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(Ambient, Chillout) Solarsoul - Shining Sleep 001-019 - 2008-2009, MP3, VBR 192-320 kbps

Solarsoul - Shining Sleep 001-019

—трана: –осси€
∆анр: Ambient, Chillout
√од выпуска: 2008-2009
‘ормат: MP3
Ѕитрейт аудио: VBR 256-320 kbps
ѕродолжительность: 25:07:28
01. Frostbyte - Here Forever02. Mirco de Govia - Nightscape
03. Morph, Alex Woody Van Eyden - Heavenly (Gavin & Nox chillout mix)
04. Pashka - Island Breeze (Sulatan & Ned Sheppard Downtempo mix)
05. Mango - Strawberry & Champagne (Michael Witness chillout mix)
06. Manual - Wake (ambient mix)
07. Skye Shapard Feat Mque - Closer (chillout Mix)
08. Anil Chawla and Dale Anderson - Leftorium
09. Jean Michel Jarre - Velvet Road
10. Ishq - Bhakti (original mix)
11. Soeren S - Summer Rain (S-Tune Sad chillout Mix)
12. Green Sun - The First Birth
01.OHMG - This Is Not The Ocean
02.Coastine - Distant Sunrise
03.Port Royal - Karola Bloch
04.Krivi - Cafe Del Montenegro
05.Mirco De Gocia- Quantum reign
06.Spooky - Thу River
07.Max Melvin - Slowburn
08.Dinka - Wuthering Heights(Tribute to Enigma mix)
09.Aerosoul feat John ward - Time is by Your Site
10.Jes - Like A Waterfall(Flipsye Ambient remix)
11.Oceanlab - Sattelite(Aura Sunset Remix)
12.Affective - Green Bird
01.Nacho Sotomayor - Bye
02.COASTLINE - Sunset Bar
03.Solarstone - Last Defeat (part one)
04.PORT ROYAL - Roliga Timmen (Longing machines)
05.Angelic - The Mysterious
06.Solarsoul - Symphony of Light (original ambient mix)
07.Frostbyte - Here Forever
08.W&D Project - Sunrise (Beauty morning mix)
09.Timbaland feat.One Republic - Aplogize (Lukas Termena chillout mix)
10.SYSTEM 7 - Song For The Phoenix
11.Mirco De Govia - Sleeping Beauty
12.Blake Reary - Nowhere Near (Mango remix)
1. Aurosonic - Intro
2. Banyan Tree - Feel The Sun Rise (Long version)
3. Reuben Halsey - The meaning of Life (Reubens Chilled Sunday mix) (Exclusive track)
4. DJ Harsh feat. Lina Mehta - Such Is Life (Original mix)
5. Mirco de Govia with Cressida fragile summetry (Album version)
6. Lukas Termena - 2000 Miles to Heaven (Exclusive track)
7. ID-ID
8. Vlad Zhukov - Nothing (W&D Vocal Mix) (Exclusive track)
9. Enigma - Goodbye Milky Way (Radio Edit)
10. Robert Nickson - Spiral (Chillout Mix)
11. Miriam - My Last forever (Exclusive track)
12. DJ Starzev - Season of rains (Original Chillout Mix)
13. Sine - Invinity
14. Delta Goodrem - take Me home
01.W&D - Intro (Exclusive Track)
02.Eagus - Made of space (Exclusive Track)
03.Mark Sherry presents Outburst - A Star Within A Star (Intro mix)
04.NU NRG - Eclisse (Album version)
05.Invisible Sounds feat. Elvenfox - Hypnotic (Michael Witness Chillout mix) (Exclusive Track)
06.Arto Kumanto - Nearly The Perfect Moment
07.Oceanlab - Miracle (Album version)
08.Soliquid - Sounds O Normandie (Ambient mix)
09.Aerium presents Avalon 62 - Through Shards of Open Fields (Original mix)
10.Bryan El - Afterlife (Original mix)
11.Simmonds & Jones - Troubled Soul (Vox Mix)
12.Nikonn - Little Girl
13.Robert Miles - Children (W&D Chillout Remix) (Exclusive Track)
14.Suento - Nape Atory (Exclusive Track)
01.Ronski Spees feat Farita - Shadow Of The Sun (Album version)
