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(Drum and Bass / Liquid Funk) Redeyes Ц LiquidDNB.com PODCAST (05/01/2010) - 2010, MP3, 192 kbps

Redeyes Ц LiquidDNB.com PODCAST (05/01/2010)

∆анр: Drum and Bass / Liquid Funk
√од выпуска: 2010
‘ормат: MP3
Ѕитрейт аудио: 192 kbps
ѕродолжительность: 1:00:40

01. Eveson Ц sincere
02. Hobzee, Zyon base & Brother Ц night on earth
03. Alix Perez Ц Contradictions
04. Dbridge & Spacek Ц Last straw
05. Random movement Ц cant resist
06. Redeyes & Lenzman Ц high & low
07. Pmoney Ц Everything Ц Bcee remix
08. Calibre Ц cant get over you
09. Lenzman & jo-s Ц fade away
10. Sinistarr Ц sky
11. 8 Bits Ц on your mind
12. Tokyo prose Ц Unhinged
13. Naibu Ц Discrete
14. Lenzman & Ryia Ц open pages
15. Dbridge Ц true romance
16. Tokyo prose Ц all i want
17. Mist Ц how u make me feel
18. Redeyes Ц oh please
19. Random movement Ц believe no other Ц Lenzman remix
20. Marky & Makoto Ц secret place Ц random movement remix
21. Stunna Ц back in time
22. Carlito & Addiction Ц supergrass

ƒоп. информаци€:
DJ Redeyes gifts us with an exclusive mix for PODCAST 05. Without a doubt Frances number one Drum and Bass DJ, Redeyes has been at the top of the liquid circuit for a while now, with loads of amazing releases behind him od labels such as Creative Source and Spearhead, he is one of the most vibe ridden producers and djs around, so if you love your liquid, this one is sure to satisfy.

This mix is a true represenation of what we love about Liquid Drum and Bass, and are honoured to have Redeyes mix it. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

—пасибо ))))
”берите  јѕ— в треклисте

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