends play hard
03. Alex Tb - Beasted Boy
04. Instigator - Bad
05. Promo
06. Boris. - Too many pills
07. Prodigy - Omen (Sepromatiq RMX)
08. Subsonic - Dooms Day
09. Clean up bros - Iron Jack
10. Motormofoses - Stunt Addiction
11. Psychodrums - Rainy Day
12. Lexis - I think i want some more
13. Kid Butcher - Slaves
14. Sepromatiq & Svetec - WE will be better
15. ViperXXL - Album Track 3
16. Sepromatiq - DP (ViperXXL RMX)
17. Zheta - Basic
18. B. tensor - Parasite
19. B. tensor - Devil Hunter
20. Zheta - Winter
21. ViperXXL - Hardtecho Anthem

VIPER XXL [DE] (http://www.viperxxl.de)
ViperXXL, this name is for everyone and everywhere a term as it stands for hard Techno on the highest level. The successful year 2006 with Gigs in over 20 different countries speaks for his qualities as a Hardtechno Dj. With his publications on labels like Kne Deep, Definition of Mayhem, Crowbar, Carnage, Killaz, Beast, Cannibal Society and on his own imprints Animasola and Around The World he proves his talent as a Producer. Hits like Doing Drugs Selling Drugs; Brotherhood or the recently published record Hardtechno Anthem appear in each Case. In 2006 he founded together with Dj Amok an own Booking Agency with the name "Artillery Bookings". Faithfully the slogan hard however fair he will shift people also this year in another state of mind in top notch Clubs all over the World.

01. Toph Subderground - Underdisco (Exclusive) [Adult Records]
02. Larix - Paralaksa [Stereophonic]
03. House Tronic - House Tronik [P Series Holland]
04. Hristian Stojanowski - White Games [PROMO]
05. Ganez - Time [Unaffected Records]
06. Steel Grooves - Fired Up [Toyfriend]
07. Concrete DJz - Stab Wound (Original Mix) [Armatura Clandestine]
08. Jerome Baker - Immortal Master [Mixtape]
09. Fernando - Grounded [Drizzly Records]
10. Primus Tech - Eye Line [Intuition Recordings Pt]
11. P Series - People Are People [P Series Holland]
12. Roman Zawodny - Strike It [Communique Records]
13. Distek - Safe (Aka Carl Remix) [Bang Wagon Beats]
14. Omega Drive - Make My Day (Vortechtral Remix) [Prozak Records]
15. Knight Of The Jaguar - Knight Of The Jaguar [P Series Holland]

01. Dj Stay - Automated (Penetration Nation Records)
02. A. Paul - Eureka (Yin Yang)
03. Daniel D - Floorkiller (Cobra Rec)
04. C-System - The Raver (Darkrow Remix) (Prozak)
05. Veztax - Whos There (Keep On Techno)
06. Efren - Comodore BD (Naked Launch)
07. Killians - Orion (Kobaya Remix) (Cobra Rec)
08. Spiros Kaloumenos - Black Tie (Dolls)
09. Elton D & Snoo - Afrikool (Adult)
10. Aitor Ronda - Ghetto (Pirate Audio)
11. The Advent & Industrialyzer - Sketch Mania (CodeWorks Records)
12. Audioklinik - Ravers Paradise (Fer Br Remix) (Triple Recordings)
13. Hristian Stojanowski - Spring Smells (Promo)
14. Boriqua Tribez - Thunder (Spilo Rec)
15. Pratap - Kalkyl (GT Muzike)
16. LK - LK Theos (The Light Records)
17. Carl Falk - Sender (Basics)
18. Darkrow - Solid State (Raul Mezcolanza Remix) (StandBite)
19. Hristian Stojanowski - Freshness (Promo)
20. Spiros Kaloumenos - Stress (Patterns)
21. Hristian Stojanowski - Black Lighter (Matija Marinic Remix) (Promo)

HRISTIAN STOJANOWSKI [RS] (www.myspace.com/hristianstojanowski)
Hristian Stojanowski was born for Eastern in year 1987 and lives in Nis.
From earlyer years Nis is one of the centers of electronic music and in this city were playing the most known names of techno scene, so he is getting inspiration and from early days he is showing signs for underground music and from theese days starts listening Prodigy, Jeff Mills, Ade Fenton, Adam Beyer and many more who were influenceing his music.
In the beginning he was mostly about London pure techno sound but later goes on funky/ tribal/ hardgroove techno what he is doing nowdays too. With 16 years he is seriously starting with music production and that same year he is buying his first turntables. The technics of mixing he was learning alone and in local music stores.
He was doing very well at his first acts so fastly after that he is getting offers from all the places around (Macedonia, Croatia, Romania, Slovenia and Serbian cityes like Beograd, Vrnjacka Banja, Nis, Soko Banja, Subotica, Leskovac, Pozarevac, etc.) He was working in famous clubs like today too. In 2008 he starts releasing on labels his music so startedo come offers from all around the world.
In the beginning of year 2009 he is establishing "Disturbulence Records" with his friend Christian Peak and starts with serious work with big names.
He is a part of resident crew "Just Funky" with Funky Criminimalz and Goran Isic whos are advancing with theirs partyes where they are calling bigger names in techno scene.
He was playing with bigger names like:
Boriqua Tribez, Cave, Mladen Tomic, DJ Misjah, Dejan Milicevic and many more...
Keeping his set only on turntables and showing pleasure in mixing, getting the public to complete satisfaction. Based only on techno music, sometimes in smaller clubs can be heard his minimal techno sets. In 2008 he starts new organization "Neutronika".
And his tracks were played by artists such as: Dj Murphy, Eddie Halliwell, Veztax, Darkrow, Fer BR, Peppelino, Josh Love, Wyrus and many more...

BIONIKA - Reactor: Memories - 2009
01. Takeshi el nino - Trainspotting [Public Frequency]
02. Bas Mooy - Kadaver [Planet Rhythm]
03. The Advent and Industrialyzer - Kudos [Remain]
04. Plan-E - Collapsed (Original Mix) [Brother Convention Records]
05. Plan-E - Singularity (Original Mix) [Brother Convention Records]
06. Concrete DJz - Distorted Reality (Original Mix) [Armatura Bonus]
07. Distek - Dingy Folk (Original Mix) [Armatura Bonus]
08. AudioKlinik - Knock Out [Reldz Recordings]
09. Fernando - Primative Expression [Drizzly Records]
10. Carara - Rebanada (Andreas Florin Rmx) [Carmarage Records]
11. Steel Grooves - Slip Mode [Toyfriend Music PROMO]
12. Bojan Vukmirovic - Nuclear bomb (DJ Mita Remix) [Disturbulence Records]
14. Kay D Smith - My Domain [Drizzly Records]

01. Vincent Malville - Atomic Trip [AMAZONE]
02. Ruslan Mays - Spanish Trip [TECHHEAD]
03. Vortechtral - The Funk (Cave Remix) [TECHMENT]
04. Axel Karakasis - Flying The Path (Tom Hades Remix) [TECHHEAD]
05. Marco Santonio - Ruckus Part 1 [DUST UP]
06. Michal Poliak - Walachia [PROPULSION]
07. Alex Dias & Tiago S - Expresso (Peppelino Remix) [TECHMENT]
08. Vortechtral - Infected (Wehbba Remix) [TECHMENT]
09. Peppelino & Aka Carl - Orion Galaxy [SUB CULT]
10. Peppelino - How It's Made (Woo York Remix) [UNAFFECTED]
11. Reaky - Optimal Penetration (Darkrow Remix) [PENETRATION NATION]
12. Specimen A & Xim N Bass - Liberatae Tutamae [AUDIOGORE]
13. Peter Fern - Respect Yourself (Deeroy Remix) [TECHMENT]
14. Vortechtral - Bass Race (Peter Fern Remix) [TECHMENT]
15. Mark Ankh - Queen (Reaky Remix) [PENETRATION NATION]
16. Agent K - Come Again (Vocal Mix) [20K FREAKS]
17. K.e.n.y.u. - Funk The System [MASTERTRAXX]
18. Lia Organa And Electric Prince - Pink Cow (Wyrus Remix) [KEEP ON TECHNO]
19. Vortechtral - Back Seat Boy [UNAFFECTED]
20. Bryant Baker & Miche - The Funky Beat [SUB CULT]
21. Vortechtral - Steppin' [TOYFRIEND]
22. Aggresivnes - Agony [DUB RECORDS]
23. Killian's - Come On The Beat [COBRA]
24. Rantan - Dharma Beer [UNAFFECTED]
25. Roman Zawodny - The Time Is Now (Beatcompute Mix) [MAD HATTER]
26. Woo York - Old Gangster (Peter Fern Remix) [UNAFFECTED]

VORTECHTRAL [UK] (http://www.vortechtral.co.uk)
Vortechtral (Kai Wiggins Portsmouth - UK) is the main artist, behind the almighty Techment Records, and a purveyor of peak time funky bass lines, an international DJ, worldwide techno producer, and live artist, whos own quality extensive collection of releases and remixes, alongside Techment's outstanding output from its international roster, have been featured in DJ Mag, IDJ, Loud Magazine, and seen support and charts from DJs and radio shows across the globe, from Canada to Russia, including Radio 1 (UK), Eddie Halliwell, Pedro Delgardo, DJ Preach, Wehbba, DJ Irish, Axel Karakasis, DJ Misjah, Bryan Cox, Q'Hey, Ian Void, Peppelino, Tom Hades, Christian Fischer, and many many more... His own tracks and remixes feature on such labels as Techment, Primate / Endangered Species, Patterns, TechHead, Intravenous Cuts, Teggno, Kazoo, Prozak, Innervate, ADS, Dazed, Toy Friend, Sub Cult, a mix compilation cd on Style Records, and many more featuring on over 100 releases worldwide.
Due to his love of production since 1998, he has released predominatley funky techno under the name Vortechtral, but consistently put out epic downtempo, industrial and ambient tracks, showing influences from Orbital, Aphex Twin, Air, Sphongle, FSOL, The Orb, and Kevin Yost, under the name Vortechtral AM, nujazz under the alias Benni Blanco, and more melodic and influential dancefloor tracks under Marco Santonio. Kai also runs the label In Deep Recordings for his more chillout based music.
From his UK based studio Vortechtral produces and masters for labels and artists worldwide, and has completed remixes for artists including Christian Fischer & DJ Murphy, Ian Void, Marco G, Axel Karakasis, Martyn Hare, Odessa Soundfreaks, Pratap, Tiago S, Jon Gurd, John Karagiannis, Fer BR, Alex Dias, Wyrus & Dastin, and many more, with tracks featured on CD and mix compilations released worldwide, and used for soundtracks in both the film and gaming industries.
Vortechtral DJ's a high energy addictive blend of funky techno, and also heavyweight tearout breaks under the name Vortech, he is currently signed to MOSP DJ agency in Chezch. His live PAs and high octane DJ sets have seen him booked across Europe at events including, Apokalypsa Warmup (CZ), Punch Funk (UK), HiFi (Homelands UK), Contact (UK), Geushky / Hard Lines (UK), Jarred (UK), Prehab (Turnmills UK), Subtechment (UK), Technosis (UK), Phase 2 (UK), UYN (UK), Delta (FR), Downtown (UK), Incite (NL), Nelumbo (FIN), and many more, alongside DJs such as Alex Patterson (The Orb), Ollie Teeba (The Herbaliser), Killians, Martyn Hare, Proteus, Lab 4, Ed Real, Joe Doe, Ian Void, Ant, Misa Salacova, Foamo, Deeroy, John Warwick, Dave Robertson, Andi Leppard, and many more.
He hosts a bi weekely show the Technologic Sessions on the Digitally Imported radio station, has featured as a guest on many other radio shows including Radio Epiloges (Greece), Techno FM, and Express FM (UK), runs the events Subtechemnt, and Base in the UK, and has been known to create and perform visual, flash and design work for clients across the globe.

01. Cee - Back to Roots - Gulaschkanone [Decksharks]
02. Makaton - This Shutdown - Multiple Sin [Rodz-Konez]
03. A.T.A. - Mellow Drumz [Elektrax recordings]
04. A.T.A. - Classicz 909 [Elektrax recordings]
05. Roman Zawodny - Strike it (Oculus remix) [Communique Records]
06. Claudio Ponticelli - Summer Wind [Patterns]
07. Jude Rush - Altitude (Analogik Voice Remix) [Audio donor]
08. Windenergy - Walking Light (Peppelino Progressive Techno Mix) [Worldwide Exclusive Records]
09. Omega Drive - Back To The Rave [Techno Addicted Records]
10. FER BR - How To Make It [Innervate Records]
11. Primus Tech - Go Fast [Intuition Recordings]
12. Collen Vax - Be Different (Lucian Kee Remix) [Circulate Recordings]
13. Saimon - Piranha (Original Mix) [Naked Lunch Records] (direct)
14. Mekaneck - Leckt mich doch alle [Drizzly Records]
15. Frank Kvitta & Pasquale Schwarzz - Tribal Madness [Unknown Power]
16. Roman Zawodny & Lilonee - Future Rhythm (Vortechtral Remix) [Techment PROMO]

01. Boriqua Tribez - Jack Off (patterns)
02. Daniel D - I found my style (cobra)
03. Mark Broom - Blue (theory)
04. P series - Amerej (p series)
05. Spiros Kaloumenos - Launch (Hertz remix) (analog mode)
06. Aitor Ronda - Insomnio (adult)
07. Miche & Mirzinho - Erbium (Pratap rmx) (adult)
08. P series - Dancing Dancing dancing (p series)
09. Dave Clarke - Way of life (Technasia let?s g remix) (technasia)
10. Petter B - Bitching bob (hz trax)
11. Carl Falk - Late nigth (patterns)
12. Fer BR - Estar estoy (audio family promo)
13. Fer BR - My name is (promo)
14. Alejandro Roman - Entrada Popular (Fer BR rmx) (propeller)
15. Dj Link & J-Nat - Impressions (David Moleon rmx) (amigos)
16. Raul Mezcolanza - The sound is sexy (cobra promo)
17. Fer BR - Bastardo (patterns promo)
18. Fer BR - Soul (patterns promo)
19. Adrenaline - Underpool (Carl Falk rmx) (soul access)
20. Michal Poliak - World republic (Bryan Cox rmx) (relic)
21. Fer BR - Que Bailas (patterns promo)
22. Bryan Cox - Moving thru your system
23. P series - People are people (p series)
24. Dj Rolando - Knigths of the jaguar (Fer BR rmx) (promo)
25. Dj Stay - Automated (penetration nation)
26. Kali - Good time (rekktor music promo)
27. Luky RDU - Tribal Frecuencies (Propeller Promo)

FER BR [ES] (http://www.myspace.com/ferbr)

Fernando Bedrinana aka Fer BR Cambados Spain 1984 . In 2003 Fer watches techno legend Jeff Mills and is heavily influenced. By 2005 Fer has his own decks and is forming his own style, showcasing at various clubs of his home city.
Fer starts to direct his attention towards producing his own techno tracks late 2006, and had his first release in June 2007 with Sub Cult. His trademark funked up techno style has been released on digital labels such as Naked Lunch , Sub Cult , Work Hard Play Hard in his own label Keep on Techno and many more. After Summer 2008 we saw his first vinyl productions on labels such as Relatives (for a remix he did for Carl Falks' "Stand Tall" track which was released on the Relatives 006 EP after summer and was a real slammer) ,Patterns , Soul Access , Innervate , Emphatic and Sub Cult.
His tracks are supported by artist like Cristian Varela , Dj Misjah , Dj Preach or the Techno Master Ben Sims and many more.
The sets of this young dj/producer are characterized by rapid mixes and games with the mixer on three decks .
Peppelino got in touch with Fer BR and they have quite an idea going on the idea to perform their live act with 2 laptops, controllers and effects, expecting the crowd to go absolutely wild
He has performed in clubs outside Spain like Boogalo (Croatia) and spanish clubs like Breogain , La nuit , Seven , Kaiser ; festivals such Farenheit Dj sessions contra o lume Malpica 2006 or Carnival of Arousa..s Island and performed with artist such as Carl Falk , Marko Nastic , Exium , Mark Broom ,Lars Klein for to name a few.
Fer have got a lot of potential and in the following years they are looking up to more and more success.

01. Planetary Assault Systems - Enter Action (CD) [Ostgut]
02. Efren - Comodore BD (Original Mix) [Naked Lunch Records]
03. Tadox - Suited Connectors (Dennis Bunas Takkiz Drakos remix) [Analog Mode]
04. lotzik - Get Me To The Guiyu [Reldz Recordings]
05. Raul Mezcolanza - Ida y vuelta (Variando) [Lactik Records]
06. Marco Rane & Sam de Bruijn - Citron (Original Mix) [Naked Lunch Records]
07. James Ruskin - Take_Control_(Surgeon_Remix)-Blueprint_Records
08. K-Teck - Tribalimbo (Original Mix) [Dark Crank]
09. Primus Tech - Extract Form [Naked Lunch Records]
10. Killian's - Yearrr [Cobra Records (Triple)]
11. Thermo - ID [PROMO]
12. Victor Martin - Careterr [Naked Lunch Records]
13. Adrenaline - Jack 47 (Edelstahl Remix) [Soul Access Records]
14. Daniel D - Move Your Body - [Cobra Records (Triple)]
15. Dj Efren - Carl Sagann - [Analog Mode Digital]
16. Alex S - Rock The Rhythm (Eric Sneo Remix) [Beatdisaster Records]

01. No Surrender - Jerome Baker's Gorilla Mix - Roman Zawodny VS Jerome Baker [Toyfriend Recordings]
02. Direction - Jerome Baker [Planet Recordings]
03. On Edge - Jerome Bakers' Over the Edge remix [Triple Recordings]
04. The Sho' Drive - Jerome Baker [Mad Hatter HRD coming soon]
05. Vibrate - Jerome Baker [Dirty Planet Recordings]
06. Creme - Jerome Baker [Mad Hatter HRD coming soon]
07. Take Control - Jerome Baker [Mixtape Records]
08. The Time Is Now Remix - Jerome Baker [Mad Hatter HRD coming soon]
09. Bang Em - Jerome Baker [Mixtape Records]
10. Bananenror - Jerome Bakers' Mayan Apocalypse remix [SorgenVibes coming soon]
11. DanceFloor Destroya - Jerome Baker [Mixtape Records coming soon]
12. Pirates - Chris Liebing Remix
13. It Comes From Within - Jerome Baker [Dirty Planet Recordings]
14. Confused State - Eric Sneo
15. Cling Clang - Jerome Baker [Unreleased]

JEROME BAKER [US] (http://www.myspace.com/djjeromebaker )
Now a Minnesota transplant, Jerome Baker was born and bred in Chicago. He first destroyed dancefloors not in the DJ booth, but actually ON the dancefloors, slamming in some of Chicago's infamous "pits".
While he loved DJ's like Ron Hardy and Andre Hatchett, he found himself drawn to DJ's like Armando, Lil' Louis and DJ Rush because they had a harder edge. He sites Lil' Louis' "Blackout Phase II Remix" as the song that sealed the deal on him being a trackhead. He says, "the Blackout Remix to me, is the best track ever made. Period. No track before or since spoke to me the way Phase II did".
Jerome Bakers early music reflected that raw, relentless aggression of the "pits". In the late 90's under the monikers DJ Boris, Lord Damian, and Dorian Baker, Jerome Released EP's on labels like Relief Records, Contact, Creation Rebel and Farris Wheel. With his periodic releases, from hard house bangers like "Apocolypse" on Relief Records, to down beat thumpers like "Bass Punishers" on Creation Rebel, and Disco House groovers like "Ain't No" on Farris Wheel, along with DJ sets that some say rivaled the headliners on the bill, Jerome built a strong underground buzz in the midwest US yet he seemed content to travel below the radar of the mainstream. Jerome stepped away from the scene in 2000 and started a family, but the fire still burned inside and it wouldn't be long before it erupted.
Jerome burst back onto the scene in late 2006 armed with a musical style all his own he calls "Relentless Muzik". His dancefloor destroying debut EP, "Relentless Muzik Vol 1", triumphantly announced not only his return to music but also his return to Chicago powerhouse Relief Records. "Relentless Muzik" was played, charted and supported by some of Techno's most respected DJ's including Carl Cox, Green Velvet, DJ Bone, Cari Lekebusch and Ben Sims to name a few.
Going into 2007, Jerome hit the masses again with "Relentless Muzik Vol 2: Cut From A Different Cloth", which featured the massive party banger, "Bout To Party". This track tore up dancefloors all year and was featured on Techno heavyweight Dan Curtins mix Cd "Mindin Business" part 2. Then he smashed the clubs and raves again with "The Omega Chronicles" on Mixtape Records. "Omega" featured the ominous "Bang Em" and the house-techno hybrid "Take Control", both of which were played and charted by the one and only Dave Clarke.
Also aligned with one of his best friends and music partner James Hammer, the two brought the heat on Random Access under the name Bangers & Nash, with the standout tracks "The Bohemoth" and "After Chicago Remix", which was played and charted by Dave Clarke as well. Then faced off for fun with the down and dirty EP, Jerome Baker vs James Hammer: The Path of Least Resistance on Reldz.
Jerome Baker has released some of the most energetic, genre melding techno to be released in a long time and he has firmly cemented himself in the upper echelon of new artists breaking onto the scene and is doing his part in aiding the world's best DJ's to take the dancefloors to new heights. Be on the lookout as he will soon be coming to a city, state, country near you!