02.Quivver - These Are The Days (Sunset Remix)
03.Style Clash - Lullaby
04.Ohmna - The Sun will shine (Bali Ambient Mix)
05.Amethyste - Always Running (Original mix)
06.ID - ID (Exluzive)
07.DJ Cristo feat Heidi - Far Horizons Pluginsuns Ibiza (Sunset mix)
08.Sunlounger - Lost (Chillout mix)
09.Flavio Dado - I'm In Love
10.Lukas Termena feat Cassi Luv - Lonely Girl (Original mix)
11.Extranova - Dark Clouds Over Paradise
12.Zircon feat Jillian Goldin - Antigravity (Original mix)
13.EL Bryan - Equilibrium (Original mix)
14.Icone Arpegia - Fatal Beauty (Invisible Chillout mix)
15.Ryan Farish - Miles Away
16.Ulrich Schnauss - A Letter form Home
03.Eskadet - Sovenir Egare (Original Mix)
04.Angra Mainyu - Forever Calling (Aleos Midnight Seduction Mix 90 bpm)
06.ACE, Angel - Between Us (Ambient mix)
07.Simmonds & Jones - Shine (Vox Mix)
08.Sucnto - Comajo (Exluzive Track)
09.Amethystium - Treasure
10.Mike Derou - Beautiful 'Times (Exluzive Track)
11I.Joni & Sinfour - Looking Back (Kopi Luwak Cheyenne Remix) (Exluzive Track)
12.Manual - Summer of Freedom
13.—hill Out Project - Outro (Exluzive Track)
01.ID - ID
02.Lukas Termena - Touch The Sky
03.Soren S - Sand In Your Shoes(Rising Morning Chillout mix)
04.John Askew - Beirut (Original mix)
05.DUGUID, Andy - Inspiration Of A Belief
06.Krivi - Adriatic (Short Chillout mix)
07.ID - ID
08.MAGDELAYNA RMG - Back To The Stars (Magdelayna Chilldown mix)
09.ID - ID
10.Phynn - No More Mistakes
11.Solarstone - Seven Cities (Orchestral Version)
12.HOKKAIDO - Summer Wind (Mike EFEX Chill Island mix)
13.Chris Zippel - Red River
14.Ferry Tayle - Revanche (Ferry Tayle Sit
01.Wendy And Lisa featuring Shankar - Fire And Regeneration
02.Snake Sedrick - Latest Morning (Ambient mix)
03.Apple&Stone - Authentic Reaction (Exсklusive)
04.Rising Sun - Deep Forest
05.Reuben Halsey - The Meaning Of Life (Reubens Chilled Sunday Vocal mix) (Exсklusive)
06.Lukas Termena - Destination (Exсklusive)
07.Aurosonic feat. Marcie - Ocean Wave (W&D Chill Down mix) (Exсklusive)
08.Bryan EL - Solaris (Original mix)
09.Zircon feat. Jillian Goldi - Antigravity (W&D Chill Out Vocal mix) (Exсklusive)
10.ChillBrothers feat. Angelica Borof - Infinity (Exсklusive)
11.Vinid & State-V - Belief (Exсklusive)
12.Kamaya Painters - Endless Wave (Mackers Ambient Remix) (Exсklusive)
13.ID - ID (Exсklusive)
02. Aerosoul - Isla Blanca
03. ID - ID
04. Eric Flash And Innovix - Time Flies (Digital Brothers Chillout Room Remix)
05. Sine - Summer Rain
06. En Voice - Rising
07. Ted Irens - Sunday Breakfast
08. W&D - In Your Eyes (Original Chill Out Mix)
09. ID - ID
10. Winterlight - Mirror
11. Para X aka Van Roezel - Soulfire (Chillout mix)
12. ID - ID
13. Lolo - Sunset (Adrian Aubrun Personal ambient version)
14. ID - ID
15. Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars (Mango remix)
16. Sundial Aeon - Pleasure Impact
17. Apple&Stone - Spirit of Illusions (Exclusive Track)
18. Robert Miles - Dawn (W&D Project mix)
19. ID - ID
20. Suncatcher & Adyjay - Twilight (Chillout Radio Edit)
21. La Sonic - A new morning (Vocal edit)
22. Ferry Tayle - One Night in Alkmaar
23. ID - ID
