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(Deep House, Electronic) Rico Püstel – Islescape (2009) - 2009, MP3, 192 kbps

Rico Püstel – Islescape (2009)

Страна: EU
Жанр: Deep House, Electronic
Год выпуска: 2009
Формат: MP3
Битрейт аудио: 192 kbps
Продолжительность: 45:52
1 Red Pointer
2 Embracing Heat
3 In The Sand
4 Match Noon
5 Recuperation. Ascending Smoke
6 33º
7 Reveries
8 Wake
9 Y-T Haze
Доп. информация: «Rico Pustel (of tube167 fame) returns with a full album this time. 'Islescape' was written in 2003 when Rico was only sixteen years old, and he thought that the recordings had been thrown away in some garbage dump or whatever ever since, but, back in December 2008 Rico found a copy of the original recordings and instead of tossing them out (again) for being such academic or primitive compositions, he decided to remaster them in light of what he had accomplished as both composer and producer since then. The result is this strangely nostalgic album of what seems to be deep and melodic nineties-flavored techno.

Here's some insight from Rico about 'Islescape':

"My technical standards in 2003 were quite different, so I had to work on them [the original tracks - Ed.] without having any tracks or parts from the arrangements - only the finished pieces. The process of mastering was based on some kind of "low-fi" sound quality, which made it a tough job. Furthermore, I didn't wanted to destroy the original atmosphere, so I had to accept restrictions. To sum up, I can say that "Islescape" is a personal monument where past time stands still while constantly moving within its conditional boundaries. Through this whole process of rediscovering and re-living this music I renamed the concept into "Islescape" attributable to my distant self-observation 5 years later. The original song-names were kept."

Hope you like this time-travel experience into Rico's past.» - Pedro Leitao

Тема классная,скачал, понравилось..но все таки на любителя...

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