01. Tadox - Cardio Rhythm ( Spiros Kaloumenos remix )[Analog Mode]
02. James Ruskin - Work (Steve Rachmad Remix) [Blueprint Records]
03. Vasileios_Tsonopoulos-Richter-Megatron_Athens
04. lotzik - IMBA! (Wyndell Long Remix) [Reldz Recordings]
05. Hiroaki Iizuka - 2 Beat [Soleil Records]
06. Alejandro Roman - Balsamo (Miche & Mirzinho Remix) [Propeller Records]
07. Kali - Funky Is Back (Original) [Unaffected Records]
08. Adrenaline - Underpool [Soul Access Records]
09. David Moleon - Nonstop [Basics]
10. MFoM - Flight To The Fest (Zetacode Remix) [Techment]
11. Reaky - You Dirty Little Slut (Exclusive) [Relatives]
12. Odessa SoundFreaks - Nachos [Special Series]
13. David Moleon & Odessa Soundfreaks - Compiled [Submissions]
14. Anjay - Mechanicial Connection [Stereophonic]
15. Fabio Mc & Massi P - Samurai [Tridonic Records]

01. The Jack Fundation Straight Jackit BBWS 004
02. Ben Long Jack Attackz 50HZ 011
03. DJ Ogi Trapav GOB 023
04. DJ Ogi Dim SUBMISSION 024
05. Concrete Dj`z Takeover MAXX 014
06. Torsten Kanzler Bordstein KILLAZ 013
07. Sven Wittekind Most Wanted INFLICTEDLP 001
08. Concrete Dj`z Wireless Electricity SUB 023
09. DJ Mika ˛& DJ Ogi On the way to road PRRUK 068
11. Sven Wittekind Walk Alone INFLICTEDLP 001
13. DJ Ogi Move SONIC SPEED 001
14. DJ Ogi Bronhi BOA 019
15. Sven Wittekind Death Sentance INFLICTEDLP 001
16. DJ Ogi 100 Thunder BEAST 010
17. DJ Ogi Greb SONIC SPEED 001
18. Weichentechnikk Eucaliptus CANNIBAL 022
19. Sven Wittekind Bassface INFLICTEDLP 0013
20. Albert Kraner Take my pill KD 046
21. Lexis & Loopin Ne me jebat OSTYLE 005
22. Svetec Somnolism DISTORTED 010

DJ OGI [HR] (http://www.myspace.com/djogibeastmusic )

DJ Ogi got into Croatian electronic music scene in 1995. He is the founder of Rijeka's techno scene and also one of the leading people of today's Croatian electronic music scene. He's an associate of X-music show and one of the starters of Energetica Music show, both at Radio Crikvenica. Being a proud member of Energetica Team, an organization for promoting electronic music, Ogi was one of the people who organized one of the greatest open air festivals in Croatia, Exotica. His style has always been based on hard techno, and even today it's a combination of pumping hard techno and dark elements, marked and well rounded with his beastly mixing technique on 3 decks. His sets could be heard at the raves and parties and festivals such as DANCE VALLEY in Holland, LOVE PARADE in Berlin, MTV Valkana Beach Festival 08 at Grobnik, MONTAGOOD in Accaras, Citadela and Imperium in Brno, COSMO in Firenze, Opposite Xpression in Balaguer, Woodshock in Ljubljana, Liberty White and Footworxx in Oostende, Paradog in Senica, Hartera in Rijeka, Massacrate in Ljubljana, in clubs like in clubs like Lov.e in Sao Paolo, Maracana and Central Park in Florence, Florida 135 in Fraga, Cinema in Kiev, Lagoa in Menen, Ambasada Gavioli in Izola, Factory in London, Zoreks in Lleida, Blau club in Girona, Baby O New Life in Ilz, Dom In Berg in Graz, Habitat in Barcelona, Cazin and Tunel in Linz, Fabrik in Ostrava, Suburbia in Udine, Goin in Kempten, ExExtreme in Bratislava, Fun Factory, Lipa and k4 in Ljubljana, and of course, in many Croatian clubs such as Tesla, Colosseum, Boogaloo, The Best, Monvi etc. Besides being a very successful dj, Ogi's into techno production as well, and his music has been published by labels like Submission, Nerven, Compressed, Planet Rhythm, Patterns, Armatura, Tridonic, Hard Noize, Gobsmacked, FK Rec., Arms, Primary Instinct, Corporate, Wired, Cardiac Arrest, Own Stile, Technopride, Fattalic Resignation, GAD X Cell, Polymeric, TechnoSforza, Giant and Dwarf, Northwest Dynamics, H.U.T., Centerfire, Holzplatten and Compound Records. Also, some of his published tracks have been included on well known compilations like Mayday 2007, Palazzo Mix, Hardtechno, Schranzwerk and Shranz Total. In the year of 2005, Ogi and his partner in crime, Daniel Gloomy, have started their label, Beast Music Records, which will publish music by both, the newcoming and the leading hard techno producers.
MEKHANIZM 038 [30.06.2009] - BIONIKA with J-T KYRKE (UK)

01. Dax J - Ashes to Ashes (Original Mix) [Xplicit Sound]
02. James Ruskin - Transition - The Divide [Blueprint Records]
03. DJ Hi-Shock - Melancholia (DJ Warp Remix) [Elektrax Recordings]
04. Sys-Ex - Coded Movement (Shock to the System Mix) [R3tox Digital Recordings]
05. Andrew Wooden - Sessions [Drizzly Records]
06. Kali - Funky Is Back (Luis Lamborghini Remix) [Unaffected Records]
07. Vasileios Tsonopoulos - Around The Demons [Megatron Athens]
08. Pneumatik - Vosti [Drizzly Records]
09. SymphoCat feat. Ferze - Cycle Chain (Repair Mix) [Simphonic Silence Inside Records]
10. Alejandro Roman - La Tumba (Luky RDU Remix) [Propeller Records]
11. Andrew Wooden - Rote Beete Salat [Drizzly Records]
12. Paul Janes - Middle Finger [Hardasfunk! Recordings]
13. Jason Speed - Outbreak [Tektonek Recordings]
14. Andy Farley & Dave The Drummer - Do Right Here (Original Mix) [Cubed Recordings]
15. Jude Rush - Just a Groove [Audio Donor Records PROMO]

01. Spasm by J-T KYRKE (M_REC)
02. Memorize by A Paul (Naked Lunch)
03. Peace by J-T KYRKE (JTK locked Groove)
04. Aftershock by J-T KYRKE (unreleased)
05. Earth Worx by The Divide (R3tox Records)
06. Bass Revolution Society by J-T KYRKE (Exclusive Mekhanizm Re-Edit)
07. Bastard Son by J-T KYRKE (M_REC)
08. Coded Movement by ~Benjamin Shock (Old School Edit R3tox Records)
09. Turbulence by Vegim (Naked Lunch Records)
10. Swarm by J-T KYRKE (Unreleased)
11. HYPNO by J-T KYRKE (Unreleased)
12. Man of a Kind by VEGIM (Naked Lunch)
13. Not Guilty by the Advent & Industrialyzer (Codeworks)
14. Bad Hands Break Part 2 by Surgeon (Dynamic Tension)
15. Burn by J-T KYRKE (Unreleased)
16. Plafond by Radial (Token Records)
17. Detroit by J-T KYRKE (Unreleased)
18. Razones by Bob D (Naked Lunch Records)
19. The Creator by J-T KYRKE (M_REC)



J-T KYRKE (NAKED LUNCH & IMPACT MECHANICS) J's love for techno started in the late 90's after attending the notorious House of God and Atomic Jam parties held at the Q Club in Birmingham. Inspired by his experiences of the Birmingham techno scene J became involved in organising and DJ ing at countless parties as part of the ELEVATE and KYMERA sound systems in the Midlands and down South. Over the last 3 years J has concentrated on his studio production and in 2007 things really took off with J signing to Naked Lunch and Impact Mechanics Record Labels alongside artists incl The Advent, Bas Mooy, Marco Bailey, Industrialyser and the Celtec Twinz.
With successful releases out on Naked Lunch and Impact Mechanics J-T KYRKE continues to supply the scenes top jocks with quality audio weaponry with releases gaining support from the scenes major players including Laurent Garnier, Technasia, Gayle San, DJ Misjah, Chris Finke, Chicago's techno maestro Submerge 101, Portugals number 1 beat master A Paul and Brazil's techno legend Whebba the future looks exciting for techno's rising star J-T KYRKE J is also the second half of the "NEXUS COWBOYS" a live PA audio assault experiment with fellow sonic technician Rob Bantin aka "The Steel Cube" featuring broken beat techno and driving percussive rhythms.

01. Alejandro Roman - Fogata [Triple Recordings]
02. Jesper Dahlbeck - Hoppsan Hans [Jericho]
03. Josh Love - The Summer In M3 [Patterns PROMO]
04. Josh Love - Phonk That! [Patterns PROMO]
05. Boriqua Tribez - Jack Off [Patterns]
06. Iv?n Dever? - Cabreos Eclesiasticos [Propeller Records]
07. Axel Karakasis - Warm It Up [Techment Records]
08. Dastin - Unfailing Potential (Aka Carl Remix) [Sub Cult]
09. Michel Cleis "La Mezcla (Josh Love Extramezcla Bootleg) [PROMO]
10. Odessa Sound Freaks - Pobarabanu [Sub Cult]
11. Jerome Baker - Direction Master [Dirty Planet Recordings]
12. MFoM - Sensor 7.3 [Nelumbo Records PROMO]
13. Glitchswitch - Arkell [Dust Up Records]

01. Raul Mezcolanza & Bob D - Jump / Lactik
02. Fer BR - Groovie Days / Disturbulence
03. Alegria - Cuba Libre (Wyrus bootleg) / C Series PROMO
04. Spiros Kaloumenos & Dennis Bunas - Valometha / TechHead
05. Carl Falk - Disco Crusher / Basic
06. Veztax - The Weekend (Paul Mac remix) / Adult
07. Raul Mezcolanza & Ian Hendrix - One Batukada / Lactik
08. Aitor Ronda - Chusma / Adult
09. Thermo - Futility / Keep on Techno
10. Wyrus - JA / Keep on Techno
11. John Karagiannis - Clear Msg (Thermo remix) / Sub Cult PROMO
12. John Karagiannis & PayLipService - Unleash The Groove / Audionautica PROMO
13. Axel Karakasis - Get Wicked / Discover Dark
14. Peppelino & Fer BR - Feelings - Analog Mode
15. Aitor Ronda - Nomada / Pirate Audio
16. Paul Mac - Raw Basics 3 / Stimulus
17. Elton D & Snoo - Sambalina (played in liveact remix) / Adult
18. Carl Falk - Late Night / Patterns

THERMO [BG] (http://myspace.com/thermich )

The real name of Thermo is Liubomir Skumov, born in Burgas, Bulgaria in 1984.
His first musical interests were mainly towards alternative and grunge music, e.g. Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Tool as well as bands with more electronic sound such as Depeche Mode, Chemical Brothers and Orbital. His interest in techno music started in 1998-99 inspired by the music of Ben Sims, Umek, Harcell, Ignition Technician, Marco Bailey, Cristian Varela and others.
In the year 2000 he received his first record as a gift and started his DJ career with the support of his friends and colleagues from Pomorie Morcikul, DeepImpulser and Kashones. Together they created Underground Loops an association involved in organising techno parties mainly in the Pomorie and Burgas areas. They established the well-known open air parties OpenBungalsUnderLoops that became a tradition and gathered many fans from throughout the country.
In 2002 Thermo started creating his own music, mainly orientated towards percussive and tribal techno. Few years later, in 2005 he started playing as a Live-pa artist aiming at wider public. Since then, Thermo has played with most of the popular Bulgarian DJs and few foreign ones: Ignition Technician, Sandy Warez, Deetron, Mario Ranieri, Rhenalt, Jackill, Loktibrada, Jeroen Liebregts and others.
In June 2007 Thermo participated in his first show out of Bulgaria the "Prvymaj" in Bratislava, Slovakia.
In november 2007 Thermo make his debut for Ignition Technician's label Notorious North. The vinyl is called "Underground Loops EP"
He also make remix on Deepimpulser's ghettotech track "Hey, Pussy!" released for the Deepimpulser's label 8311 Music in digital format.
Next releases comes at the end of 2008 for labels such: Keep On Techno, Eighty Eight, Cutz, Sound Evolution.
In 2009 he start to work with labels like Toyfriend Music, Techment, Yin Yang, Audionautica and others..
01. Dusty Kid - Here comes the Techno [Boxer Recordings]
02. Ciclofans & Raul Mezcolanza - El quinto Elemento [Lactik Records]
03. Iv?n Dever? - Mensaje Subliminal (Miche & Mirzinho Remix) [Propeller Records]
04. Jerome Baker - Creme [Mad Hatter HRD PROMO]
05. Jonno Brien - Rewind (Brian Taaffe rmx) [Starstraxx PROMO]
06. DJ Cristiao - Disturbuled [Disturbulence Records]
07. Vortechtral - Round The Block [Techment Records]
08. Josh Love -Tracking Master [Pattern PROMO]
09. Sound Terrorists DJZ - Hexaline [Kamikadze PROMO]
10. Pratap - Kalkyl [GT Muzike Records]
11. Jerome Baker - Escape the Darkness [Mixtape PROMO]
12. Andrew Wooden - Prowl [Drizzly Records]
13. Adriano Giliberti - Killergroove (Javier Ferreira Remix) [Nutempo Records]
14. L.K. - Generation Gap - (Original Mix) [Naked Lunch Records]
15. A.Paul - Elementar [Toyfriend Music]

01. Aka Carl & Matt Preston - Omen (Bootleg) Promo
02. Killian's - Come On The Beat (Cobra France 012)
03. Alexo - Deck A (Mat303 & Josh Love Remix) (Techno Artillery Promo)
04. Flash Golden - Epic Thing (StarsTraxx 009)
05. Rantan - Make Your Freak (Alexo Rmx) (Techno Artillery Promo)
06. Dj Pest - C4 (Goncalo M Remix) (Techno Artillery Promo)
07. Tiago S - In The Jail (Diametrik Remix) (Techno Artillery Promo)
08. Dj Cristiao ManoMan (Techno Artillery Promo)
09. Matija Marinic - White Bitch (Techno Artillery Promo)
10. Luky R.D.U. - The Family (Techno Artillery Promo)
11. Dj Cristiao - It's your time (Techno Artillery Promo)
12. Bob D - This is 9 (Subcult Techno 20)
13. Jamal Dj's - Darkroom (Kali Remix) (Unaffected 002)
14. Vegim Vs. Flekitza - One Night On Tokyo (Odessa Soundfreaks Remix) (TMMR 031)
15. Dj Cristiao - Some Noise (Techno Artillery Promo)
16. Tim Taylor & Thor 54 - Over The Hill (Missile 49.5)
17. Renato Cohen vs Tim Deluxe - Just Kick (Carl Cox Mix) (Intec Records)
18. Richie Hawtin - Orange Minus (MINUS Orange)
19. Phil Kieran - Alloy Mental (Chris Liebing Remix) ???
20. Omega Drive Buterfly (Techno Artillery Promo)

OMEGA DRIVE [CR] (www.myspace.com/omegadrivexxl )

Omega Drive was born in Sibenik in 1985. He started the production of music in 2004 but was still uninformed about the publishing houses and labels. After a period of hard work in 2007 he published his first three releases Telepathy label, owned by Tony Thomas. Soon after that, he created his own label called Croatian Sound Factory, which is proud to have released a lot of successful publications that even came out in the top ten best selling list on Juno, Trackitdown and so on. After a number of successful publications of Croatian Sound Factory in 2008 Omega Drive created a new label called Techno Artillery, in cooperation with Luky R.D.U., a friend from Spain. Omega Drive is the chief manager of Techno Artillery while Luky R.D.U. deals with the graphic design. Techno Artillery has lots of talented performers such as: Mladen Tomic, Sinisa Tamamovic, Veztax, Tiago S, Peppelino, Vinicius Honorio, John Karagiannis, PayLipService, Goncalo M, Veztax, Rantan, Odesa Soundfreaks, Marco Woods, Kali, Ganez The Terrible and many others. So far all the publications from Techno Artillery were a part of the top 5 selling list. Thanks to the hard work and publications of high quality, Techno Artillery Records was supported by the most famous DJs in the world such as Carl Cox, Pedro Delgardo, Dj Murphy, Alex Karakasis, Wehbba and many others. In 2009 Techno Artillery was awarded as the best and best selling label on Beats Digital. During the period of one year and a half, Omega Drive published over a hundred digital releases, which also include some remixes. In May 2008, he bought DJ equipment and started an organization called Techno Artillery.