24. Snow Patrol - The Planets Bend Between Us
25. Reuben Halsey - Death of the snowflake (Exclusive Track)
26. Reuben Halsey feat Miranda Dickinson - Running Home (Exclusive Track)
02 ID Ч ID
03 Oliver Breidenbach Ч Abendrot (Le Andre Chillout mix)
04 Deportrance Ч Panorama (Exclusive Track)
05 ID Ч ID
06 Christian Rusch Ч The Promise
07 Lukas Termena Ч Lost in Admiration
08 Ryan Kite Ч Your Heart (Manendra chillout mix)
09 Mixman Ч A glimpse of time (Exclusive Track)
10 Santiago Nino Ч Just You (Original Mix)
11 Chris Zippel Ч Again (feat. Adel Tawil)
12 J Punch Ч Away Your Life (Chill mix)
13 Apple&Stone Ч Enigmatical (Exclusive Track)
14 PRG Ч Lonely Mood (Exclusive Track)
15 ID Ч ID
16 Night & Day Ч Silence
17 Anhken Ч Pean (Exclusive Track)
18 Marco Torrance Ч Fragrance Of Sky
19 Natalie Aprille Ч Johny Says
20 ID Ч ID
21 Velvet Girl Colin Replay Ч Show Me The Way
(Domenico Cascarino & Luca Lombardi ambient version)
22 Thierry David Ч Mahal kita (I Love You)
23 Timecode feat Zak Ч Enigma Machine
24 Graphite Ч Seagulls Singing Your Name (Exclusive Track)
25 OLIVER V. Ч One day in paradise (Exclusive Track)
26 OLIVER V. Ч Time after time (Original) (Exclusive Track)
27 Ambysphere Ч End of sunrise
02 Brad Feidel Ч Main Title (Terminator 2 Theme)
03 Jacob HENRY Ч Talisker (Gorm Sorensen mix)
04 ID Ч ID
05 Sinatic Ч Gates Of Heaven
06 Ryan Farish Ч Sunshine
07 Maxi Ч Seven Seconds (Exlusive track)
08 Apple&Stone Ч Dance in Heaven (Slow Version)
09 ID Ч ID (Exlusive track)
10 Arksun Ч The Nexus Realm (Exlusive track)
11 Will B Ч Self Portrait (Frostbyte remix)
12 Adyjay pres Adrian Lungu Ч Ironic (Original Chill-out Mix) (Exlusive track)
13 Raul Saav Ч Gentle Wind (Exlusive track)
14 Jon Hopkins Ч Light Through The Veins
15 Lavkastor Ч Ssab (Chillout mix)
16 Erik Hakansson Ч Summer Vibe (Chill version)
17 ID Ч ID
18 Apple&Stone Ч Graceful Spring (Exlusive track)
19 Apple&Stone Ч Invisible Moment (Exlusive track)
20 CinBox Ч Korabli
21 ID Ч Children (Chill mix)
22 Kuffdam & Plant Ч Summer Dream (Sunset On the Beach Mix)
23 Apple&Stone Ч Crying Emotions (Exlusive track)
24 Arksun Ч Regeneration (Exlusive track)
25 Lukas Termena Ч New World (Exlusive track)
26 Graphite Ч Strongest (Exlusive track)
27 Vlad Zhukov Ч Day By Day (W&D Vocal Mix) (Exlusive track)
28 Andain Ч You Once Told Me
29 Beat Foundation Ч My Freedom
02 Moonman Ч Galaxia (Symphonic Freedom Vocal Long mix)
03 Invisible Sounds Ч A New Age (Original Mix)
04 ID Ч ID
05 John O'Callaghan Ч Never Fade Away (Original Mix)
06 Stanislas & Calogero Ч ID (Exlusive track)
07 Adrien Aubrun Ч Not tomorrow (Tribute To Akira Yamaoka)
08 Dinka Ч Breathe (chill out mix)
09 Stateman Ч Karma (Lukas Termena Chillout mix) (Exlusive track)
10 ATB Ч Living Life Over
11 ID Ч ID
12 ID Ч ID
13 7 Skies Static Blue Ч Central Park (7 Skies chillout mix)
14 The Kahlua Ч Deep Blue Sea (Chillout_mx)
15 Graphite Ч Sensuality (Exlusive track)
16 Breakfast Ч The Air Between (Chill Out mix)
17 Apple&Stone Ч Rain of Shadows (Exlusive track)
18 Minus Blue feat Emma Saville Ч Be As One (Klangstein remix)
19 Bryan EL feat. Rain-King Ч Ascension (Exlusive track)
20 ID Ч ID