01. Alan Made - I Found Love (Original Mix) [Real Legacy Filth]
02. Alejandro Roman - Burro Bomba [Sub Cult]
03. Jude Rush - Adrenilize [Audio Donor Records]
04. Raul Mezcolanza - Lost [Disturbulence Records]
05. Josh Love & Mat303 - Princessita (Mehdi D Rmx) [Patterns PROMO]
06. Fer BR - When I Go (Aka Carl Remix) [Sub Cult]
07. Axel Karakasis - Superficial [Remain]
08. Jesus Soblechero - Bullfighter Coffee (Esteban Arroyo Remix) [Disturbulence Records]
09. Jason Speed - Lost In Waveforms [Tektonek Recordings]
10. Carl Falk - Late Night (Original mix) [Patterns]
11. Stephane Signore - Hysteria (Spiros Kaloumenos Remix) [Special Series]
12. John Karagiannis - Clear Msg (Thermo Remix) [Sub Cult PROMO]
13. Rantan - Dharma_Beer (Original) [Unaffected Records]
14. Ian Void - Torrent (Killian's Remix) [Sub Cult]
15. Jerome Baker - Not A Game BL [Mixtape Records PROMO]

01. Mladen Tomic - something new
02. Hertz & Petter B - singoala
03. Axel Karakasis - speciation
04. A Paul - eureka
05. Wehbba - acinte
06. Spiros Kaloumenos - paketo
07. Spiros Kaloumenos - tolie
08. Dejan Milicevic - samo hard samo tvrdo
09. Dejan Milicevic - ostar remix
10. Zawodny & Lilonee - Resolution - Hristian Stojanowski Remix
11. Stalone & Rantan - intensive attack - Veztax remix
12. Carl Falk - late night
13. Devero & Karzai - laser antipelos
14. Aka Carl & The Technitians - boothead
15. Raul Mezcolanza - rare groove
16. Veztax - vudpeker
17. Elton D & Snoo - sambalina
18. Veztax - the weekend - Paul Mac remix
19. Aleksej Gordienko - loading

DJ VEZTAX [SI] (www.myspace.com/djveztax )

01. Remute - Condensated [Remute]
02. Fer BR & Aka Carl - Pulchritudinous [Sub Cult]
03. Rantan - Technaco (Hristian Stojanowski Remix) [Unaffected Records]
04. Gaga - Belive In Me [Techno Artillery Records]
05. Hristian Stojanowski - Old Man [Disturbulence Records]
06. Fer BR- Groovie Days [Disturbulence Records]
07. Peppelino & Fer BR - Renegade (Exclusive) [Relatives]
08. Veztax - Jazzizm [Cobra Records] (Triple)
09. Darkrow vs. Costi - 2 Pavos (Exclusive) [Relatives]
10. Matija Marinic - Dirty Talk [Disturbulence Records]
11. DJ Link & J-Nat - Impression (David Moleon Remix) [Amigos Recordings PROMO]
12. Aka Carl - Dance Movement Therapy [PROMO]
13. Odessa SoundFreaks - Consolidate [Techno Artillery Records]
14. Miche - Story [Techment Digital]
15. David Moleon - Moving [Basics]
16. DJ Pest - Eyewitness [Techment Digital]

01. Aitor Ronda - Nomada - Pirate Audio 13
02. Spiros Kaloumenos - Sunday Movie - Upcoming Patterns 51
03. Lucky RDU and Iago de la Vega - Fonky Heads
04. Josh Love - Samba Magica - Upcoming Patterns 53
05. Layman & Rice - This Is How We Roll - Subcult
06. Elton D & Snoo - Sambalina - Adult
07. Mat303 & Josh Love - Trip 2 San Salvador - Upcoming Subcult EP 05
08. Bob D - Carnaval - Upcoming StarsTraxx
09. Rantan - Acid Basics (A Paul Rmx) - StarsTraxx
10. Rantan - Lets Rockin (Mat303 & Josh Love Rmx) - StarsTraxx
11. Vortechtral - Bass Race (Ruslan Mays Rmx) - Upcoming Techment
12. Gusto - Disco Revenge (Fer Br Rmx) - Upcoming P
13. Ganez & Marco Woods - Discoball - StarsTraxx
14. Josh Love - Red Hants - Upcoming Audionautica 08
15. Deeroy - Funk Machine

JOSH LOVE [FR] ( www.myspace.com/josh_love08 )

Josh Love saw the day in 1976. Original some North is from France, it lives in Belgian border.

All begins to 18 years when that he takes in charge a radio show on a local radio. During 4 years, he will propose every week the best of the electronic actuality.

In 2002, he joins the French website Clubxtrem while proposing every month dj and producers interviews (Chris Liebing, Max Walder, Monika Kruse, Miss Kittin, Dj Preach, Cave). 2002 will also see it the creation of an association named Oxygen, two concepts of evenings will result some: Ritual (Techno / Electro) / Oxygen (Prog House). During 2 years, many djs was invited: Marco Bailey, Zzino, Tom Hades, Tomaz, Pierre, Trish Van Heyde

In 2004 year, a new turn for the association with the organization of Festive Nation, a festival regrouping 30 djs.

Josh Love then met, in 2005, Mat303, who become very quickly his production partner. After some work weeks, they produced their first EP together under the name Princessita, an EP signed on the Pedro Delgardo label Yin Yang.

Very quickly, they wanted to invest more into the electronic movement by the creation of Kazoo Records, a techno label on which they propose quality releases with dancefloor impact. Liftin Records is their second label oriented more towards Electro house / Electro Clash.

Playlisted by many artists : Carl Cox, Paul Van Dyk , Dj Preach , Olivier Giacomotto, Marcelinho CIC, Stephane Signore, Pedro Delgardo, Carl Falk, Marco G, Wehhba, Elton D, Paul Hazendonk, Dj Misjah, Miss Monica, Randy Katana .

Since 5 years, Josh has worked in many clubs (Belgium, France, Switzerland, Luxemburg,). He played to quoted them of artists as Marco Bailey, Toni Rios, Stranny Franssen, Redhead, Dj Tonio, Olivier Giacomotto, Dimitri Andreas, Tom Hades, Tomaz

Invited of several European radios (Fun Radio, Nrj, Color 3, Warm FM, Galaxy FM.) he is as responsible of a French radio show named ClubxSession.

His style is Funky / Tribal Techno with Electro or Latin influences, play too Electro House and Progressive House.

Always played for the dancefloor.

BIONIKA - Live set @ TECHNOPROM (22.05.2009)
01. Pratap - Kalkyl [GT Muzike Records]
02. David Moleon - Moving [Basics]
03. Thermo - Lotos [Sub-Cult]
04. Odessa Soundfreaks - False Positive [Sub-Cult]
05. Stephane Signore - Hysteria (Spiros Kaloumenos Remix) [Special Series]
06. Rantan - Technaco (Original mix) [Unaffected Records]
07. Carl Falk - Late Night (Original mix) [Patterns]
08. DJ Cristiao - Disturbuled [Disturbulence Records]
09. Thermo - Sunburn [TechHead Recordings]
10. Omega Drive - XLR [Unaffected Records]
11. Killians - Come On The Beat [Cobra Records (Triple)]
12. Dito Masats - Gansters [Moop Up]
13. David Moleon - Cagliari [Moop Up]
14. David Moleon - Zerocrossing [Basics]
15. ElektroWorld - Prison Time (Collen Vax Rmx) [Brother Convention Records]
16. V1NZ - Thought Patterns (Original mix) [Naked Lunch Records]
17. Kazu Kimura - Decode [GT Muzike Records]
18. Vasileios Tsonopoulos - Kapou [Megatron Athens]
19. Takaaki Itoh - ProtectiveColour [Electracom]
20. Fabio Mc & Massi P - Without Words [Tridonic Records]

01. Autechre- Nil
02. Radiohead - Idioteque
03. Grovskopa - SS-EN287
04. Exium - Selection Natural Parte2 (Oscar Mulero mix)
05. Go Hiyama- D (Radial mix)
06. Chester Beatty - Beat Boxx (Surgeon mix)
07. Sante - Super vision
08. Phase - Morodem (Ben Sims mix)
09. Monolake- Axis
10. Joey Beltram - Floaters
11. Alpha Rhythm - Light Sleeper (Scuba mix)
12. Asagaoaudio - Ring and Portrait
13. Autechre - Glitch
14. Surgeon - Body Request
15. Go Hiyama - Domino
16. Regis- Speak to Me
17. Mertyn - Natural Selection
18. Aphex Twin - Phloam
19. ID - Prayer (Grovskopa mix)
20. Exium - Selection Natural Parte2 (Reeko mix)
21. Alexander Kowalski - Emtec (British Murder Boys mix)
22. Makaton - 2Jags
23. Ken Ishii - Extra (Luke Slater mix)
24. Surgeon - The Right Road to Dubland
25. Outline - Encounter
26. DJ Boss - Novinka 2 Star
27. LFO & F.U.S.E. - Loop
28. Jeroen Lieblegts - A1
29. Female - Back Lash (Female edit)
30. Hardcell - Strob Digital Exclusive
31. Rekids Revorution - Devo (Cristian Vogels PMP Engine mix)

GO HIYAMA [JP] ( www.myspace.com/gohiyama )

Born in south Japan, Go Hiyama discovered techno music in 1994, when he got exposed to the sounds of such artists as YMO, Kraftwerk, Jeff Mills, Fumiya Tanaka and labels like Warp and Subvoice among others.

In 1995, Go Hiyama decided that it was time to start making his own tracks. His thinking for minimalism isnt reduced to just music, so his tracks are always built by very different ideas and music styles.

Several european artists like Oscar Mulero and James Ruskin have always supported his productions, releasing Go Hiyamas material on his own labels Coda and Warm Up.

Go Hiyama has released over 15 original productions on many different labels like Electracom, Maracas, Audio Assault, Pohjola, Sheep and the already mentioned Coda and Warm Up. His demand is rapidly growing worldwide.

In 2004, Go Hiyama made his European debut in Spain. People recognized that he had his own style. His Japanese style of techno was pure, unique and underground - nothing that had been heard before in Europe. His reputation and popularity quickly spread all over the continent. He was becoming recognized as one of Japans most underground and respected techno Live Act, playing at top class events like Awakenings in Holland, Svojsice in the Czech Republic, and Aixa Galiana and Play in Spain.

His current projects for 2007 include a bunch of releases on the highly acclaimed japanese label Asian Dynasty, and the world live tour introducing a fresh and innovative live set together with Takaaki itoh.

01. DJ Link & J-Nat - Impression (Original) [Amigos Recordings PROMO]
02. Roman Zawodny - Simulate [Techment Records]
03. Justin Timberlake - Sexy back (Peppelino and Aka Carl bootleg) [PROMO]
04. Omega Drive - The Techno Artillery Brothers [TTechno Artillery Records]
05. Ricky Nowa vs Shamen - Real (Alex Markachev Remix) [PROZAK]
06. Aka Carl & The Technicians - Boothead no 3478 [Techno Artillery Records ]
07. DJ Link & J-Nat - Impression (Darkrow Remix) [Amigos Recordings PROMO]
08. Miche - Proteins [Sub-Cult]
09. Apaul - Relief [Naked Lunch Records]
10. Thermo - Lotos [Sub-Cult]
11. Fer BR - Come On [Sub-Cult]
12. Luky RDU - Llama Al Technico [Sub-Cult]
13. Dastin - Jukebox (Aka Carl Remix) [Patterns]
14. Omega Drive - Get It Now (Roman Zawodny & Lilonee remix) [Techno Artillery Records]
15. Ryuji Takeuchi - Diversity [Submissions]

DJ Link Live at Alcantara Mar (Lisbon) [24.04.2009]

DJ LINK [PT] ( www.myspace.com/djlinkspace )

DJ Link is one of the finest DJs and producers on todays techno scene. He is from Portugal, and his sound and presentation is perfect for the dancefloors DJ Link is well known for providing amazing sets and music experiences everytime.
Besides being one of the most requested DJs in Portugal, DJ Link also has numerous requests in Spain, where he often performs in the best clubs and events such as Fabrik, Zeus and Elektrosonic Festival, where he is a crowd favorite. DJ Link is also big in several other countries such as Brazil, Holland or Hungary where often performs in famous clubs such as Clash, Manga Rosa, M47, and many others.
DJ Link is one of the producers showcased on Marco Bailey and Christian Varelas Pornographic Recordings and has also released on labels such as Naked Lunch and Innova Musik, along with well known producers such as Hertz, Wehbba, Preach, Spiros Kaloumenos, A.Paul, Dave the Drummer, and many others.
His own label, Amigos Recordings is one of his main projects. The 1st release included tracks from DJ Link and Valentino Kanzyani, and was imidiately considered one of the best releases of 2007. The second record with Wehbba and DJ Link was also a top seller, and its tracks are dancefloor hits. The artists that will be in Amigos Recordings until 2009 will be Preach, Axel Karakasis, A.Paul, Dave the Drummer, Michal Poliak, and of course many of the best tracks and remixes from DJ Link.
At the moment, DJ Link is currently producing several records to be released soon which are sure to be amazing. Watch out for Quarto EP, coming out very soon on Amigos Recordings, and also another great remix coming out soon on Ying & Yang, and many other fine releases.
DJ Link is also the owner and mentor of Techno Inside (www.technoinside.org), and has as his own radio show Audio Link, broadcasted every Saturday at 18hGMT on the famous Livesets Radio (www.livesets.com).
Recently, Link has been touring the world He has been in Brazil, Spain, Hungary, Ireland, Holland, and other countries, where he performed in reference clubs and venues such as Manga Rosa in Sao Paulo, De Puta Madre in Belo Horizonte, Nuth in Rio de Janeiro, Code at Fabrik in Madrid, M47 in Hungary, and so on

01. Standon - Yes We Can [Kontrol Rec]
02. Kali - Twist (Alex Markachev Remix) [Techno Artillery Records]
03. Veztax - Round [Sub-cult]
04. Alex Markachev - Updesired [Connected Digital]
05. Darkrow & Mooz - Stabber [Sub-cult]
06. Josh Love & Matt 303 - Trip 2 San Salvador [Sub-cult]
07. Peppelino & Fer BR - Give The Funk [Keep On Techno Records]
08. Thermo - Futility [Keep On Techno Records]
09. Amer Mutic - Vodopad (Mat303 & Josh Love Remix) [StarsTraxx]
10. Matt Preston - Tribal Dreams [Sub-cult]
11. Aka Carl & Matt Preston - Omen [Bootleg]
12. Odessa Soundfreaks - False Positive [Sub-cult]
13. DJ Stay - Combinatiom Black [Sub-cult]
14. Jamie Taylor - Salsatek [Oblivion Digital]
15. The Vicious Angel - Into the beach [Eton Recordings]
16. Steel Grooves - Future League [Keep On Techno Records]

01. Tadox - Suited Connectors
02. Tadox - Cardio Rhythm
03. A.Paul - Submissions
04. Tadox - Suited Connectors (Dennis Bunas & Takkiz Drakos rmx)
05. L.K - Generation Gap
06. The Advent - Voodoo
07. Spiros Kaloumenos - Stress
08. Saimon - Transient Assault
09. Tadox - Cardio Rhythm ( Spiros Kaloumenos rmx )
10. Rantan - Acid Basics ( A.Paul rmx )
11. Tadox - Encore
12. The Advent - Not Guilty
13. Industrialyzer - Kosmos
14. A.Paul - Kristal (Naked Lunch mix)
15. Hertz - Big bang (The Advent rmx)
16. Spiros Kaloumenos - Sunday Movie

Spiros Kaloumenos [GR] ( www.myspace.com/kaloumenos )

Spiros lives & breathes techno .. Born & raised in Piraeus , the biggest port of Greece. At an early age he discovered that music was more than just a hobby . This love showed him the way of his future For many years Spiros was involved to the greek dance media by his articles on dance magazines , with radio and later some tv-shows . This was just the beginning As a dj, a sure crowd pleaser his set includes a combination of the newest forms of techno blended with unique mixing style! But sometimes djing is not enough ..The passion to create his own sound forced him to music production . In this way , he had the support of a main player like Marco Bailey is , and later became key member to MB group of labels. From 2002 untill today Spiros signs to some of the most respected labels like : Primate, Primevil, MB Elektronics, Patterns, Pornographic, Adult, to name a few and his tracks appears on the setlists of the biggest techno artists worldwide. This journey continues as Spiros create Omega Audio Recordings with his partner for many years Axel Karakasis. This label is a recent success story featuring international artists and huge dj support ! As a result, nowadays his music & dj sets rocks the dancefloors worldwide. Next to his releases and dj gigs the idea of moving one step more, by starting a new label is getting positive feedback. This idea becomes soon reality, with the launch of his new imprint Analog Mode records which is planned to hit the market at the first quarter of 2008. So,you better keep an eye for this techno lover because there is lot more coming your way

01. Mountage & Nhitto - Inertia - Volatile Nature [Cubic Capacity]
02. Bhonz - Gruv [Logos Recordings]
03. Ambitech - VIP Ticket [Naked Records]
04. James Ruskin - Solex (Jet Mix) [Blueprint Records]
05. Raul Mezcolanza - Viva Mi Madre [Triple Recordings]
06. Kali - Filter Funk [Sub cult]
07. Fer BR vs. Luky RDU - Plastic Freak [Sub cult]
08. Amer Mutic - This And That [Keep On Techno Records]
09. Wyrus - MA [Keep On Techno Records]
10. Omega Drive - Toni (Original Mix) [Alekso Records]
11. DJ Mika - Masha [Sub cult]
12. Raul Mezcolanza - Globalworks [Triple Recordings]
13. Steel Grooves - Ballroom Blitz [Toyfriend Music]
14. Odessa SoundFreaks - Your own Summer [Sub cult]

01. Glenn Wilson - Rhythms
02. Glenn Wilson - Re-start
03. Glenn Wilson - Overmode
04. Glenn Wilson - Sliders
05. Glenn Wilson - Turret
06. Glenn Wilson - In the zone
07. Glenn Wilson - IT rmx
08. Glenn Wilson - Basement
09. Glenn Wilson - Freak my funk
10. Glenn Wilson - Outdoors
11. Glenn Wilson - Coursing hares
12. Glenn Wilson - Mechanics

Glenn Wilson [UK] ( www.myspace.com/the_urban_warrior )

01. Carara - Kaixo [Now We Do Recordings]
02. Apaul - Spontaneous (Remastered) [Naked Lunch Records]
03. Concrete Djz - Solid State Refills [Mastertraxx]
04. Anthony Abuse - Closing Time [Tontek Records]
05. Jamie Taylor - Chunky Mother [Oblivion Digital]
06. Alex Markachev - Ethnic Oldman [Connected Digital]
07. DP-6 - Paranoia (Original Mix) [DP-6 Records]
08. DJ Warp - Tonkotsu Factory [Elektrax recordings]
09. Steel Grooves - ID [promo]
10. Neal Thomas - Evolve [Riot Recordings]
11. Reaky - Detonation combination (Wehbba remix) [Insane Life Recordings]
12. Alexo - S.W.A.T. Mission (Steel Grooves rmx) [Alekso Records]
13. Roman Zawodny & Lilonee - Future Rhythm (Alex Markachev Remix) [TMMR]
14. Ryuji Takeuchi - Climax Control [Arms]

01. Bilro & Barbosa - Frequency [Naked Lunch 061]
02. Mike Humphries - Storm Of Stress [Seal 015]
03. The Advent - Brassik [Kombination Research 004]
04. Sound Associates - Boombox [Music Man 046]
05. Soul Destroyaz - Destroyed [Synewave 01]
06. Bandulu - Runnings part 1 [Foundation Sound Works 003]
07. Club MCM - Club mcm (Steve rachmad remix) [Brave New World Holland 014]
08. Jeff Mills - Skin deep [Purpose Maker 008]
09. Kalpa - Looters [Pure Plastic 045]
10. Chris Liebing & Andre Walter - Stigmata 07 (B2)[Stigmata]
11. Chris Mccormack - Sea level (Chris Liebing remix) [Materialz 05]
12. Bilro & Barbosa - Tribal Revenge [Naked Lunch 062]
13. Bilro & Barbosa - Berlinde [*Cutz 38]
14. Bilro & Barbosa - Can you see the eco [Naked Lunch 079]
15. Bilro & Barbosa - Supercharded [Naked Lunch 062]

Filipe Barbosa [PT] ( www.myspace.com/bilrobarbosa )

Filipe Barbosa is a techno dj and producer. Together with is all time friend Andre Martins they created Bilro & Barbosa, a techno duo from Portugal.
Our project was created in 2003 by Andre Martins and Filipe Barbosa.
Our music is between groovy, punchy and percussive electro to techno, some with a detroit genre sound. In the end of 2007 they had their first 12 release on Martyn Hares label Emetic Records. 2008 come with new releases on Cutz, Kamikaze records, Naked Lunch, Techment records, and series of appearences on VA EPs on Naked Lunch and TMMR.
For 2009 there will be new releases on Naked Lunch and Toyfriend Music.

01. Simone Barbieri Viale - Samba [DP-6 Records]
02. M.A.P. - Pasta (Original Jam) [Naked Lunch Records]
03. Michael Burkat - Analogue Architect [Temper Music]
04. Phunklore - Hooked Up [Audio Donor Records]
05. Anjay - In My Rounds [Stereophonic]
06. ID - ID (Steel Grooves rmx) [PROMO]
07. Alex Markachev - Flower (Deeroy Remix) [Prozak Records]
08. Steel Grooves - ID [PROMO]
09. Bilro & Barbosa - Frequency (Remix) [Naked Lunch Records]
10. David Moleon - Sexyzero [Moop Up]
11. Dito Masats - Gansters [Moop Up]
12. David Moleon - Cagliari [Moop Up]
13. Patrick Dsp & Dj Pauze - Did I StuStuStudah Motha Fucka [Hardsignal Recordings]
14. Orteka - Z Project [Soundattack Records]

01.Olivier Giacomotto and Alec Marqx - Split
02.Carl Falk - Sprint
03.Ben Sims - Aint No Stoppin
04.Miche - ReStart
05.Filipe & Nicolas Bacher - Abudante (Cave rmx)
06.Miche & Mirzinho - Astatine
07.Carl Falk Cumbia Sobre El Villaducto
08.Ummet Ozcan - Chica Good (Hertz rmx)
09.David Moleon - Diana
10.Unknown - Just An Incident
11.Jim Larson - Groovy
12.The Advent - Blimey
13.David Moleon - Jessica
14.Nihad Tule - Clones 9
15.Fer BR - Sahara Feelings
16.Killians & Paco Osuna - Open
17.Axel Karakasis - Play On
18.Ivan Devero - El Camionero Enamorado
19.Aitor Ronda - Deeper
20.Boriqua Tribez - Favelas
21.Boriqua Tribez - Jack Off
22.Deeroy - Different Sides
23.Boriqua Tribez - Houze Arrest
24.Killians - Convulsion
25.Spiros Kaloumenos - Groovelab
26.Carl Falk - Shuffle

Miche [CR] ( www.myspace.com/thedjmiche )

Mirsad Murtic a.k.a. Miche, born on 12th January 1986, Velika Kladusa, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Currently residing in Pula, Croatia. At an early age he has been introduced to music in general by learning piano and accordion alongside his brother. With electronic music scene in Croatia gets involved more actively during 2002.

His style is based on very fast and driving techno with tribalistc sound and scratches. Recently he started spinning on three decks. His sets could be heard at the raves & parties across Croatia and his mixes on radio shows from USA to Europe. In a period of short time he has managed to get from a bedroom dj to a well known figure on Croatian electronic scene.

Along side his dj career, Miche is also into techno productions as well. His music has been released by few labels such as: Adult Records, Yin Yang Records, Relatives Records, Teggno Records, Sub Cultrure Records, Stream Records.

Resident club: The Cube, Pula, Croatia
Resident organization: Techno Nation, Boomerang Team

01. Concrete Djz - Surface Layer [Mastertraxx]
02. Dirtmongers - 01KGH [Purple Box Digital]
03. Hardcell - Weekend [Jericho]
04. Agor(e) - Neurotic Funk [Shazam Recordings]
05. Tod Livingstone - 2001 [Dust Up Records]
06. APaul - Math [Naked Lunch Records]
07. John Karagiannis & PayLipService - Remember (Dj Formick remix) [Keep On Techno Records]
08. Iago de la Vega - La rumba buena [Lactik_Records]
09. Kali - More Funk [Sub cult]
10. Josh Love - Strongest Woman [Analog Mode Digital]
11. JC - Lust (Original Mix) [Dirty Planet Recordings]
12. Peppelino - Casablanca (Original Mix) [Sub cult]
13. Thermo - Night Matinee [TechHead Digitized Greece]
14. Alex Markachev - 10.08 am [Connected Digital]

01. Pele - Viva Belize
02. Marco Esse - Caco Ner Teroso (Mihai Popoviciu & Jay Bliss Remix)
03. Mauro Picotto - Evribadi
04. Speedy J & Chris Liebing - Magnit Express (Original Mix)
05. Pierre J & Petter B - The Offer Still Stands
06. Bart Skills & Anton Pieete & District One - One 2 One
07. Valentino Kanzyani & Tomy Declerque - 33 a
08. Christian Smith & John Selway - Push Factor (Oxia Remix)
09. Hertz - A Voice Of My Own (Petter B Remix)
10. Pratap - The key master 3
11. Subway Baby - Boz 1
12. DJ Emerson & Dubnitzky - Gentle One (Nick Curly Remix)
13. Rocha & Lewinger - Remote (Loop)
14. Pierre J & Petter B - Nice Meeting You Mr Tenaglia
15. Marco Carola - Bloody Cash
16. Umek - Voices Of Africa 1
17. Hertz - Cement
18. Pele - Viva Belize
19. Modeselektor - The Black Block (Hiddensee 2008 Version)
20. Drumcomplex - The Gitch
21. Hertz - Three Ways (2009 ReRub)
22. Umek - Voices Of Africa 2
23. Pratap - Separated Mess (Petter B Remix)
24. Cari Lekebusch - DX Flow (Original Mix)
25. Mastiksoul & Nick & Danny Chatelain - Land Of Spirits (Original Mix)
26. Echoplex - Straight Structure
27. Samuel L Session - Morpheme (Original Mix)

Hertz [SW] ( www.myspace.com/hertz )

Originator of the Hertz-project is the famous Swedish producer Pierre J.

In 2001 he laid the foundation of what would become a tale of success. Several hits have been released on major key labels and the Hertz-imprint has gained respect from the techno scenes elite DJ?s.

Over the years Pierre has been involved in several collaborations with numerous well-known artists to keep the project fresh and current. What started out as one of those experiments slowly transformed into something that would last even longer.

In 2007 Pierre invited the Swedish producer Petter B into the studio and the result was not only a close friendship but also formed a solid production team.

Petter has a history of performing at clubs since 1996 and has released records on various labels, both solo and together with other well-known Swedish techno artists. Pierre and Petter saw the potential of combining their experience into something bigger than they could achieve solo.

After working together on numerous releases, their ideas triggered the evolution of Hertz from being a solo-project into becoming a duo where they have different roles to play. Although they are creating all the magic together in the studio, Petter B will be the one to perform the Live and DJ-sets to the audience.

This is the start of the new era of Hertz, including for both Pierre and Petter. Their intention is to kick everything up a notch and set a new standard to Swedish techno music with the new and improved Hertz.

01. Yan Oxygen - Traitor [DP-6 Records]
02. Res - After Drums [Stereophonic]
03. Alex Markachev - Peak Spot [Toyfriend Music]
04. Iago de la Vega - The most of People [Lactik Records]
05. Omega Drive - We are Kings (Original mix) [Alekso Records]
06. Thermo - ID [promo]
07. Wyrus & Dastin - Countershock [Unaffected Records]
08. Distek - Oxygen [Sub Cult]
09. Bob D - This is 9 [Sub Cult]
10. Axel Karakasis - Mi Hermano [Remain]
11. Alex Markachev - Occasion [Connected]
12. Carara - Keixo [Now We Do Records]
13. Dolby D - Zodiac X [Audio Donor Records]
14. Zetacode - Aquarius (Original mix) [Toyfriend Music]

01. Axel Karakasis - Piranha
02. Simone Tavazzi - Activation
03. Steve Mac & Mark Brown - The Fly (DJ Wady & Patrick M Mocsa rmx)
04. Simone Tavazzi - Poltergeist (Perc rmx)
05. Axel Karakasis - Bloody Chamber
06. Marco Asoleda & Divai - Fusion 001 (Perc Refusion rmx)
07. Joey Beltram - Shaking Trees
08. Adam Beyer - London
09. Steve Mac & Mark Brown - The Fly (Andy Chatterley rmx)
10. Joey Beltram - The Scorpion
11. Simone Tavazzi - Way Out
12. Marco Bailey & Tom Hades - The Drill
13. Semtex - The Grinder
14. Peter Fern & Dastin - The Core

MEKHANIZM 025 - BIONIKA with DJ 3000 (US)

DJ 3000
01. DJ Compufunk - Orbit - Motech
02. Los Hermanos - Dazed and Decieved - Submerge
03. DJ 3000 - Deep Space 6 - Motech *unreleased
04. Perception - Collagen Ear - Submerge
05. Subotika - Dais - Motech
06. Los Hermanos - Festival Parade - Submerge
07. DJ 3000 - Waiting In The Dark - Motech *unreleased
08. UR - Badhdad Express - UR
09. Nomadico - Tazumal - UR
10. UR - Technology Gap - UR
11. DJ Compufunk - Ninja Clone - Motech
12. DJ 3000 - Darjeeling Sun (Gary Martin remix) - Motech *unreleased
13. Los Hermanos - Dark Samba #7 - Submerge
14. Subotika - Moving On - Motech
15. Mark Flash - Minha Mocambo - UR
16. DJ 3000 - Coat Of Arms (Alexander Robotnick remix) - Motech *unreleased
17. DJ 3000 - The Highlanders - Motech *unreleased

01. Alexey Godiyenko - Semishpere [Reldz]
02. Drumcomplex - Manoomesia [Electronic Pulse Records]
03. Steel Grooves - The Fuzz (Original mix) [Keep On Techno Records]
04. K.e.n.y.u. - BrainDead (Steel Grooves remix) [StarsTraxx]
05. Kaney - Technok [Distorted Audio Records]
06. Alexey Godiyenko - Revolutionary [Reldz]
07. A.Paul - Power Hour [Naked Lunch Records]
08. The Divide - In your Mind [Armatura Clandestine]
09. Chris McCormack - Number and Measure [Materials]
10. Cozmic Spore - Hollow Point [Cozmic Spore Records]
11. Steel Grooves - ID [promo]
12. Cozmic Spore - Fry Ur Brains [Cozmic Spore Records]
13. Mike Dearborn - 98-392 [TEKKnik eXPrimental Rec]
14. Pneumatik - GeForce2 (Faris Al-Hassoni mix) [Drizzly Records]
15. Zeitgeist - Lady of The Night [Armatura Clandestine]
16. Technosforza - Living in Danger [Feiyr]

DJ 3000 [US] ( www.myspace.com/dj3000motech )

If you ask most producers and DJs about their musical upbringing, most, if not all, will point to the influence of their parents and their relatives. DJ 3000 is no different. Born and raised in the Detroit enclave of Hamtramck, DJ 3000 was inundated with both the sights and sounds of his neighborhood, a highly ethnic area of Detroit, as well as with the influence of the music of his parents native Albanian background. This diverse collection of influence shaped the make-up of both DJ 3000 and the vision of the Motech Records label.

Juncaj discovered the rich history of Detroit Techno by going straight to the source. Through a friend he was introduced to the world of 2030, one of Detroits most famous outlets for electronic music, and by association, introduced to the world of Underground Resistance. He was initiated into the Submerge crew and never looked back.

He began DJing around Detroit and was introduced to the world via the Somewhere in Detroit mix series on Submerge Recordings. Since the release of the SID mix series, as well as with the success of his Electric Soul and True Colors mix, DJ 3000 has moved crowds across the world from Japan to Greece to the Balkan region all the way back to Detroit where he has headlined various stages at the Movement festival in Detroit.

Founded in 2001, Motech Records takes the vision and influence provided to him by Detroit and his parents immigration from Yugoslavia, DJ 3000 has become known for creating a new hybrid breed of Techno/Electro/Funk interspersed with the soul of Albanian and Middle Eastern rhythms.

Through his own releases, and through collaborations and contributions from some of the best up-and-coming producers across the globe, Motech Records has forged its own unique identity. Some projects, both present and upcoming, of note for DJ 3000 and Motech have included Migration Frankis first full length album on Submerge Recordings, Blood & Honey his follow up full length release. Broken Research is Motechs first compilation effort, acting as a showcase for the global spectrum of producers involved in the labels success. DJ 3000 has collaborated with such artists as Gary Martin, Gerald Mitchell, and Ursula Rucker as well as being part of numerous remix projects for artists across the globe, most notably remixing People are People for electronic music pioneers Depeche Mode.

Motech Records, through its music, as well as through its mission of providing a voice for the under-represented and over looked, will continue to expose the world to the sounds and beliefs of the working class producer and DJ.

Combining the technology of the present with the influences of our past, Motech pushes the boundaries where there are no boundaries to be pushed. Traversing the globe with music as our only means of survival, Motech is always looking forward and striving in the image of progress. While we may not speak the same dialect, through the means of our music, We Speak Your Language.
MEKHANIZM 024 - BIONIKA with DJ MITA (Concrete DJz) (SR)

01. Flash Golden - The Penetrator (Original mix) [StarsTraxx]
02. Ray Spirit - Onion Reaction [Toyfriend Music]
03. S.K.A.T.I. - Surface (Raw mix) [Now We Do Records]
04. Mash - Sound of Heaven (Original mix) [StarsTraxx]
05. Wyrus - ID [promo]
06. Bootek DJs - Strings of Life [Hardtimez UK]
07. Alexey Gordienko - Revolutionary (Alex Markachev remix) [Reldz]
08. Paul Ercossa - Yahaya (Paul Ercossas Dark mix) [Redux Red]
09. Miroslav Pavlovic - First Ride [Noise Planet Records]
10. Hertz - Priorities (Pratap remix) [Sway]
11. Alexey Gordienko - Loading [Reldz]
12. Steel Grooves - Unlimited [Toyfriend Music]
13. Drumcomplex - Get up [Electronic Pulse Records]
14. Cozmic Spore - Blood Lust [Cozmic Spore Records]

01. British Murder Boys - Father Loves Us - Counterbalance 011
02. Regis - Wound Us - Downwards 03
03. Surgeon meets Outline - Golden Age - Surface Tribute 001
04. Concrete Djz - Compact Solutions - Unreleased
05. Radial - Premium - Token IV
06. The Divide - Earth Worx - Retox 007
07. The Advent - Sumer Brise - Kombination Research 27
08. Concrete Djz - Assembly - Unreleased
09. Subotic - Relentless (Concrete Djz remix) - Unreleased
10. Concrete Djz - No Turning Back - Armatura Bonus LTD 002
11. Concrete Djz - Takeover - Mastertraxx 014.14
12. Reeko - Untitled - Mental Disorder 09
13. Concrete Djz & Dj Ogi - Motor - Unreleased
14. Pounding Grooves - Code Red - Techno Passion 002
15. Glenn Wilson - Rhythms - Compound 036
16. Mark EG & Chrissi - Squelcha - Armatura Records 002
17. Grovkopa - Ragnarok - Audio Assault 022
18. Riino - Aerial Mind - Unreleased
19. Tuomas Rantanen & Tony Silver - Combat Arena - Armatura Records 00?
20. Riino - Back 2 The Old Spirit - Armatura Bonus 006
21. Concrete Djz - Wireless Electricity - Submissions 023

DJ MITA (Concrete DJZ) [SR] ( www.myspace.com/djmitaizkonkrita )

Nemanja Mitrovic aka DJ MITA born in Belgrade/Serbia started his interest in electronic music in 1995.

Influenced by his father he began listening to Kraftwerk and Jean Michelle Jarre productions and later as he grew he found other artists that kept his interest in area of electronica,like Front 242,The Prodigy and many others.
With the age of 16 he found club scene in Belgrade and started going out on weekly basis.As he learned more about music and dj skillz he found interest in producing music and development of urban culture.
In year 2000 he began mixing his first records,playing in small Belgrade clubs. After some time he was resident at evenings in clubs barutana,akademija and mondo.
His style can be described as a combination of dark and hard techno.
Member and founder of notorious Belgrade dj organization Concrete Djz,owner of Armatura Record label he releases his productions on respected labels such as Blackoutaudio, Mastertraxx,Hardsignal,Submissions,Betamax,Compound
Also a promoter and organiser he made possible for Serbian techno lovers to hear : Dj Ogi,Charlton,Staffan Ehrlin,Dejan Milicevic,Kay D.Smith,Lars Klein,Chris Liberator,Dave the Drummer,Dj Murphy,Mark EG and Distek.

You can catch DJ MITAs vibes every wednesday in his radio show BETON,on events in Serbia,and Europe

01. Exium - Adrenaline [Planet Rhythm]
02. Vegim - 2 Thrones (Original Mix) [Kamikaze Records]
03. Nekrend - Ultimate (Remake) [NWS Records]
04. Bob D - Disaster Country [Sub Cult]
05. Oliver Kuchera - Introvert [Unaffected Records]
06. Roman Zawodny - Tempest (Original mix) [Naked Lunch Records]
07. Baffa - La Kaya [Flux Recordings]
08. Vegim - Mad Evil (Original Mix) [Kamikaze Records]
09. Fernando - The Hook (Faris Al Hassoni Mix) [Drizzly Records]
10. Energun vs. Logika - Why You / I Like this Sound [NWS Records]
11. Drumcomplex - Warrior [Electronic Pulse Records]
12. A.Paul - Innuendo [Epochworks]
13. Tony Silver - Bonehunter (Original Mix) [Kamikaze Records]
14. Drumcomplex - The Glitch [Electronic Pulse Records]

01. Intro (Drexciya - Devil Ray Cove)
02. Vincent Malville - Backdoor
03. Norman - Ich Bin Was Ich Bin (Andomat 3000 Remix)
04. Thermo - View (Mladen Tomic Remix)
05. Spiros kaloumenos - Black Box
06. Marco Bailey & Tom Hades - Blade Runner
07. Odessa Soundfreaks - Last Chance (Ruslan Mays Dub Mix)
08. Extortion Group - Hangover
09. Industrialyzer - Kosmos
10. Axel Karakasis - Tetris
11. Alexey Gordiyenko - Mandragora
12. Vegim - 2 Thrones
13. Marco Bailey & Tom Hades - Expressionism
14. Daniel D & Yamaoka 1969 - Block
15. Alexey Gordiyenko - Revolutionary
16. A.Paul - Preservation
17. Michael Burkat - Infiltrate
18. Zetacode - Aquarius (A.Paul Remix)
19. Pratap - Railway
20. Paul Mac - Cards On The Table
21. Distek - Booty Loop 2

Odessa Soundfreaks [UA] ( www.myspace.com/odessasoundfreaks )

Odessa Soundfreaks is a techno duo from Odessa, Ukraine.

The project was created in summer of 2006 by the Odessa electronic musician and DJ Alexey Gordiyenko aka Codename Guard. Alexey creates tracks similar to detroit and tribal/groovy techno which have laid down a basis of new sound - sound in soundfreak style. And in some days literally a known Odessa DJ and producer Ray Spirit (the real name - Andrey Smoroda) joins the project.
In such structure Odessa Soundfreaks creates plenty enough qualitative tracks, varying between groovy, punchy and percussive, tribal down to electro techno, with a little detroit-sound sometimes.

In the end of 2006 the band had their first small releases. 2007 sees their releases C.utz, Corrupted Data, EightyEight records and series of appearences on VA EPs on growing label Sub Cult. A new period started in 2008. Their 12? singles such as dancefloor-killer Barrel Of A Gun on TechHead (Greece) and Space Trolley on Yin Yang come out with great rotation from many worlds top techno DJs. Their tracks also featured on three CD compilations and on various vinyl records. And really more to come in 2009.

They also had collaborations with Peppelino and David Moleon and have made remixes on tracks by Bryant Baker, Thermo, Yoshi Tsuko, Wyrus, Luky RDU, Zetacode, Vegim, Alex Dias & Tiago S. In summer 2007 they have played their first Live PA and now still continue to perform live. Today Odessa Soundfreaks are well known in the world of techno with their recognizable big room energetic techno sound.

Their works gained support from DJs all around the Globe including Carl Cox, Judge Jules, Eddie Halliwell, D.A.V.E. The Drummer, Aaron Liberator, Pedro Delgardo, Vortechtral, Balthazar, Dylan Drazen, Vitamin D, Josh Love, Spiros Kaloumenos, Peppelino, Whebba
Watch the updates & stay tuned.