21 Nightwish Ч Sleeping sun
22 Souls In Motion Ч Sensual Illusion (Balearic Mix)
23 Raul Saav Ч Watch the sunset (Exlusive track)
24 The Extreme Ч Matter of Time (Chillout Remix)
25 Milabrya Ч Glad with Anji Bee (Exlusive track)
26 ID Ч ID
27 Adyjay feat Tiff Lacey Ч Part Of (Chillout version) (Exlusive track)
28 Hoyaa feat Aminda Ч Midnight Forest (Adyjay Chill-Out remix)
29 ATB feat. Tiff Lacey Ч Still Here
30 Slumdog Millionaire Ч Latika's Theme (Feat. Suzanne)
31 Maxx Ч Human Voise(ATB) (Exlusive track)
32 Amethyste Ч Where are you now (Exlusive track)
33 Richard Durand Ч No Way Home (Unplugged Bonus Track)
02 Ferry Corsten Ч Visions Of Blue
03 John O'Callaghan Ч Big Sky (Acoustic Mix)
04 The Extreme - Shannon Hurley Ч We are in Love
05 Alex M.O.R.P.H. feat. Simon Ч No Regrets (Purple Classic Mix)
06 ID Ч ID
07 ATB Ч Trilogy (The Final Chapter) (Chill Out Project Vocal Remix)
08 Reuben Halsey Ч Touch the Ground (Original Vocal Mix)
09 Lukas Termena feat Cassi LUV Ч Lonely Girl (Trainspotting remix)
10 Paul Jackino Ч Own Little World (Exclusive track)
11 Ground Zero Ч Better Days
12 ID Ч ID
13 Steen Thottrup Ч I Hope Yesterday Never Comes (original mix)
14 ID Ч ID
15 ID Ч ID
16 Paul Jackino Ч At the Beach (Exclusive track)
01.Armin Van Buuren - ID
02.Dash Berlin feat Jaren Cerf - Man on the Run (Vocal Construction)
03.Alex M.O.R.P.H. feat. Ana Criado - Sunset Boulevard (#FF0000 Acoustic Mix)
05.Sine - The Orient Sun (Original mix)
06.Den Russ - Hold Me
07.Kouros feat DRS -Tears
08.Andrey Cotel feat Vanell - Follow Me (Peetiay Chilin remix)
09.Salt Tank - Isabella's Dream
10.Klangstein - Deep Dive (Original mix)
11.Syntherra - Sadness
12.Deep 'N Pure - R We Ever Gonna Be (Original Mix)
13.Reuben Halsey - Touch the Ground (Instrumental Mix)
02 ID Ч ID
03 Fashion Police Ч Turn Back Time (Esoku chillout reprise)
04 Myleene Klass Ч Now We Are Free (From Gladiator)
05 Mango Ч Strawberry (Gridlocked remix)
06 Mike Danis Ч Third world (original mix) Exclusive Track
07 Alex M.O.R.P.H. feat. Roberta Harrison Ч Photograph (Purple Acoustic Mix)
08 Roger Shah feat Chris Jones Ч To The Sky (Acoustic Mix)
09 Marc De Simon Ч Awareness of Life (original mix)
10 ID Ч ID
11 ID Ч ID
12 Remot Ч 4 Seasons (Jmv chillout remix)
13 Moussa Clarke Ч She Wants Him (Dynamic Illusion Chill Mix)
14 Orbital Ч One Perfect Sunrise (Reuben Halsey Upbeat Bitesize Mix)
01.ID - ID
02.BT - Flaming June (Reuben Halsey Chillout Mix) Exclusive Track
03.Sigur Ros - Hoppipolla (Reuben Halsey Remix) Exclusive Track
04.Nic Chagall Featuring Jonathan Mendelsohn - This Moment (Original Edit)
05.Ben Gold feat Senadee - Today (—hilled Datt remix)
06.Linkin Park - New Divide (Lukas Termena Chillout mix) Exclusive Track
07.Nadia Ali - People (original mix)
08.ID - ID
09.Fischer & Miethig - We only live once (Chillout Remix) Exclusive Track
10.FreeSoul - Music is Life(—hillout cut) Exclusive Track
11.Sundayman - In The middle of the skyway (Fluffy mix)
12.Aurosonic & Morphing Shadows feat. Marcie - Ocean Wave (Gleb Stotland Symphonic Orchestra Mix)
13.Tiesto feat. Kele Okereke - Its not the things you say
14.Dash Berlin - Never Cry Again