01. Misha Smykk - Adrenalin Illusion (Original mix) [BDivision]
02. Elton D - Marimbondo [Agro Records]
03. FER BR - Cosas Malas [Sub Cult]
04. Aitor Ronda - I Forget Abot You [Lactik Records]
05. Elton D & Snoo - Played in Liveact Remix [Adult Records]
06. Oliver Kucera - Road Trip {Unaffected Records}
07. Kali - Twisted (Peppelino remix) [Artillery Records]
08. Thermo - View [Audionautica]
09. Raul Mezcolanza - Kenye [Agro Records]
10. Luky RDU - Technivoro [Sub Cult]
11. Wyrus & Dastin - Exact Expression (Darkrow remix) [Techment Records]
12. Ian Hedrix & Diega Varea - La coda del Diablo [Agro Records]
13. Zetacode - Reprogram [Toyfriend Music]
14. Nekrend - Ultimate [NWS Records]

01. Killians Intro
02. Ignition technician (ANDROID 01)
03. Wehbba & Stephane Signore (APE 17)
04. Ben Sims rmx (SPILO 01)
05. Carl Falk rmx (ADULT 6-5)
06. Adam Beyer rmx (PRIMATE 50)
07. Nihad Tule & Lasseman (Sway 19)
08. Ben Sims (K-B 202 A)
09. Boriqua Tribez (ADULT 11-5)
10. Chester Beatty (TRESOR 202)
11. Boriqua Tribez (HZ TRAX 12)
12. Paul Mac (SINO 12)
13. Carl Falk (HZ TRAX 01)
14. Ben Sims (B-K 202 B)
15. Kobaya (RECON WARRIORS 02)
16. Boriqua Tribez (PATTERN 41)
17. Chris Mc Cormack (GROUND 06)
18. Valentino Kanzyani (CONSUMER RECREATION 10)
19. David Moleon (MOOP UP 03 B1)
20. DJ Nuke & Cesar Almena (01 REC)
21. David Moleon (MOOP UP B2)
22. (P-SERIE 36)
23. Ben Sims (VOODOO 01)
24. Boriqua Tribez (ADULT 4-5)
25. Wehbba (CONCEPT 17)

Killians [FR] ( www.myspace.com/killianscobra )

Killians was born in 1976, live in France, Dj, Producer, Killians and owner of Cobra Records is one of the most important French techno music representant worldwide.

His flexible production skills has been drawing attention from critics and public, with the same signature, always keeping the groove as priority. His dj performances are also very dynamic ,with a good technique ,and which has been leading Killians to perform internationally with a busy schedule, after his debut in Europe in early 2005.

Being a dj since 1992,already influenced by the music Funky, New Weave, Disco,Old School, at this period he was resident in Club The Teck-House(Valras Plage in France).
In 1999 his style change and play Tribal Techno & Funky Techno, influenced by the artists as Adam Beyer, Ben Sims,Marco Carola, Gaetano Parisio,and he was resident on the radio Agora(Montpellier France) . He start the production in 2000, and release in 2001 the first E.P Powerful on the label Evil Deception (Sweden), with as artists, Headroom, Hardcell, Slobodan, Monolink. In 2004 After a lot of work , he launch the label Cobra Records, and release the first maxi of label Sart and collaborate with the big artists for the future releases of Cobra as: Cave (Norway), Valentino Kanzyani (slovenia), Paco Osuna (Spain), Mark Antonio (Italia) ,and others collaborations for the futur releases.Killians is a cast member from labels such as Primate, Primevil, Wet Musik , Analytic Trail , Yin Yang amongst many others and has also been requested for remixing some labels Saoul Access,Vezotonik, Intravenous Cut,and many others for the futur.

Killians headlines events in some of the best clubs in the world, such as the Villa Rouge (France), The Rachdingue (Spain), Turnmills (London), Industrial Copera (Spain), the Dragon Ball (France) and play also in country France, Spain, United Kingdon, Austria, Croatia ,Slovenia, Portugal to name a few, he keeps exciting crowds all over the world, as well as in his country Gaulois.
At this moment Killians is internationally recognized as the best known French techno DJ for his full of energy and featuring rigorous musical selection that portrays his style.

01. Johnjon & Chopstick - Doubledribble (mood)
02. Johnjon & Chopstick - Birds (drit crew)
03. Manuel Tur & Dplay - Deviate (?)
04. Robert Dietz - Jazu ep (cecille)
05. NiconE - Una rosa [hosh remix] (stil vor talent)
06. Lee Jones - Safari ep (?)
07. AbonnE - Vodoo Child (opossum)
08. We can do it
09. Vincenzo - The Fruit Fly (pokerflat)
10. Bart Skils & Anton Pieete Aka District One - Handsome (?)

01. Mihalis safra - Interafrica
02. Pirupa & PigiGave U Ass
03. Marcelo Tag - Figlio Di Botswana
04. Pele - Viva Belize - Original Mix
05. Mark Brown and Steve Mac - The Fly (Tim Green Remix)
06. Hugo - Born To Bop (Original)
07. Minilogue - Jamaica (Dubfire Remix)
08. Marcelinho Cic - Criciwoman
09. John Lagora - So Good (Kevin Over Remix)
10. Telefon Tel Aviv - The Worst Thing In The World (Gaisers Possibly The Universe Remix)
11. Mind The Gap - Murano
12. Noronha & Re Dupre - Cocktail Place (wehbba edit)
13. Christian Burkhardt - Tide - Original Mix
14. Gorge - Garuna
15. Joris Delacroix - Funky Kong (Leo Fernandez remix)
16. Wehbba - 400

Oliver Koletzki [DE] ( www.myspace.com/koletzki )

It sounds like a fairy tale. In 2005 29-year old Oliver Koletzki presses 500 copies of his underground hit Der Muckenschwarm. One of those white labels lands in Sven Vaths record bag and whenever he plays the track, the people go wild. Shortly after that Mr. Vath signs the track for a release on his techno empire Cocoon with remixes by David K, Olivier Berger, Pig & Dan und Dominik Eulberg.

But one would be fooled to think that this was the start of Olivers musical career. Since he was 12 years old, Oliver Koletzki has been deeply infected with the production of music. He starts out by programming Hip-Hop beats on the C64, but quickly falls in love with more electronic sounds like Breakdance and Synthie-Pop that he produces on the first Amiga computers. When he turns 18, he also starts to DJ in his hometown of Braunschweig and quickly becomes a regular DJ in the local clubs. In 2000 he decides to move to Berlin to study music and the excessive Berlin nightlife. He promptly lands himself DJ gigs in smaller clubs and bars, but with the release of his first record, things change for the better. In the summer of 2005 he starts to play festivals, gets booked into the most prestigious clubs around the world and gets asked to remix the likes of Rockers Hi-Fi, Client or Cassius. However, while superstardom is lurking around every corner, Oliver stays down to earth: I have been making music for nearly twenty years now. That provides me with a stable base for not going nuts. Basically, I am still doing the same that I have been doing for years now: making music during the week and playing out on the weekends, even if it is on a slightly different level now.

In October 2005, while still riding on the success of his debut single, Oliver directly realises one of his dreams: to have his own label. He founds Stil vor Talent, a label dedicated to pushing new artists and creating a platform for a huge variation of quality electronic dance music. From the beginning I wanted to give people the same chance that Ive had and offer them a platform to release their music. However: the quality of the music is above everything else. Firstly, I have to like it, Oliver comments on the philosophy of his first label. And he is a workaholic. He spends hours and hours listening to demo tracks and goes out to see people play live in small clubs. Up until now, Stil vor Talent can look back on 20 releases that include Olivers artist album Get Wasted.

Also, together with his friend Florian Meindl, who he discovers as a newcomer for Stil vor Talent in 2006, Oliver runs Flash Recordings. The label is mainly born out of the idea to have a platform to release the music that Oliver and Florian have been working on together, but has since also included other artists such as Daso and Lutzenkirchen. We had so many great tracks, that we just didnt want to give to other labels. Therefore Flash Recordings is firstly a label that Florian and me can release our music on. But now we also feature other established artists on the label. Sound-wise Flash Recordings has a clear definition: a new and tough breed of minimal and electro or, as Oliver likes to call it, New German Techno.

In May 2007 Oliver Koletzki releases his first full-length artist album Get Wasted, which is hailed by ravers and critics alike getting great reactions in De:Bug, Raveline, DJ Mag and Groove. Since then he has taken more time to focus fully on his label Stil vor Talent, which has seen strong releases such as Format Bs Vivian Wheeler, Channel Xs Bug in the Coffee EP or the mainstream hit 3 Tage Wach by Lutzenkirchen, the accompanying videos getting half a million clicks on youtube! It seems that Stil vor Talent is just about to get started.

Of course, Oliver still finds the time to release some of his own tracks in 2007, such as the hugely successful Technica Salsa on Great Stuff, Music from the Heart on Hell Yeah, that also features on the Kitsune BoomBox mix as well as tons of remixes for Stil vor Talents artist, and more renowned artists such as Cassius.

Above all though, Oliver is still doing what he does best: touring the world making crowds smile and go nuts on the weekend around Europe, but also elsewhere. In 2008 he will tour South America a second time round, play the infamous Thai Break festival in Thailand and rock a beach party at the prestigious Sonar Festival in Barcelona. Apart from DJing, there will also be more releases on bigger labels such as Kitsune, a remix for Fischerspooner and a lot of exciting stuff happening on Stil vor Talent. Be it as a DJ, label manager, producer or remixer: Oliver Koletzki is a busy man and theres no stopping him in 2008!

WEHBBA [BR] ( djwehbba.com )

The dj and producer Rodolfo Wehbba is one of the most important brazillian electronic music representant worldwide.
His flexible production skills has been drawing attention from critics and public, as he goes from slower to faster bpms with the same signature, always keeping the groove as priority. His dj performances are also very dynamic and can go through all kinds of techno music, which has been leading wehbba to perform internationally with a busy schedule, after his debut in Europe in early 2007.
Being a dj since 2001, this former guitar player from Sao Paulo started to get involved with electrtonic music in 1997, when he lived for some time in Sidney, Australia. There he could be a part of the rising techno scene and, after returning to Brazil, he started to buy records and spin them around. As a producer, his basic style is techno and its subgenres. In 2004 he released his first album (under the Oil Filter alias) for a brazilian label called URBR, named Revoltin. It was sold out in the first 3 months after the release, which led him to play at the main stage in the biggest brazilian electronic music festival, the Skol Beats. Since then he has played all around the country.
His fisrt solo e.p. released in january 2006, called Flapin my Pie Hole (Killa Beat Rec. - Germany) was sold out in 2 months and played by djs all around the globe, such as Dj Hell, Felipe, and many others, with a great minimal electro remix by Kiddaz.fms Dave Shokh. Wehbba has also been requested for remixing some artists like Swoop (Stephan Bodzin), Murphy, Mau Mau (from Brazil), and many others.
He also runs a project called Hybrid Players with Claudio I. They started to produce some tracks together in 2003 just for fun and never stoped since then. Their Soul Slow track reached top 6 in Beatport in 2005 and stayed for 1 month, amongst big names like Valentino Kanzyani, Marko Nastic, and big labels like Intec.
He has also worked with german dj/label owner Christian Fischer, from definition records, Dj Link, from the portuguese new label Amigos Recordings, Stephane Signore from belgium, to name just a few. He is a cast member from labels such as Primate (England), Craft Music (Germany), YinYang (England), Concept (Holland), Titanium (Austria), Amigos Recordings (Portugal) , Audio Family (Brazil), Tropic (Brazil), Lado Z (Brazil), amongst many others.

01. Kube 72 - Blue Nights (Re edit) [TEKKnik eXPrimental REC]
02. Elton D & Snoo - Make Me Hot [Patterns]
03. Amer Mutic - 1985 (Original Mix) [Keep On Techno Records]
04. Dj Denise - Whats That Sound (Pette Vaydex remix) [Mizumo Music]
05. Elliot Duqual - OldSchool [Audio Donor Records]
06. Elton D & Snoo - Cali Rox [Patterns]
07. Kali - Dancing for Heaven (SveTec Remix) [Unaffected Records]
08. Mash - Sounds of Heaven (Omega Drive Remix) [StarsTraxx]
09. Michael Poliak - Black Mamba [Yin Yang]
10. Hristian Stojanowski - Few time for you (Original Mix) [Keep On Techno Records]
11. Thermo - Disco Hearts (Original Mix) [Keep On Techno Records]
12. Alejandro Roman - Merezco (Original Mix) [Keep On Techno Records]
13. Pace - Vertigo EP [Rotation Records]
14. Jel Ford - Banished Ghost [Jericho]
15. Paul Mac - Other Giants [Stimulus Recordings]

01. Eric Sneo & Felix Krocher - Connected Intro / Beat Disaster
02. Glen Wilson - Rhythms / Compound
03. Rhythm Technologies - Divide & Conquer / Damaged Trax
04. Marco Bailey & Tom Hades - Meteorite / MB Electronics
05. Eric Sneo - Global Warning / Decade Of Techno
06. A Paul - Offline / Naked Lunch
07. Odessa Soundfreaks - Destination (DAVE the Drummer rmx) / More Punk Than Funk
08. JT Kyrke - Manimal / Impact Mechanics
09. Killians - Orion (Kobaya rmx) / Cobra
10. Luky RDU - Nice Noise / Promo
11. SveTec - Boogy Voogy / Putz
12. Wehbba - Pimp TS / Patterns
13. Raul Mezcolanza - Amule / Keep On Techno
14. Bryant Baker - Make Your Move (Josh Love & Matt 303 rmx) / Kazoo
15. Axel Karakasis - Shape / Audio Family
16. Fer Br - In Your Face / Corrupt Data
17. Eric Sneo - Time Flies / Decade of Techno

STEEL GROOVES [USA] ( steelgrooves.net )

Steel Grooves is the creative alter ego of DJ / Producer / Audio Engineer Rex Bruton. .

I began DJing in 1996 when I was 15 years old. I came in contact with the Rave scene and quickly got involved with planning, promoting, and performing at partys all over TX. For over a decade I have been focusd on pushing the Techno sound in Austin and all around Texas. My mission as a DJ is too provide a futuristic experience for those seeking a deeper rhythm to move to. Glamour and popularity mean nothing to me. I look for the chance to step aside from the traditional mainstream hype, and provide a groove that is from beyond ones imagination. Steel Grooves is the tittle that simply defines my music style. Steel = Hard but smooth, Grooves = music that is made for a dancefloor. It is not a DJ name but a description of my music selections. My music production is inspired by the same vision. Intense rhythms made to be manipulated by a DJ. I released my first dance track in 2008 on Keep On Techno Records (Croatia) but I have been playing my own music and some customized re edits in my DJ sets for years. My focus as a producer is to create groove tools to fit in my DJ sets. Steel Grooves lives in the dark of the Austin Underground where dance music is commonly misunderstood.Alot of DJs seek attention to themselves through the music they play. I guide your attention to the music. What sets me apart from other DJs is my vision. I am not a DJ but I am an audio mechanic that uses techno to tell my story on a dancefloor. If you are not open minded to new music then you should get lost. I speak these words directly to express my passion for this music. At the end of the day I prefer to shut up and let the music do the talking.

01. Omar Guevara - Maremothic [Analog Mode Digital]
02. Vasileos Tsonopoulos - Chaos [Megatron Athens]
03. Luis Lamborghini - Buba [Unaffected Records]
04. Jack Richards & Jason Speed - Funky Panik [Tektonek Recordings]
05. Mike Dearborn - Skid [392 TEKKnik eXPerimental Rec]
06. Larix - Beyond Reflexions [Stereophonic]
07. Errol Dix - Style is Important [Work Hard Play Hard]
08. Elton D & Snoo - Feel Good [Patterns]
09. Goncalo M - Vida Loka (Omega Drive remix) [Techno Artillery Records]
10. Elton D & Snoo - Drumfunk [Patterns]
11. Steel Grooves - ID [PROMO]
12. Michael Poliak - Funky Rain [Yin Yang]
13. Tony Silver - Guide [Carmarage]
14. Industrialyzer - Kosmos (remix) [CodeWorks]

01. RADIAL - Bruce Lead (Planet Rhythm)
02. Tigran Oganezov - Selfdestructor (Detox)
03. Callum B - Dirt (Kiddfectious)
04. REAKY - Detonation Combination [Wehbba_remix] (Insane Life)
05. Mark Sherry Presents Outburst - Live and Learn [Dave Schiemann Remix] (Detox)
06. Bart Claessen and Dave Schiemann - Madness [I Prefer That Mix] (anjunabeats)
07. Charlie G & Vandall - Future Calling (CGI)
08. George-S - Tube (Hellhouse Digital)
09. Vanghoul - Trance after Sex (Acid Records)
10. Propa Little Madams - Umph Dance (Tektonek Recordings)
11. REMO-CON - Prototype (Hellhouse Digital)
12. ID - Kyouryu (CDR)
13. Scott Attrill - Existence [Yoji Remix] (Traffic Records)
14. YOJI - From Flower To Flower (Hellhouse)
15. ID - Booty Paris (CDR)

REMO-CON [JAPAN] ( www.remo-con.com )

Japans long time hidden treasure Remo-Con is finally ready to spread his wings globally.

Remo-Con has produced literally hundreds of tracks yet it was not until he caught the eye of Japans international superstar that things really began to take off. Yoji Biomehanika, recognized Remos youthful talent and instantly released G-Sigh, Streams and Atavism through his label, HELLHOUSE Recordings. This in turn delivered Remo-Con into the world and a new star was born.

Already labeled as one of the most sought after DJs and Producers in Japan, Remo-Con has also exploded onto the international stage. When your tracks are being pumped out by some of the biggest names in the world, you automatically gain the acceptance and support of the international dance community. Not to mention that Remo has also remixed the likes of Johan Gielen, System-F, and has had Mac & Mac, Bart Classen, Dave 202 and A.S.Y.S. (to name a few) remixing his own tracks.

Always pushing the limits and doing what he can to stay one step ahead, Remo-con is ready to leave the shores of Japan and head out into the world. The past few years have been kind to Remo-con and the future is no exception.

01. Hristian Stojanowski - Few times for you (Wyrus remix) [Keep On Techno Records]
02. Furrier Bros. - Beat One (Original mix) [Invalid Error Recordings]
03. Kali - Dancing for Heaven (Original Mix) [Unaffected Records]
04. Mash - Sounds of Heaven (Deeroy remix) [StarsTraxx]
05. Alejandro Roman - Hunger for the Unknown (Original Mix) [Keep On Techno Records]
06. Petter B. - My Devils Dirty Underwater [Keep On Techno Records]
07. K.e.n.y.u. - Braindead (Aka Carl remix) [StarsTraxx]
08. Steel Grooves - Mc Twist [Toyfriend Music]
09. Aka Carl - Second Left [Sub Cult]
10. Tony Demoet - Sharpei [Tontek Records]
11. Technasia - Acid Storm [Sino]
12. Chris McCormack - The Rascal [Materials]
13. Industrialyzer - My Brain [CodeWorks]
14. Steel Grooves - Highlife [Digital Distord]

Live set from FRIKIPARTY

DARKROW [SPAIN] ( www.darkrow.com )

Young dj born in Santiago de Compostela coming from the scene of Galicia (North of Spain) gets into techno music in the year 2000 always Under the influence of The Prodigy, Underworld, Marco Carola, Richie Hawtin ad Ben Sims.
After many years spinning Techno, House and Hip Hop with the band Alto Asalto he decides to study Musical Production in 2005, then is when his professional career starts until now.

Signing releases for labels like Soul Access (Croatia), Mhx (Sweeden), Naked Lunch (Portugal), Upfront (Spain), Cutz (UK), Drakos (Spain) and Code (Spain)
The tracks he made by himself as well as the colaborations he made with artists like Wehbba, A.Paul, Carl Falk or Aitori Ronda,always groovy and pretty powerfull have been always charted by well known dj?s like Dave Clarke, Ben Sims, Mark Williams, Gayle San, Marko Nastic, Bando, Dylan Drazen, Whebba, Spiros Kaloumenos, Mhonolink and many others around the World. Some tracks were also included in CD-Mixes like : Code Techno Sessions 1 & 2 (Madrid), Secret Society Club CD (Portugal), and CDmix Tekknotik (Germany).

In 2007 he founded his own record label called Triple Recordings (www.triplerecordings.com), created with his partners Mooz, A.Paul and Frank Rodriguez where they will release different styles in the electronic music like Minimal, Techno or Tech-House.
Recently Darkrow has also created a new record label devoted exclusively to Techno, with his partner and friend Fatima Hajji, called Standbite Music, which will be in their early references with the support of artists like Cristian Varela, Bando, Mark Williams, Wehbba, Axel Karakasis , Reaky, and many others. (www.standbitemusic.com).

As a Dj he has been rocking many clubs and festivals like Aquasella (Asturias), Madrid Electronic Conference (Madrid), Code Summer Festival (Madrid), FAMA Festival, (Gijon), La Real (Oviedo), Look (Portugal), One (Madrid), Rocks (Portugal), Stuk (Eslovenia), Electrosonx (Santiago de Compostela), Fabrik (Madrid), Octopus (Pontevedra), Basik (Navarra), Beta (A Coruna), Vip Space (Vigo), Joy (A Coruna), La Flor (A Coruna), Albeniz (Gijon), Delfos (Ponferrada), Elektrodo (A Coruna) o Techno Galicia (Octopus, Pontevedra) and many more.

His sets go from Minimal-Techno to Techno always with loads of groove playing 2 and 3 decks using the latest hardware and software technologies like Traktor Scratch, loop sampler and Fx living his personal touch and making the difference with other dj?s.

He is also developing a project with Mario dFer (Octopus) playing a 2 mixers and 4 decks sets full of the best hardgroove we could hear in the last 10 years.
He is also leading a radio show called Vanguard Music at Loca FM in Santiago de Compostela were we can enjoy every week the best electronic music in the scen nowadays.

01. Submerge 101 - Agitated [Klientele]
02. Echoplex - Place of Cake [Filtered Visions]
03. The Advent - Packup [CodeWorks]
04. Fez - Progressive Tales (Swaj Tech mastrubation mix) [Sun Generation Records]
05. Pattern - Collapse [Naked Lunch Records]
06. Digital Box aka Chema Fuentes - ID [PROMO]
07. Red One - On the Edge (Original) [Hard Edge UK]
08. Joris Voorn - Missing [Sino]
09. Vasileios Tsonopoulos - Plasma 33 [Megatron Athems]
10. Vasileios Tsonopoulos - Fontota [Megatron Athems]
11. Rob Glennon - Midway (The Papallel Remix) [Static Recordings]
12. S3rious - Xylophone [Carmarage]
13. Noro - Technosteron [Carmarage]
14. Industrialyzer vs. A.Paul - Hypnotizing [CodeWorks]
15. Steel Grooves - Rapture (Origanal Mix) [Keep On Techno Records]

01. beltek kenta (isos 007)
02. woo york tsp (sound evolution promo)
03. mark ankh therapia mark verbos remix (sound evolution 006 EP promo)
04. marco v & van doorn organic (incharge 028)
05. dj gumja another bitch in my life (promo)
06. mark ankh minimal kills (promo)
07. reaky carpevita (insane life 003 promo)
08. dj pest no limits (penetration nation dig.003)
09. mark ankh L&M dave the drummer remix (sound evolution 006 EP promo)
10. wehbba & silvio soul ego trip (audio family 002)
11. alexo resurection (sound evolution dig. 032)
12. mark ankh L&M (sound evolution 006 EP promo)
13. audioklinik dirty friction (penetration nation dig.003)
14. moby raining again mark ankh bootleg remix (N/A)
15. darey animal pedro delgardo remix (N/A)
16. mark ankh hidria (promo)
17. mark ankh the last dance (penetration nation 004 EP promo)
18. mark ankh man that u fear dj bold remix (sound evolution 006 EP promo)

MARK ANKH [Slovenia] ( www.mark-ankh.com )

Mark Ankh is Slovenia based producer, remixer, label manager and performer, owner of Sound Evolution and Penetration Nation records. Most of times he produces driving techno combined with trance elements. His style is completely different from everybody else but it is driving and pumping in all the right places, most of his tracks have driving basslines, dynamic rhythms with lots of energy feeling. The idea behind his music is that he always try to produce the tracks that he can play in the clubs. He wants to play the kind of music that is hard to find, so he produces music that he can play. His vinyl & digital releases are/were almoast all in top best sellers in shops around the world. He released on labels such as Hydraulix, Dj Special Needs, 6P Records, Techment and on his own Sound Evolution and Penetration Nation Records. Big thanks for supporting and playing tracks from Mark Ankh goes to Eddie Halliwell, Dave the Drummer, Preach, Wehbba, Space DJz, Chris Liberator, A.Paul, Alex Flatner and many more. He was guest on some very known radios like: Proton Radio (USA), Di.Fm Radio (USA), Live Sets Radio and many more.

01. Hertz & Johan Bacto - Muzaka [Sway]
02. Kelli Hand - Afterhour - Central [Sino]
03. Hertz & Johan Bacto - Hektadrone [Sway]
04. Vasileos Tsonopoulos - Neon [Megatron Athens]
05. Auto Union - Zero Crossing [Electracom]
06. Auto Union - Replication [Electracom]
07. Takaaki Itoh - Two Way [Electracom]
08. Takaaki Itoh - Protective Colour [Electracom]
09. Bastard from South - Your Ass [Unaffected Records]
10. Dj Kodex - Reconnection [Distract Records]
11. Vasileos Tsonopoulos - Epidemia [Pattern]
12. Damon Vallero - Walk On [Electracom]
13. The Divide - Tryptamine (Dj Ze Mig L remix) [Locked Records]
14. Pattern - Formations [Naked Lunch Records]
15. Bastard from South - Kolotoc [Unaffected Records]


01. Rowlanz vs. Ribbiz Wragg - Snapshot [Trilogy Records]
02. Steel Grooves - The Fuzz (Original mix) [Keep on Techno Records]
03. Bob D - Cyclo (Original mix) [Keep on Techno Records]
04. Wyrus and Rantan - ID [PROMO]
05. Amer Mutic and Pratap - September Night [Special Series]
06. Gab Logan - Spin (Goncalo M. VS. Marco Woods mix) [Loukoum Records]
07. Daniel D - Summer [Cobra Records](Triple)
08. Kali - Retrophunk (FER BR remix) [Tech Art Records]
09. Pratap and Peter B - ID [PROMO]
10. Wyrus and Dastin - ID [PROMO]
11. Wyrus and Rantan - ID [PROMO]
12. Slave - Quality Forum (Peppelino remix) [Keep on Techno Records]
13. Pattern - Infusions [Naked Lunch Records]
14. Eric Sneo - Time Files [Decade Of Techno]

MAPALE (Aitor Ronda & Bob D) Live Act!

AITOR RONDA [Spain] ( www.aitorronda.com/ )

If all biographies of live artists become outdated very soon, Aitor Rondas more so. Because in spite of having been active for more than a decade, there is no week in which he doesnt produce news, whether its a tour, a release of his labels Drakos or Upfront, being included in DJ or digital store charts Aitor Ronda is probably a workaholic, or maybe hes just a music addict, and hes lucky enough to have made music his job

Aitor Ronda spends the most part of his waking hours working on his two young labels. He meant Upfront to be a window to show the Spanish electronic scene in the worlds arena and it has already published tracks of local artists in every possible techno substyle: Oscar Mulero, Leandro Gamez, Paco Osuna, Darkrow, Javi Lago, Dave Cave, Pablo Akaros In Drakos Recordings, on the other hand, Aitor publishes exclusively his own music and offers his own vision of underground techno. The remixes, though, come from domestic and foreign artists with whom he shares his vision. These two labels have a heavy pace of releases, so the last one is never the last one for a long time. So check his websites for this kind of information; we better stick here to the past

Aitor Ronda touched a turntable for the first time when he was 16 and he knew then what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. After two years learning the art and playing in Barcelona, he decided to move to Dublin. There he met Richie OShea and became a part of Rosman Music Promotions, a collective which produced techno events all around Dublin. After a year, Aitor went back to Barcelona and gave birth to Les Golfes Group (golfes means loft; thats because Aitor begun playing records at a loft). During his years at the front of this enterprise, he organized more than a hundred techno events in differents venues. For a year he also co-run the Cube Club with Paco Osuna. Ronda has had the opportunity to play records in many clubs and festivals throughout Europe, Sonar being one of the most important of them, and has played alongside almost every relevant techno artist.

He begun producing at the age of 23. With Mark Williams, the boss of Real Vinyl, he created Kryptonite, of which Ben Sims did two remixes and which was included in mix-CDs such as Rock the discotheque vol. 2 by Valentino Kanzyani, or Biosphere vol. 7 by Boriqua Tribez. Another of his most successful tracks is Bolaian Buyakas. It was published in Real Sessions, was remixed by Mark Williams and Paul Mac, and played by renowned DJs liked Umek, Marko Nastik, Ben Sims and Valentino Kanzyani.

Either creating tracks or spinning records, Aitor Ronda has always had a weakness for a groovie, fresh and hard-hitting techno. But he can play anytime and anywhere. In his record case you can find pieces of exerimental minimal and of the hardest techno. But if there is something that defines him it is his amazing sense of rhythm, the energy of his shows and the ability to connect with the crowd. Aitor doesnt consider himself a musician: Im a 100% DJ, even in the studio. I dont make music, I just try to do good tools for DJs.

At a certain time in his life, Aitor Ronda looked quite like the main character in The Big Lebowski, and so his friends started to call him Lebows. Now Aitor retaken this name for his sets in which hew combines minimal, a few melodies here and there, broken beats, electro, house A softer him, but very danceable, like everything he does.

01. Rowlanz vs. Ribbz Wragg - Wounded [Trilogy Records]
02. Spiros Kaloumenos - Tolio [Night Light Records]
03. Thermo - Permute (Original mix) [Keep On Techno Records]
04. Raul Mezcolanza - Want you bad (Original Mix) [Keep On Techno Records]
05. Boriqua Tribez - Red Alert [Basics]
06. Fer BR - When I go Sub Cult (Kali Remix) [Sub Cult]
07. Hybrid Players - Tech The House (Wyrus Remix) [Tech Art Records]
08. Fabio MC - Global Rhythm [Tridonic Records]
09. Hristian Stojanowski - Dont that (Original mix) [Keep On Techno Records]
10. Killians - Kobaya (Orion Remix) [Cobra Records]
11. Rantan - ID
12. Distek - Booty Loop 2 [More Punk Than Funk (epm)]
13. Dastin - Unfailing Potential [Sub Cult]

1. Reaky Vempire strikes back part 1
2. Unknown Smack my bitch up
3. Bryant Baker Combustion
4. Wyrus and Rantan Brothers in beats
5. Wyrus and Dastin Logical
6. Fer BR How to make it
7. Collins and Benham I am not much of a dancer (Peppelino remix)
8. Wyrus Domination
9. Wyrus and Dastin Atom breaker
10. Wyrus Tune up
11. Dastin Hunter
12. Reaky Mushter
13. Wyrus and Rantan Beat Freekz
14. Woo York Crisis (Wyrus remix)
15. Michael Poliak and Dj Preach U know
16. Stephane Signore I hate this world (Reaky remix)
17. Adrenaline Bill deal
18. Peppelino Tokio
19. Bryant Baker Ghosts in the machine
20. Fer BR De la ria

WYRUS [Croatia] ( www.myspace.com/djwyrus )

Pavao Karlovic a.k.a. Wyrus, born 1983 in Zagreb, Croatia.
Entered the world of electronic music eight years ago, when his friend talked him into going to his first party. As he was interested in all kinds of music he developed interest in this one too.
After lots of materials listened, he decided to start dj-ing, and so he began to learn the basics. Not long after his first touch of turntables he started to play in one of Croatian night clubs where he started his first residency. His style could be described as tribal/driving groovy techno with some electro influences. Simultaneously he is working with dj D-Fence on a program called Connection
where is his other resident night, and on a program called Easy beats. The newest program created by Wyrus is called Musica sagrado. The basic concept of the program is bookings of international djs and giving a chance to djs that have no where to show their talent.
He has been playing in all over his home country Croatia and on a Boat Party in Hasselt, Belgium and has shared decks with djs like: D.A.V.E. The Drummer, Matt M Maddox, Mirzinho, Miche, D-Fence, Dj Peers, Carbo, Petar Dundov, Goldfox, Digital Clones, Hristian Stojanowski, Ivan Mladenovic

Besides playing music, Wyrus has also entered the world of producing music. He gets his first software few years ago and after experimenting with different styles he has found himself in techno sound. Althougt his production varies from ambiental sound, trough house and techno all the way to underground dnb, most of his tracks come out sounding like groovy techno with powerfull basslines. Recently he has started a cooperation with Dastin in production and their debut release was on Sub Cult Records 009, with track Curso de la vida. It was a bomb, featured by artists like Pedro Delgardo, Christian Varela..etc. and become a great breaktrough for both of them into electronic music production scene.
Lately Wyrus has been very buisy in his studio, and has signed release on labels like: Patterns, Yin Yang, Relatives, Techment, Emphatic, Subcult

Few more great upcoming releases so wach out !!!

At the beginning of 2008. Wyrus starts his own label Keep On Techno Records in cooperation with Dastin and Fer BR.

01. CJ Bolland - Camargue [R&S Records]
02. Aitor Ronda - Eclosion [Drakos Recordings]
03. Carl Falk & Darkrow - Jiggsaw [Drakos Recordings]
04. Boriqua Tribez - 1975 (Dj Murphy & Cristian Fischer remix) [Adult Records]
05. Kali - Baffing Chant
06. R-Play - Twisted (Original Mix) [Naked Lunch Records]
07. Thecrosh - Anneso (Mat 303 & Josh Love Remix) [StarsTraxx]
08. Pratap & Petter B - Addictive (Petter B ReEdit) [Adult Records]
09. id - Discotown Remix by Kali
10. Luky R.D.U. - My Seed (Darkrow Remix) [Sub Cult]
11. Darkrow - Solid State (Peppelino Remix) [Standbite Music]
12. Dastin - Hunter (Peppelino Remix) [Prozak Records]
13. John Karagiannis & PayLipService - Remember (Reaky Remix) [Keep On Techno Records]
14. Reaky vs. Audioklinik - Paradisia [Analog Mode]

01. Vortechtral - Round the block (Elton D Remix)
02. Aitor Ronda - Way Out
03. Two Enemy - Blinder Rider
04. Elton D - Make Me Hot
05. Wehbba - Vagabundos Anthem
06. Reaky - Mushter (Kali Remix)
07. Kali - Good Fellow (Daniel D Remix)
08. Elton D - Saga (Boriqua Tribez Remix)
09. Wehbba - Excess Baggage
10. Christian Fischer - Sandwiches
11. Deckmonsters - Bibli Techno (Boriqua Tribez Remix)
12. Dominec G - The Rip
13. Dj Misjah - Very Nice (Kali Bootleg)
14. Boriqua Tribez - Houze Arrest
15. Carl Falk - Stands Tall (Fer Br Remix)

KALI ( www.djkali.hu )

Kali was Born in Budapest on the 9 th day of december 1986.
Been Dj-ing for around 6 years and mixing in little clubs around Hungary.
He been producing since the last 5 years.
Kali also has excellent support in his own country as well from djs including Peppelino, Budai & Vic, Daniel D, Slave, Deeroy, Peet Beat, Stan, Svetec and many more
Kali has been playing events and producing many tracks since then, and has also seen releases on a variety of labels across the globe, with support from top djs including Dj Preach, Pedro Delgardo, Darkrow, Wehbba, Vortechtral and many more

01. Michael Burkat - Inconstant Places [Temper Music]
02. Lars Klein - On the Road [Temper Music]
03. Lars Klein - Come Closer [Temper Music]
04. WJ Henze - Engine 2 [Temper Music]
05. Tadox - Dancing Queen [Armatura Bonus]
06. John Vella - Disclosure [Armatura Bonus]
07. Andre Walter - Rabies [Temper Music]
08. Michael Burkat - So Far So Good [Temper Music]
09. Andre Walter - Antagonizm [Temper Music]
10. DJ Mika - Monotono [Armatura Bonus]
11. Mattias Fridell - Nano Surgery [Armatura Clandestine]
12. Ryuji Takeuchi & DJ Mika - Pump Up [Keep on Techno Records]
13. Brad Lee - Fade into Darkness [Armatura Clandestine]

Here comes the Sun (2008)

MARIO RANIERI ( www.marioranieri.at )

Mario had his first experiences with music during his childhood days. He played the piano and received influences in electronical music through his cousin who looked after him. Mario made musical experiments with his computer and created his first technotracks. At the end of grammar-school he started to work and bought his first real synthesizer, and after some time got more and more equipment. He went on to now produce more professionally which was important for him. He is today Austrias most famous hardtechno-producer and dj and continues to release innovative music on his labels Schubfaktor, Schlagwerx, Vernacular, Ostarrichi and Girlpower and on other labels such as Fon, Lifeform, Artillery, Abstract, Highball, Carnage, Subsounds, Friendly Fire, Tausendgroove and Tekktribe. Marios great dj sets are as hard to categorize. Just like his tracks, they go from groovy house, to stomping hardtechno, punky hardcore and crazy noise. Overall he spreads a very positive vibe. He connects a lot of different styles and is unique in his own genre.

01. Daniel D - Zuvah [Rerun]
02. Ricky Nowa - The Music (SveTec Remix) [Prozak Records]
03. Clevz - From Minimal 2 House (Began) [Officina Sonora]
04. Pette Vaydex & Josh Love - Fucking Fresh Beats (Carl Falk Remix) [Techment Records]
05. Goran Kan - Deep Down [Logos Recordings]
06. A.Paul - Expansion [Naked Lunch Records]
07. Aitor Ronda - Sogo [Triple Recordings]
08. Paul Janes & Sterling Moss - Collider (Original Mix) [Hardasfunk! Recordings]
09. Paul Janes & Sterling Moss - Karneval (Original Mix) [Hardasfunk! Recordings]
10. A.Paul - Different Approach (Remastered) [Naked Lunch Records]
11. J.Leyend - Atilla (Original Mix) [Naked Lunch Records]
12. Tony Silver - Dust [Ground Effect Records]
13. Bilro & Barbosa - Tribal Revenge (Original Mix) [Naked Lunch Records]
14. Ganez & Marco Woods - Again [Naked Lunch Records]

001. Patrice Baumel - Roar (Wehbba remix)
02. Carl Falk - Conezone
03. Christian Fischer and Dj. Murphy - Circuito (Elton D and Snoo remix)
04. Luky R.D.U. - Techno terapia
05. Elton D and Snoo - Glitches
06. Luky R.D.U. - I am Luky, remenbe it
07. Spiros Kaloumenos - Groovelab
08. Pratap and Petter B - Jazwaa
09. Nicholas Bennison - Spirit chamber (Reaky remix)
10. Luky R.D.U. - Beer dance
11. Spiros Kaloumenos - Moderate
12. Ian F feat. Kaykay - Subdominant (Killians remix)
13. Christian Fischer and Dj. Murphy - Wicked Operator (Wehbba Remix)
14. Unknown - People are People
15. David Moleon - Estebanlo
16. Monocore - Sudden drop
17. Pedro Delgardo - Kontakt
18. Ganez The Terrible - Terror city
19. Reaky - Mushter (Peppelino remix)
20. Moonyani - Heavy rotation (Reaky remix)

PEPPELINO ( www.myspace.com/peppelinoh )