01.Sensorica feat Eva Kade - Sunlight Again (Vocal mix) Exclusive Track
03.Activa - Minute One
04.Boy In Static - Where It Ends (Helios Remix)
05.Solarstone - 4 Ever (Update Project remix)
07.Soren S - Urban Night
08.Dennis Eggemann - Silent Coast
10.Activa feat Julie Harrington - You Are Here (Ambient Mix)
11.Robert Miles feat. Kathy Sledge - Freedom (Instrumental mix)
12.Eight Gates with Trox & Jane Maksimova - Somebody somewhere (Yuriy Polg remix)
14.Limahl - Never Ending Story
16.Martin Roth & Alex Bartlett-Losing Gravity (Intro mix)
17.Giuseppe Ottaviani feat Faith - Fallen
18.Robert Miles - Children (ID mix
01. Mango - Good Morning Track (Sundriver Intro mix)
02. ID
03. ID
04. ID
05. Tigerforest - Skylines
06. Santerna feat. Tatyana Klokova - Remember Last Autumn
07. Aurosonic & Morphing Shadows feat Marcie - Ocean Wave (Sidel Breaks remix)
08. Abdomen Burst - Moments of Love (original mix)
09. Reuben Halsey - Tube Station Awareness (Exclusive track)
10. ID
11. ID
12. ID
13. Parijat - Most Beautiful Slendour (Lukas Termena mix)
14. ID
15. Max Gueli - Drop's Destiny (Original mix)
16. ID
17. ID
18. Di - And So It Goes (W&D chill down remix) (Exclusive track)
19. Robert Miles - Children (ID Mix)
20. Reuben Halsey - Orange Box (Exclusive track)
21. ID
22. Armin Van Buuren feat. Justine Suissa - Burned With Desire (ID Mix)
23. Skydan vs Eva Kade - Palm's
24. John O`Callaghan - Big Sky (Skydan chillout remix) (Exclusive track)
25. Activa - Eternity And A Day (Ambient Mix)
26. Nadia Ali - Love Story (Fritzy & Stylz Extended remix)
27. ID
28. ID
Special Guest Radio Show "Shining Sleep", Lukas Termena
01. Linkin Park - New Divide (Lukas Termena Chillout Mix)
02. Andre Nikkensen ft. Aneym - Weightlessness (Lukas Termena Chillout Mix)
03. Parijat - Most Beautiful Slendour (Lukas Termena Mix)
04. Lukas Termena - Destination
05. Lukas Termena - 2000 Miles To Heaven
06. Lukas Termena & Cammiloo ft.Angelica Borof - Infinity
07. Lukas Termena - World is Change
08. Lukas Termena - Dream
09. Lukas Termena - Lost in Admiration
10. Dominic Gertz - Karma (Lukas Termena Chillout Mix)
11. Lukas Termena - Indie
12. Lukas Termena ft. Angelica Borof - Everytime (Cammiloo Piano Mix)
ƒоп. информаци€:
Freedom a.k.a. Solarsoul (насто€щее им€ »горь), –одилс€ 29 но€бр€ 1980 году. —ерьезно увлекатьс€ музыкой начал с 2005 года. ѕеребрал дл€ себ€ множество стилей и направлений в электронной музыке оставил предпочтение направлению chillout и ambient как более гармоничную и спокойную музыку, подход€щую дл€ него. ѕервой работой в этой области музыки стала компил€ци€ Fantasy Feeling & Soul записанна€ в июне 2006 года, все затевалось как эксперимент в данном направлении. Ќо из реакции друзей и просто людей из сети пон€л, что на этом не стоит останавливатьс€, что он и делает и по сей день, раду€ нас своими красочными, спокойными компил€ци€ми в стиле chillout & ambient. ƒалее за ним последовало цела€ сери€ работ в области сведени€ этого стил€. —покойна€ музыка, погружающа€ вас в состо€нии гармонии.

¬едущий и директор Chillout Dreams Channel на Digitally Imported Radio Station (DI.FM)

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