Peter Forasi, better known as Peppelino in the music industry, was born in 1985 in Hungary. He got hooked on techno music in 98 and in 2005 finally got his own production going. As Peppe was spending long hours working hard in the studio, the following two years quite quickly started to bring him success. His tracks were getting released on digital labels such as Prozak Records, Techment, Egotraxx and others. In 2008 his tracks started being released in vinyl format as well on some of the biggest techno record labels including Yin Yang, Soulaccess and Penetration Nation.He has done remixes for artists as Spiros Kaloumenos, Reaky, Pratap, Darkrow, Mladen Tomic, Collins and Benham, Michal Poliak, Tiago S, Marco G.., while his tracks were also remixed by some of the top techno producers including Stephane Signore, Dejan Milicevic, Reaky and many others.In the beginning of the year he got an offer to join the MOSP booking agency and he didnt need a lot of time to think about it. He immediately grabbed the opportunity and joined the agency that cooperates with many big stars along with Lucca, Preach, Wehbba, Misa Salacova, Michal Poliak, Space Djz and many many more. Peters unique groovy and energetic sound was soon noticed by other leading DJs and his tracks are now often played by some of the biggest names in the techno industry like Cristian Varela , Stephane Signore, Dj Murphy , Dj Preach, Reaky, Wehbba and many others who like to put some drama onto the dancefloor. He got some excellent reviews of a lot of his tracks charting high up on download sales, appearing on DJ charts worldwide, played on several radio stations as much as on web casts and continuously seeing his tracks on worlds biggest DJs TOP10s. Peppelino won the Reaky Mushter remix competition on Yin Yang records and hes looking forward to future collaboration with his Slovene friend, the fast rising techno maniac Reaky. Peters career is blooming pretty fast considering hes on-scene only a couple of years. Before that he played at small local gigs and school parties. During his first year of more serious dj-ing he played in clubs in Hungary, Ukraine and Slovenia. The following year Peppe began to get booked in other countries more often, including Czech Republic and Russian Federation. He played with artists like Stephane Signore, Wehbba, Dj Preach, Michal Poliak, Reaky, Ruslan Mays, Dj Jerry and many others. This year he also played in some clubs around Hungary including M47, Juliacentral, K2, Hell Pub, Blackman.. Hes very satisfied with the gigs he had in M47, because its the best known techno club in Hungary where a lot of international superstars often show up. He has played with most of the best Hungarian Djs such as Schmidt, Zsiros, Anton Vl, Dave, Kali, Slave, Deeroy.. The responses about his sets were always very good and he managed to impress the audience every single time. Peter got in touch with a Spanish emerging star Fer Br and they have quite an idea going on. The idea is to perform a live act with 2 laptops, controllers and effects, expecting the crowd to go absolutely wild. Peppelino has got a lot of potential and in the following years hes looking up to more and more success. The year 2009 is bringing him more gigs around the globe, more releases on labels as Patterns, Patterns Special, Yin Yang, Relatives, Emphatic, Gt Muzik, Kazoo records, Innova records, Discover Dark and eventually he hopes to start appearing on internationally known electronic music festivals.
Its just a matter of time his energetic vibes start dominating the world

01. DJ Misjah - Easy As Phi (Long n Smooth Radio mix) - ReRun
02. Dual Shaman - Sideral (Tigerskins go all the way rmx) - Manual Music
03. EC50 - Jonestown (Steve Slight rmx) - Coincidence Rec
04. Armand Van Helden - Track Called Jack (Idiotproof rmx) - mp3
05. Marc Macrowland - Black Bamboo (Hardwell rmx) - Slized
06. David Vio - Never Mind (Original) - 7 Senses
07. Minigonna - MAC10 (Original) - Spike Rec.
08. Ash Turner - No Entry Original) - Across Music
09. DJ Dan Annihilated (Dopamine Peak Time rmx) - mp3
10. Oliver Huntemann and Dubfire - Dios (Original) - Ideal Audio
11. Harnessnoise - None In None Out (Harnessnoise vs. Tom Lennox Rework) - Influential House
12. MastikSoul - Independencia - mp3
13. Play The Game - Odisea (Rene Sandoval Groove Site rmx) - Frosch Label
14. Frankie - Octopush (Original) - Faste Music
15. Sinisa Tamamovic - Kinky - Relatives
16. Woody McBride - Love (Original) - White Noise
17. Spiros Kaloumenos - Paketo - Relatives
18. Deepgroove and Jamie Anderson - Invaders - Klang Elektronic
19. Santorini - Sindrow (Original) - Recycle Rec.
20. Simon Flower - Still Here, Still There (Part 1) - Curl Music

01. Black Noise - Nature of the Beast [End to End Records]
02. Basic Channel - Octaebre [Basic Channel]
03. DP-6 - Hungry Look (DP-6 Dub) [DP-6 Records]
04. Yan Oxigen - On October 18th [DP-6 Records]
05. Tek - Agdalkim [Trebol Records]
06. Billy Dalessandro - Soundchaser - Hypergenetic [Harthouse]
07. Atesh K. - Into The Route [New League]
08. The Parallel - Hypnosis [eXhibit B Records]
09. DP-6 - Token [DP-6 Records]
10. Oscar Mulero - Seven Kings of Sin [Token]
11. Carot Take - 1st Reality [Rotation Records]
12. Sys-Ex - Cover Flight [R3tox Digital Recordings]
13. Roman Zawodny - Flux [Mad Hatter Recordings]
14. Tribal Agent - Back to Beat Box [Coraza Recordings]
15. Michael de Hey vs. Grooveyard - Compound (P.Horrevorts rmx) [EC Records]

DJ MISJAH ( www.djmisjah.com )

The name Misjah has been synonymous with quality dance floor productions for over 18 years. An innovator, an inspiration and living legend to many.

It all began in 1991 with releases under one of his aliass Dyewitness. Observing the earth, What would you like to hear, The Future and The Masterplan already put his name on the map of dance floor hits forever. They are still considered all time classics.

After these releases, Midtown Records asked Misjah to start his own label for them; X-Trax was born on December 1994. He started producing tracks with the help of some friends: DJ Tim and Jeroen (Groovehead) Artists such as Ferry Corsten, Umek, and Piet Bervoets (Rank1) also had releases on X-Trax Classics from this label include: Trippin Out, The Club, Special Acid Edition, and of course Access which made it to the English charts in 1995.

Due to the huge success of X-Trax he was sought after by such artists like: Josh Wink, Jam and Spoon, Reflect, Format One, Finitribe, Denki Groove, etc to produce remixes for them.

Misjah has also produced under various artist/project names in different styles of dance music. In 1999 he started another project under the name AMbassador. It was under this name that he remixed Blaze - My Beat. His remix became a huge club hit and was used in the video clip. It also made it to the English charts.

In December 1999 he stopped doing the A&R for X-Trax. In 2001 he started a new label called ReRun and ReRun Bookings DJ Agency. The agency is responsible for booking some major players in the techno scene such as Hardcell, Trevor Rockcliffe, etc.

He has released on numerous labels including: Craft Music, Automat, Wetmusik, Pocket, Zync, Mankind, Jericho, etc. Just to name a few. His tracks are being played by many high profile djs as: Adam Beyer, Sven Vath, Carl Cox , Judge Jules, etc.

Since his dj career took off in 1994, he has been traveling around the globe continuously to all continents. Playing at famous clubs and festivals including: Dance Valley, Roskilde, Mayday, Nature One, etc

As a DJ, Misjah has his own funky style. His sets contain bits and pieces of almost all styles of dance music from house to techno and from minimal to electro and everything in between.

In 2008 he started his monthly podcast Misjah In The Mix which is rapidly getting huge amount of radio play and downloads. He also recently switched from vinyl and cds to djing with Traktor DJ (vinyl and cd controlled of course).

01. Pedro Delgardo - Jam (Hertz Bacto Remix) [Yin Yang]
02. Sergy Casttle - Destroyer [Teggno Records]
03. Peppelino - Mobile (Wyrus & Dastin Remix) [On Techno Records]
04. Narcis Jr. aka Mashala - Love Done (Original Mix) [Stanch Records]
05. DP-6 - Follow Me (DP-6 Records)
06. LK - Helios [Naked Lunch Records]
07. Mhonolink - Seized [Mhonday Music]
08. A.Paul - Chaos [Naked Lunch Records]
09. Roman Zawodny - Power to the People [Mad Hatter Recordings]
10. A.Paul - Generation [Naked Lunch Records]
11. Woodwork - Forest (Original Vox Version) [Drizzly Records]
12. Transistor - Fuselace (Original Vox Version) [Drizzly Records]
13. Devilfish - Burning [Bush Records]
14. J-T Kyrke - Earthquake (Original Mix) [Impact Mechanics]

01. Exium - Intro [PRhythm]
02. Spiros Kaloumenos - Greek kiss [Patterns]
03. D.A.V.E. the Drummer - apex 2 a (cadle cap) [S.U.F.]
04. D.A.V.E. the Drummer & Dj Redmond - track 2 [Hydraulix]
05. Deck Monsters - Wicked operator (Wehbba rmx) [Patterns]
06. Davi Moleon - Party [ SoulAccess]
07. The Advent & Industialyzer - Recall
08. P Series - Head, Booty & Beats
09. Alex Krarakasis - Tubular Bells [Remain]
10. Maxx - Rupture [Polymeric]
11. P Series - Just An Incident
12. Spiros Kaloumenos - Gorilla
13. Ignition Techician - To The Maxx [Polymeric]
14. Robert Natus - Dortmund 2007 [Audio]
15. DJ Arcane - Hacienda napoles [Organik]
16. Robert Natus - Monday Afternoon [Beatboost]
17. DJ Arcane & Dimar - Tornado [Organik]

VAN NOSIKOV ( www,vannosikov.com )

10 years ago Van chose music the main thing and purpose in his life. After that he replaced DJs table instead of working table, changed quiet and relaxing weekends for burning and heavy night life. For all his years of being DJ, using only his talent and persistence, Van made a really big success not only as Dj, but also as promoter, designer and musician. In 2002 was created ACILOT label, under mark of that Van released more than 15 cd-mixes, organized 80 parties with different conception, the biggest one and the most popular became Festival of electronic music MEHANIKA. Thousands of fans, hundreds of club performances, more than 20 gigs in russian cities and close foreign countries are the special contribution to developing techno culture of Russia. Today Van is in the close company of residents of legendary russian techno club TUNNEL, every summer he is in the line-up of global dancing open-air KAZANTIP, he is a creator of his own blowing musical performances on russian MayDay, Vostochniy UDAR and SOUNDTROPOLIS. Its clear that all that numerous merits and achievements were noticed by clubs society of Saint-Petersburg - soon he won in nomination Best DJ of 2004 year on the TUNNEL club musical awards, and also placed on 47th place in russian DJTOP100. Great value of every DJ is his own sound and style. You cant find such sound in the mixes of other djs. It is the music which makes people run in the beginning of the mix to the dance floor with mad eyes and crying mouths. Using of effect-processor, 3 turntables during his set, very close cooperation with dancing people and fresh vinil material helped DJ Van Nosikov to become once of the greatest Saint-Petersburgs DJ in techno-music. Clubbers almost from all Russian cities are waiting for his musical performance. And once he visited the city, he return there for sure just to make all that people be happy because of music again and again.

01. Jel Ford - New Home [Jericho]
02. Soulmate - Mechanical [Jericho]
03. Jamie Anderson - Gunlinger [Rotation Records]
04. Mhonolink - Memory Dispatch [Mhonolay Music]
05. Umek - Cartex [Jericho]
06. Jel Ford - Drift (Original mix) [Jericho]
07. Soulmate - Roots [Jericho]
08. DP-6 - Motion of Energy [DP-6 Records]
09. Jamie Anderson - Rotator [Rotation Records]
10. Paul Mac - Random Agenda [Stimulus Records]
11. Club Quake - Back Draft (DJ Backslash mix) [Drizzly Records]
12. Metaphor - Vertigo [Rotation Records]
13. Sergy Castlr - Tema 4 [Teggno Records]

01. Tracklist coming soon

AXEL KARAKASIS ( www.axelkarakasis.com )

This man needs no further introductions. He is the best known Greek Techno export at this time with a long-standing career that still grows stronger.

His success story begins in the late 80s when Techno made its first appearance. From this point onwards, Axels courtship with electronic music saw a very different light By 1996, midst of an era that saw electronic music taking over the Greek dance scene, he was already known through various DJ residencies. In addition, together with the team bubbles he organised regular events to be remembered to this date!- with a huge crowd of supporters! This was only the beginning for a series of very successful events in some of the biggest clubs in the Greek capital, and not only! In the following years, he became the most wanted Greek Techno DJ, having played in the biggest venues in Athens, Thessaloniki, Mykonos, Crete and all over his native Greece.

Notably, DJing was not the only outlet for Axel. He sets up his own studio and starts exploring avenues in music production. To put it in his own words: Ive always wanted to create the music I had in my mind. In 2000, he meets Marco Bailey and starts releasing his productions in Pornographic Recordings (Marco Baileys and Cristian Varelas label). He continues his productions and releases tracks in some very respected labels, such as MB Elektronics, Primate, MB Selektions, Rhythm Convert, etc. to establish himself in a genre he refers to asGroovy Techno! Nowadays, Axel continues to release his music in worlds top record labels, like Intec Records (Carl Coxs own imprint!) and Primate Recordings, whereas his tracks are played by some of the best Djs around the globe and have featured in well known compilations and mix CDs, such as Extreme Euphoria (Ministry of Sound), Cream Ibiza, I Love Techno, and many many more

After many years of hard work in the studio and together with Spiros Kaloumenos he launches Omega Audio Recordings. Having made Omega Audio one of the most respected labels, Axel is now channelling all his energy into his own brainchild, REMAIN RECORDS. The label was officially launched in September 2007.

Confirming his status as the most sought after Greek Techno DJ of his time, Axel headlines events in some of the best clubs in the world, such as the Rex Club (Paris), Womb (Tokyo), Turnmills (London), tours regularly countries like Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland, Korea, Croatia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Holland and Malta, to name a few, and has appeared in top festivals like Awakenings (Netherlands) Rabac Festival (Croatia), Apokalypsa (Czech Republic), etc : he keeps exciting crowds all over the world, as well as in Greece!

At this moment Axel Karakasis is internationally recognized as the best known Greek techno DJ for his full of energy 3 decks sets and featuring rigorous musical selection that portrays his style.

Surely, there is more to come from this unstoppable techno rebel.
MEKHANIZM 007 - BIONIKA with Reaky (SI)

01. Mhonolink - Repatch [Mhonday Music]
02. Deeroy - Different Sides [Experience Digital]
03. Kali - ID [PROMO]
04. Roman Zavodny - Auspex [Mad Hatter Recordings]
05. Cristian Varela - Master San [Pornographic]
06. Raul Mezcolanza - Amule [Keep On Techno Records]
07. Alexo - Resurection [Sound Evolution Records]
08. Rantan - Next Stop (S.Searcher vs. Paulinho PT Remix) [Techment Records]
09. Peppelino - Mobile [Keep On Techno Records]
10. DJ Pest - Super Star (Original Mix) [Penetration Nation Records]
11. Svetec - Rock 2008 [Experience Digital]
12. Devilfish - Summer Storm [Bush Records]
13. J-T Kyrke - A. Triptofan (Original Mix) [Impact Mechanics]

01. Matt Darey - Animal (Pedro Delgardo & J.Alexander remix)
02. Reaky - Mushter
03. Spiros Kaloumenos - White Noiz
04. Axel Karakasis - Timebomb
05. Jeremiah - Treeman (Reaky remix)
06. Reaky - Detonation Combination (Wehbba remix)
07. Peppelino - Geyser
08. Reaky - Optimal Penetration (Darkrow remix)
09. Moonyani - Heavy Rotation (Reaky remix)
10. Reaky - Optimal Penetration (Nicholas Bennison remix)
11. Tim Taylor & Wehbba & Claudio I - Studio 54
12. Nicholas Bennison - Spirit Chamber (Reaky remix)
13. Reaky vs. Audioklinik - Paradisia
14. Greg Downey - King Dong
15. Kali - Specific Fragrance
16. Nuke - Yukima
17. Fer BR - When I Go (Aka Carl remix)
18. Stephane Signore - I Hate The World (Reaky remix)
19. Valentino Kanzyani - Nueva York (Reaky remix)
20. Southsoniks - Transformer (Reaky remix)
21. Dennis Bunas - Sabotage
22. Fer BR - In Da Face (Audiowarp remix)
23. Daft Punk - Superheroes after all (Reakys bootleg mix)
24. John Karagiannis & PayLipService - Remember (Reaky remix)

REAKY ( http://www.myspace.com/reaky)

Reaky was born in 1983 in Maribor, Slovenia. At the age of 7 he has discovered synthesizers and his musical journey has begun. He started experimenting how to make music on a synthesizer and learning how to play on it in music school for 7 years. Later in the mid 90s he became fascinated about electronic music, started listening commercial trance and house and gave up music school as he grew tired of playing only classical music and old hits. Already as a young boy his dream was to become a great music producer and a DJ. When he turned 16, he finaly got his first PC, installed primitive programs like Modplug tracker and Rebirth and immediately started producing music. It was back in the year 1999 when a 16 year old boy was already producing hardcore and drum nbass. It was in the same year that Reaky visited his first underground techno party and from that moment on a new era began Reaky became totally fascinated about hard minimal techno, which was very popular at that time, and immediately started producing it. As the years went by he tried producing almost every style of electronic music like techno, trance, electro, breakbeat, drum nbass, hardcore, house, dance, downtempo, minimal, schranz and through years of hard work and gaining experience he formed his unique driving techno style. In the year 2000 he set up his first primitive turntables & mixer and started practicing playing techno. Some months later he already preformed on small local private parties and in 2002 Reaky was booked in clubs all over Slovenia. Later that year Reaky founded Techno Jugend Organization together with his friend and organized some nice parties in club Martin Krpan in Maribor (Back to Dreams, Virginity 2). While taking a little break from organizing, he became a resident on Confusion party series in club STUK in Maribor, which quickly became one of the most visited parties in Maribor at that time. When spring 2003 came, Reaky got some very nice bookings in Austria and this was for the first time he played outside Slovenian borders. He also entered the first SYLD (support your local dj) competition for best slovenian newcomer DJ and with big support from partypeople he made his way to the finals. In the meantime he also got his first record deal, one of his tracks was supposed to be released on a German techno label Giant & Dwarf, but unfortunately the label stopped releasing vinyls before the track was out, so it was never released. From the year 2003 till 2005 Reaky was a co-promoter of very successful Mature Minds parties with 500-1000 party freaks on the dancefloor in club Martin Krpan. Year 2004 was very busy for Reaky, he was playing almost every weekend in almost every Slovenian club and also abroad in neighbouring countries becoming one of the most booked slovenian techno DJs in that time. But the next year was the worst. Schranz started dominating the techno scene and there were almost no place anymore for DJs with driving, groovy, funky techno. So it was time to do something about this and in spring 2005 Reaky established an organization Sonic Reactor with a purpose to promote talented techno DJs and try to arrange more performances for everybody with mutual help. At the same time Reakys productions were becoming better and better and in september 2005 he finally got his first vinyl release. Track Fseko was released on Omega Audio Recordings owned by greek techno DJs Axel Karakasis and Spiros Kaloumenos. By the end of the year he also entered the Dr.Motte - Open your mind remix contest (www.praxxiz.de) and won the 1st place. In 2006 Reaky started again with organizing quality techno events in Maribor. This time in club STUK with his partner Rotation group. The parties called Euphoria became one of the hottest events in Maribor inviting techno DJs like: Eric Sneo, Ignition Technician, DJ Preach, Marko Nastic, Axel Karakasis, Spiros Kaloumenos, Aitor Ronda, Darkrow, Pedro Delgardo, Stephane Signore, Mary, Ruslan Mays, Peppelino and many more All this Reakys hard work with organizing and promoting techno parties since 2002 was a big contribution to techno scene in Maribor. Year 2007 came and after 8 years of producing Reaky was finally satisfied with the quality of most of his newest tracks, so releases started coming out more often. He also established his own label Penetration Nation Records together with his friend, dj & producer Mark Ankh. By the end of year 2008 Reaky has already released his driving techno tracks and remixes on labels like Penetration Nation, Omega Audio, Yin Yang, Insane Life, Analog Mode, Propulsion, Standbite Music, Emphatic, Soul Access, DJ Special Needs, Ambig, Sound Evolution, Drakos, Techment, Keep On Techno, Invalid Error, TMM Most of his releases were very successful, constantly dominated top places of many techno charts and played by the biggest techno and trance DJs on the planet. One of the 2008 successes was also appearance of Reakys track Absinthe party on FIRE IT UP mixed CD compilation by superstar Eddie Halliwell, joining the names like Armin Van Buuren, Sander Van Doorn, Chris Liebing and others on this CD. Right now Reaky is becoming internationaly recognised by his unique driving techno tunes. Instead of being seduced by minimal mania as most of the electronic artists in the world, Reaky preserved his original unique techno style and he is still even improving it. His primary goal in life is to continue creating quality music, contribute to electronic music development and to make the crowd go crazy with his driving trax all around the planet.

01. Jova - Caffe E Sigaretta Italo Business
02. Mini Mode - Sunburst (Autistic Remix) 303Lovers
03. Pietro Coppola - Spektrum Stereo Seven Plus
04. Anderson Noise - Jonny (Re Dupre Remix) Lo Kik Records
05. Dubfunk - Mandala (Guy J Remix) Audio Therapy
06. Leeks - Ninja SK Supreme Records
07. Jotto - Potato Dummy Magnetik Grooves
08. Lollo - Cici Caca Celo Italo Business
09. Daniel Strauss - Raumgleiter (Niels Van Gogh`s & D.Strauss Evil Girls On Elektro Remix) Diskoton
10. Marcelo Carvalho - Censored Chakaboom
11. Swen Hutmacher - Mamba Momentum
12. Moritz Arndts - Hage Italo Business
13. Kevin Call (aka DJ Nojz) - Parafin Night Mode Malta
14. Sllash & Doppe - Dark Noise Magnetik Grooves
15. Matteo DiMarr - Red MAR186?
16. Cardo - Ansia Da Prestazione Stereo Seven Plus
17. Umek - Generation After
18. Maxime Dangles - Alkaline (Microdinamic Remix) Polar Noise
19. Vladimir Acic - Red Planet
20. Tobe Pecine - Digital Quartz Tigereye Recordings
21. Andrew Technique - Drinking On The Sofa

01. Zule - London (Paul Mac Remix) [Stimulus Recordings]
02. Alex Karakasis - Tubular Bells [Remain]
03. A.Paul - Visoko (Part 2) [Naked Lunch Records]
04. Paul Mac - Card on the Table [Stimulus Recordings]
05. Sergy Casttle - Frenetico [Teggno Records]
06. John Karagiannis & Pay Lip Service - Remember (Prude Polly Remix) [Keep On Techno Records]
07. Mhonolink - Prelude [Mhonday Music]
08. Alex Karakasis - Speciation [Remain]
09. Andy Slate - Rock Me Baby [Teggno Records]
10. DJ Mary - Groovin [Pattern Special]
11. Boriqua Tribez - Acido (Original Mix) [Adult Records]
12. Product 19 & Guy McAffer - Funky Track [BR909 Records]
13. Alex Karakasis - Hands in The Pocket (Original Mix) [Adult Records]

UMEK ( www.umek.si )

Uros Umek is internationally acclaimed music producer from Slovenia, seducing the masses with his own music blend for more than a decade. Always on the look for new sounds and determined to challenge every existing cliche in music industry, he managed to define his own vision of vanguard techno. Sure, this would not happen without the support of his loyal peers whove joined him on the production platforms such as Recycled Loops, Consumer Recreation and Astrodisco, with which they defined Slovenian techno sound and successfully invested it as an important driving force on the global club scene.

The year 2007 marked the beginning of new chapter in Umeks music career. After spending enormous amount of time and artistic energy bringing his characteristics sound to the whole new level, he presented new international music therapy called 1605 Sixteenofive. No doubt this was a very risky move for such an established artist as DJ Umek. But it was the only way for him to stay on top of the game. And it seems he picked up the right decision at the crucial time: the response to his new vision of electronic dance music from his peers, critics, media and most importantly his fans is great and his productions are supported by some top dogs in the industry.

Umek recent productions include highly acclaimed club releases such as Overtake & Command, Ricochet Effect, Another Matter Entirely and Faithful Nights, but it were MTV supported hit singles Posing as Me and Carbon Occasions that stirred the most media attention and crossed over to the daily radio stations. Umeks releases were lately included on the premiere club compilations mixed by artists such as Sander Kleinenberg, Judge Jules, Eddie Halliwell, John Digweed, M.I.K.E. or Carl Cox. He was amongst the headliners of esteemed summer music festivals such as Primavera, Monegros or Dance Valley and he conquered the South America on the joint tour with Valentino Kanzyani and Marko Nastic once more. And this was only the introduction in the Umeks year 2008, when he plans to finally present long expected new artist album and his own live band.

01. Martyn Hare - Splinter [Tremors Recordings]
02. Minus 3 - Nipp (Marc Newman Remix) [Sub-Reality Records]
03. Monocore - Sudden Drop [Hardsignal Recordings]
04. Tuomas Rantanen & Tony Silver - A.C.A.B. [Ground Effect Records]
05. Audiojlinik - Neurometric (Original Mix) [Sound Evolution Records]
06. David Moleon - La Guapa (Original Mix) [DJPRO Records]
07. Lars Klein - Virus Sucks [Audio Assault]
08. Cozmic Spore - It [Cozmic Spore Records]
09. Vortechtral - Round The Block (Gus Brown Remix) [Mixtape Records]
10. Zoxfeld - Extra Culture [Faction Records UK]
11. Eric Sneo - Manifestation [Beatdisaster Records]
12. Ben Fraser - Rat Race [Sabretooth Records]
13. Luigi Magitteri - The Emperor (SMTs Lucky Mushrooms Mix) [Future Sound Experimental Lab]
14. Macwolf - All The People [Teknatika]

01. Brixton - Elementon [Holzplatten 080]
02. Brixton - Katzenpech [Holzplatten 081]
03. Brixton - eTechno [Holzplatten 077]
04. Space DJz - Crime And Punishment EP [BOA018]
05. Brixton - eTechno [Holzplatten 077]
06. Deadmau5 - Stereo Fidelity [PLAYEP004]
07. Soulgrabber - Motocross Madness [LOAD126]
08. Julian Liberator - True Defective [Holzplatten 082]
09. Ant & Nick Grat - Colombias Finest [PTS036]
11. Jamie Taylor / Taylor & Gold - Redemption / Shake Up [SCON008]
12. BOA010
13. Lenny Dee vs. The Shredder - Its Like That / Tribal Nugget (12?)
14. Planetary Assault Systems - The Drone Sector / Voodoo (12?)
15. Amplified Artists - Anniversary [MIDI010]
16. Jason Leach - Death To Vinyl 61527 (12?)
17. Peaky Pounder - KIPPIS! [ T3RDM00102]

BRIXTON ( www.brixton.de )

Brixton was born on the 24th May 1971 in Oppeln. In 1983 he moved with his family to the Rheinland in Germany. Highly influenced by the first electronic disco sounds, he ended up playing his first DJ-set at Space-Club in 1988 to a large and very inspired audience of clubbers. In this moment Brixton knew that electronic music would be with him for the rest of his life. In the following years his DJ-sets took all the well-known European clubs by storm. Finally, in 1990, after several successful years behind the turntables, Brixton brought out his first record. Not long after he brought out other records on diverse record labels ( Analog-Records, Drop Bass Network, U-turn and EMF ). By 1994 Brixton was ready to go his own way and it was in this year that he founded the label Holzplatten. First he had a few releases, but in time Holzplatten became a platform for international DJs and artists in the German speaking regions. In 1997, on his Radioshow Subsonic ( broadcast weekly on Evosonic ), he would introduce the newest Electronic Dance Music releases. Brixton produced and played Techno of the widest variety, from banging Acid-Techno to the more modern, simply structured Minimal-Techno. In 1998, after some 30 releases on his label Holzplatten, Brixton founded two additional labels: Kazumi and SimpleMuzik. With these two labels, Brixton wanted and wants to give new and young artists the chance to gain recognition for their innovative music. Due to the growing demand on these labels, meanwhile Brixton unfortunately didn..t find so enough time to produce his own records anymore.

But he..s back in the pits and released his very first longplayer eTechno.de on Holzplatten in 2004. The Album contains 8 tracks and 8 locked grooves. Even in this year he released the Holzplatten Zehn Mix-Cd featuring 48 Holzplattentracks. The last physical release on Holzplatten dated September 2006 with Brixtons Wir lieben Techno EP. From now on all the labels release digital on beatport.com and other digital distributions. Go for www.elementon.com and see the variety of the output. Back to the early days and up to the present Brixton believes in real Techno music and still plays only this unique sound. Absolutely not influenced by the minimal hype all around he keeps up the techno spirit with his Liveacts and Djsets. He prefers to loose everything he got instead of playing Minimal stuff. So trust in his words!

However, if Brixton is ever playing in your area or can be heard live, then its definitely worth a visit.

01. Daniel D - Cash Money [Rerun]
02. Wittenking Kaos - Milestone (Boriqua Tribez Remix) [Abstract Records]
03. Thecrosh - Salsa Master (Peppelino Remix) [StarsTraxx]
04. Raul Mendolanza - Magesy (Original Mix) [StarsTraxx]
05. Aitor Ronda - No Way Out [Adult Records]
06. C-System - ID (Darkrow Remix) [Promo]
07. Mhonolink - Velocity [Mhonday Music]
08. Fer BR - Fell Free (Original Mix) [Sub Cult]
09. Skaiz - Dog eat Dog [Coraza Recordings]
10. Chryss Bond - Cryptonic [Power Underground]
11. A.Paul - 351 Hz (Remastered) [Naked Lunch Records]
12. DP-6 - Undecided Destination [Akkamuzik]
13. Cozmic Spore - Nothing But Trouble [Cozmic Spore Records]
14. Woodwork - Nature [Drizzly Records]

01. DP-6 - Paranoia (MFoM Remix)
02. DP-6 - Vesna
03. DP-6 - Black Belt
04. Zhe - Saving (DP-6 remix)
05. DP-6 - Sometimes
06. DP-6 - Hunter
07. DP-6 - Why Not?
08. MFoM - Flight To The Fest (DP-6 Dub)
09. DP-6 - Paranoia (Simone Barbieri Viale Remix)
10. MFoM - White Killer (DP-6 remix)
11. DP-6 - Evening Darkness
12. DP-6 - Evil Santa
13. DP-6 - My Soul & Hate (Soul Remix)
14. DP-6 - Kovalusha

DP-6 (www.dp-6.com )

DP-6 projects participants are Alexey Filin and Vadim Indigo.
Since 2000 the project is famous for its successful musical works in different spheres.
DP-6 is Live & DJ performances in private night clubs and on big floors, great number of digital, vinyl & cd releases all over the world.
DP-6 has come out well in making successful remixes. Their tracks got support from the World Djs, they were in many charts & sounded in different sets, radios and compilations.
Alexey and Vadim are presenters of their own DP-6 Presents Russian Minds show on PureFM online radio.They are also frequent visitors at many other radios.
In 2008 the project begin to produce music independently. They open DP-6 Records label directed on multifaceted in sound but unique in performance music.
DP-6 is more than just a project, its a hard work in studio, its their own philosophy & its always unique, cognate sound that never leaves the dancefloor unfazed.

01. Icarus - Descent (Mix 2) [Jericho]
02. Reix - Funky [Reix Records]
03. Skaiz - Ragazzi [Coraza Recordings]
04. Raul Mezcolanza - Guay (Original mix) [StarsTraxx]
05. Alex Karakasis - Ghostalk (Exclussive) [Remain Union]
06. Aitor Ronda - Easy Way [Adult Records]
07. Darkrow - Keep Out (Original mix) [Audecks Records]
08. Veztax - Unleased (Ian F remix) [Vezotonik Holland]
09. Hertz - Priorities (Pratap Remix) [Sway]
10. K.E.N.Y.U. - 101 Proof [Techment Records]
11. Fer BR - Luengo (Brando & Darkrow remix) [StarsTraxx]
12 .Daniel D - Exotic Theory [Rerun]
13. Zhe - Saving (dp-6 remix) [DP-6 Records]

01. Fer BR - In your face (Audiowarp Remix) (Corrdata Promo)
02. Axel Karakasis - Backstory (Remain Union Promo)
03. DJ Stay - Automated (Penetration Records)
04. A.Paul - Relay (Yin Yang Promo)
05. Michal Poliak - Funky Rain (Yin Yang Promo)
06. A.Paul - Expansion (?)
07. Peppelino - Rock n Roll (Yin Yang Promo)
08. A.Paul - Eureka (Yin Yang Promo)
09. Len Faki - Just Dance [Peppelino Remix (Bootleg)
10. Spiros Kaloumenos - Deluxe (Yin Yang Promo)
11. Moonyani - Heavy Rotation [Reaky Remix] (Yin Yang Promo)
12. A.Paul - Monte (Naked Lunch)
13. Michal Poliak - Black Mamba (Yin Yang Promo)
14. Peter Fern & Dastin - The Core (Yin Yang Promo)
15. ? - Under the Influence [DJ Mika Remix] (Bootleg)

PEDRO DELGARDO ( www.pedrodelgardo.com )

Very few enjoy the luxury of being at the very forefront of their scene, pushing new boundaries, setting the benchmark and enjoying critical acclaim from their peers.

Pedro Delgardo is one of them.

Enjoying a reputation as large as any dj in any other genre; Pedro is one of those rare types in the world of techno managing to cross over with ease into all realms, finding fans in genres such as electro right through to tech trance.

Its this appeal that explains the almost roster like nature of the Delgardo fan club from within dance music including Carl Cox, Eddie Halliwell, Sasha, Tiesto, Paul van Dyk, Marco Bailey, James Zabiela, Sander van Doorn, Marco V, Ferry Corsten, Umek, Trevor Rockliffe, Bryan Cox, Mistress Barbara, Axel Karakasis, Valentino Kanzyani ,Lars Klein, Gayle San, Lenny Dee, Fergie, John Askew, DJ Remy, DJ Preach, Kevin Saunderson, Judge Jules, Anne Savage and Corvin Dalek to name but a few

A fan of the energetic style of djing based around his expert use of Ableton live; Pedro is no stranger to the worlds biggest festivals such as the Love parade through to guest appearing on leading radio shows such as BBC Radio 1 and regularly playing at leading club events such as The Gallery and Gatecrasher among many more.

Having released on the worlds biggest dance labels including RIP, Intec and ID&T, Pedro also runs leading label Yin Yang and once owned one of the worlds biggest dance record shops in the shape of Tune Inn. Yin Yang offers an outlet for Pedros heavily supported and eagerly anticipated material but also plays host to a range of leading artists providing tracks and remixes including the likes of Axel Karakasis, Killian, DJ Preach, Olivier Giacomotto and Christian Fischer.

With an appeal that transcends musical boundaries Pedro will continue to enjoy the wide range of support from the worlds leading jocks and producers, release heavily supported material through his cutting edge Ying Yang imprint and tour the worlds leading clubs and festivals where he is a welcome addition bringing with him a pedigree and heritage that few can match.

If you have not yet, then brace yourself as it is only a matter of time Pedro is coming

BIONIKA (Lets Dance!)
01. Hertz - Look Back [Sway]
02. Steve Haines - Free 2 Be [Fizzeek Records]
03. Pedro Delgardo - Tango (Section_One_Remix) [Yin Yang]
04. K.e.n.y.u. - Crazy Phonk [Reldz Recordings]
05. Dennis Bunas - Uncut (Remix) [Sub cult]
06. Dennis Bunas - Blow (Original) [Sub_cult]
07. Benjamin Shock - Funk The System [R3tox Digital_Recordings]
08. Mash - Soul Funk (Kali_Remix) [Techment Records]
09. Luky Rdu - Feel The Rhythm [Keep On Techno Records]
10. Axel Karakasis - Evaluate [Impact_Mechanics]
11. Horacio_Cruz - Tubulada (Original Mix) [DjPro Records]
12 .Odessa Soundfreaks feat. Peppelino - Space Trolley [Yin_Yang]
13.Michal Poliak - World Republic (Peppelino Remix) [Relic Recordings]

01. Cozmic Spore - Evil Deeds (Intro)
02. Thomas Krome - Shines Like Chrome
03. Mark Broom - Riddum
04. Joel Mull - Red Light Of Dawn (SLS Drums Remix)
05. Marco Bailey/Tom Hades - Iron Nerves
06. Cozmic Spore - Clap Ur Hands(Minimal Version)
07. A. Paul - Chaos
08. Fer Br - La Red
09. Cozmic Spore - Rasta Style
10. Vegim - Bass Killed The DJ (Reaky Remix)
11. LK - Multiverse
12. Redhead & Axel Karakasis - Red Alert
13. Southsoniks - Transformer (Reaky Remix)
14. Rantan - Warrants
15. Bootek DJs - Strings Of Life
16. Broken Rules - Laughing Pain
17. Cozmic Spore - Hard As Nailz
18. Thomas Krome - Torsk
19. Felix Krocher & Eric Sneo - Peaktime
20. M. Carola & A.Beyer - Exchange (Overlapping last track)

COZMIC SPORE ( www.cozmicspore.com )

The Cozmic Spore alter ego was created in 1996 and a new dimension in techno began. Evil frequencies were born and bred by the Cozmic Spore on the famous Seismic Records Detroit record label in 1998 to the year 2007 but is now no longer alive and kicking. So starts a new era. With the creation of Cozmic Spore Records in 2008, alien soundwaves will once again grace this planet. Cozmic Spore Records will mainly be distributed by digital means through.. (www.digdis.de) Cozmic Spore 001 through 030 are now available through most of the main electronic music digital download sites. Please click on my webpage..www.cozmicspore.comup above to get a full list of digital distributors or just check out my blog for the list. The Cozmic Spore has produced tracks for many other labels such as. Secret Weapon Records, Internal Error Records, React Records, Definition Records, Cetron Records, Restructured Recordings and Kombustion Records. And of course, thank you for all your support both past and present. * All tracks on Cozmic Spore Records are published by BMI and are under Copyright Control 2008. *

1. Kali - Requiem EP - Ponto [Triple Records]
2. Killian - Hypnose [Yin Yang]
3. Axel Karakasis - Vortex of Funk (original mix) [Kazoo Records]
4. Jon Rundell - Wobbie [Hardasfunk edit]
5. Wyrus Dastin 0 Curso de la vida (original mix) [Sub Cult]
6. Submerge 101 Larix - Doomsday Ep - Deja Senti [Naked Lunch Records]
7. Hiroshi Oki Alex Brinken - Uzak [Drakos Recordings]
8. A Paul - Offline EP - Offline [Impact Mechanics]
9. Iago de la vega - Soul Vision (original) [Naked Lunch Records]
10. Jon Rundell - Hard Conga (original) [Hardasfunk! Recordings]
11. A Paul - Motions will Continue (original) [Naked Lunch Records]

!Exclusive! Live @ Fort Wayne, Indiana - USA

STEVE STOLL ( www.myspace.com/properboy )

Owner of techno labels proper n.y.c. and 212 productions. New York City native now living in exile in the midwest. I began my musical life as a drummer at the age of 10 and in the late 80s was playing drums and programming with the Chicago Wax Trax! band Sister Machine Gun. After my stint with that band I realized that pure electronic music had far more potential to me than the confines of being a back-up musician and I began composing minimalistic but hard electronic tracks on a small cassette 4 track recorder with a simple analog set-up on the floor of my apartment on 18th Street. My first solo record Datacloud was released on Richie Hawtins Probe label in 1993 and things just snowballed from there. I recorded for many other labels including Novamute, Profile, Fax, Djax, Musicman and Synewave to name a few but my proudest moment was when I started my own label Proper n.y.c.and became my own boss. Early on I had always wanted to be different, not be just another dj, so instead of spinning vinyl I performed live P.A.s bringing my studio on tour and improvising new sets every night. I truly felt like things could blow up every time i took the stage (and they did sometimes!) but looking back this added very much excitement to the performances (at least for me I had the pleasure of playing for crowds all over the world from Europe to Asia at some of the biggest clubs and festivals including I Love Techno, Fuse, Omen, Cocoon, Tresor, Mayday, Love Parade, 10 Days of Techno, Mt. Fuji to name a few. Several years ago I got the chance to create a project together with my hero Patrick Codenys from Front 242 under the guise Gaiden. I have also worked on projects together with Ken Ishii, Damon Wild, Pete Namlook and remixed the likes of Gary Numan, DJ Rush, Hardfloor, to name a few. These days I still produce albeit a slower output than the glory days of techno. I also produce sample libraries for Big Fish Audio (my Locked Groove project was selected as a top 10 by Future Music Magazine). I am interested in anything that expands the theory and execution of electronic music and media. I love circuit bending as much as I love analog synthesis and I prefer 8 bit to Protools. I will spend much of 2008 redefining my live show to incorporate a combination of computer vs. live playing and even have the addition of synthesis altered vocals to the mix. i have recently started a new small run cdr label for much more experimental output entitled locate. you can find my european distributor here: http://www.databloem.com/
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MEKHANIZM 057 - BIONIKA with SAIMON (IT) 10.11.09
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